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Flat Earth vs. Round Earth | Explorer

you think that with the beautiful
photographs that we have of our round blue planet it would convince any
doubters but there are still some who insist that the world is flat
correspondent Mariana van Zeller discovers more about this fast growing
movement in California I’m Mariana van Zeller and I’m in Southern California to
look into a growing movement in America people who claim the earth is flat they
call themselves the flat earthers and we’re here to try to understand what’s
behind this unconventional view and how it can affect the rest of us so what’s happening here today why are
you here this matters to me flattered that shows you that you are
not a mistake and you were created and so you have meaning in matter – we’re
not monkeys floating through space on the false maxim that testable it’s not
measurable it’s not provable it’s not real how old are you guys just out of
curiosity do you think it’s a growing movement yes and we’re networking and
getting stronger people are realizing it it’s coming out in the media you’re
hearing the term flatter this is becoming more normal people are more
open-minded to it he’s not wrong a recent survey of Americans found that
two percent believe the earth is flat for the US population as a whole
that works out to be over 6.5 million people
even high profile artists and athletes are getting on board I want to try to find Mart sergeant
who’s one of the leaders of the Flat Earth community
nice to see you man mark used to design video games and run software trainings
now he devotes himself full-time to promoting the Flat Earth with all the
attention that you must be Mark Sargent I am Mark Sargent
thanks for meeting us here it’s a pleasure to be here so tell me what is
this movement all about this movement is about changing the world literally you
think for the longest time that you live here but what if it wasn’t this what if
this was just the illusion yeah we’re gonna open this thing up and the reality
look something like this in a nutshell you have North Pole at the centre the
continents splayed out organically on the sides
Antarctica is stretched around the entire outer edge like an ice ball the
Sun in the morning are very very small and the stars are just lights in the sky
a giant planet area which means is built by somebody someone bigger than us
someone better than us do you think it was a god not my place to say your
belief in the earth being flat flies in the face hundreds of the world not only
that we have satellite imagery we have photos from space and nobody here
believes any of that anymore so you don’t believe that people travel in
space no oh it’s much worse than you know meaning the only reason NASA was
founded in 1958 was to keep this thing under wraps as best they could be big
think of the shockwaves if all of a sudden you’re telling a civilization
that this model this is an it anymore flatters is the last conspiracy anyone
ever looks at mark and his fellow flat earther seem to be pretty convinced that
the earth is flat and that we’ve all been lied to for all these years but I’m
interested in knowing what impact this might have not only for science but for
society at large so we’re heading to meet with an astrophysicist that we hope
can answer some of these questions the universe began about fourteen billion
years ago an event that we call the Big Bang james bullock is a professor of
physics and astronomy at the University of California Irvine he specializes in
how galaxies formed did you ever think a few years ago that you’d be having this
discussion for National Geographic it’s frankly shocking we’ve known for 2,000
years based on observations you can make with your own eyes that the world is
round they have all the evidence right in
front of them and they still choose not to believe in it you know who knows what
motivates people from the inside to believe these things but science is
important science is valuable science saves lives it makes our lives better
and more comfortable and it enriches us intellectually and to question what
scientists are saying and suggested they’re part of some massive
international global conspiracy it’s really scary are they a threat to the
work that you do as a scientist if say government stop funding science the
cause of some kind of anti science anti intellectual feedback they’re getting
from the populace that’s when it really starts getting dangerous for our
civilization and as the war on science heats up some Americans are fighting
back we’re heading to the largest lake in California to meet the independent
investigations group which is a group that essentially debunks paranormal
claims and they want to do a round earth task may that be a test that will prove
that the earth is not flat but that it is round let’s go we’re ready to launch
you ready Craig ok so what’s happening here right now okay this is the boat
base target it’s horizontal stripes we’re gonna launch a small boat out into
the water here with a striped target and as it gets farther and farther out
you’ll start to lose the stripes one way that Aristotle proved 2,000 years ago
that the earth is a sphere was with a boat’s test very similar to this one as
a boat approaches the horizon it appears to slowly dip down into the water before
disappearing completely that’s got everything to do with the curvature of
the earth if the planet was flat the entire boat would remain visible so
it’ll be a very visual depiction of the curvature of the earth and what’s really
interesting is that some of the flat earthers including mark sergeant’s are
actually going to be here for this test they want to see it for themselves what
do you think is gonna happen here today I appreciate the scientific group coming
out and trying to do this test great appreciate the enthusiasm but cannot
work can’t work yeah okay so the test is starting the test it’s starting right
now at first all the stripes are clearly visible but sure enough as the boat
reaches the horizon the stripes begin to disappear one by one it’s pretty amazing
you can actually see it really clearly with this camera here and you see that
the red stripe cuz that was at the bottom has completely disappeared and
it’s now getting closer to sort of the middle
Green we’ve lost about one and a half stripes so this can only happen white
because of the curvature of the earth but mark Sargent and the other
flat-earthers have a very different interpretation of
the results so you don’t think that what we’re seeing is actually real you think
it’s because oh yeah here in flat earth believe it’s a globe mister
demonstration that doesn’t change anyone Korea Lord no mark do you really believe
this stuff tell me the truth I’m serious right absolutely 100%
believe we are not on a globe we are part of a giant studio set all the
world’s a stage and you’re on it I still don’t understand that like who’s gaining
from all this from this larger exclusive the highest authority higher than
presidents this super-rich people that are behind the scenes remember the first
rule of powers stay hidden so this is for me where I think it gets really
dangerous because we’re going back into the dark ages all right you’re
essentially perpetuating ignorance by denying science you know there’s a
real-life implication in all of this science has had its chance and they
aren’t putting up a defense I think that the flat earth could potentially uh sure
in a new golden age or it could assure in an age of chaos it’s easy to dismiss this as just a
silly theory and unimportant but the problem is that is a growing movement in
America more and more young people seem to believe that the world is flat and
you know it’s more than just distrust and government it’s this notion that
thousands of years of empirical scientific evidence is now being
dismissed as a mere conspiracy and that’s where I think it really starts
getting dangerous for all of us


  • National Geographic

    For many years, people have clashed on whether the Earth is flat or round. What are your thoughts on this heated debate?

  • selfish world

    The earth is round but not like a ball like a plate I agree that. That's the truth and NASA never reach moon also. That's the truth of world

  • Jan Drost

    Earth is flat with a dome ( firmament ) over it. Earth doesnt move. As God created it. Nobody can come in and nobody can go out. They are deceiving many!
    The sun, moon and stars are only lights in the firmament of the heaven.

  • Rashda Khalid

    It’s liberating to think people can think on their own; it’s scary that this is what they are thinking
    Perhaps NG can do more in depth tests to help people understand
    For example provide online videos that show real time earth from just a short distance from the earth’s surface
    It’s not impossible

  • Crucem Sanctam Subiit Alleluia

    Flat earth movement is the result of scientism and cultural marxist government lies.

    If that fake big bang scientist tells how they invent frankfurt school stories and ideologies he will lose his job, that's how it works.

    Give me one politician that speaks the truth?

    The test with the stripes is BS, you still see the complete boat and surface of the water behind the stripes and the guys pushings the stripes below water. The boat should start dissapearing at the horizon. National geographic a mass propaganda machine without a high resolution cam that can't provide some sharp pictures of the boat, very strange???

    flatters or national geografic propaganda, it's all the same. Propaganda

  • mamanjc

    let me ask you a question! Do you believe the earth is round because you have experienced it or because you were taught it? Think about it carefully!

  • John Graham

    Why would you pretend to try to convince these flat earth "believers" with such a non technical test. Put them on a plane in new york. Fly due east, see if they can show you where the Antartic circle of ice is before you end up approaching new york from the west.

  • John Graham

    I would think that "Professor Bullock" ,as an astrophysicist, would pronounce that the earth is spherical, not round. A frisbee is round, all be it flat, just as these freaks' model is.

  • Thomas Griffiths

    pick any point on the globe and start walking in One Direction eventually you'll get back to the same point the only way you could do that is if it's round

  • Daniel Mendoza

    just gonna take a wild guess that less than 10% of the folks who think the earth is flat have advanced college degrees…. its not what ur gut tells ya.. its what science shows haha

  • nautilus

    Is there any flat earther who can answer following questions to me?
    1. Why does the lenght of a day vary between 23:45 and 24:16 hrs during one year? Astronomers call this phenomina "equation of time"(the difference between real local time and local mean time) and it can be observed by daily movement of the sun.       
    2. Why do we have leapyears?        
    3. Why does the apparent radius of the sun vary between 15.8 and 16.3 minutes of arc during the year? You can measure and check it with a sextant. (January 16.3", April 16.0", August 15.8", September 15.9", December 16.3").

    I'd really appreciate your answer.

  • Epic Rants

    Even the ancient greeks, several thousand years ago, knew the earth was round because they could see ships disappear into the horizon, theres a certain point when skepticism becomes denial

  • nautilus

    Wake up Folks.
    New insights of the scientific world by flat earth truth seeker Dave Murphy.Gravity does not exist.
    "DROPITY is the tendency for things to fall when you let go of them."  ( Murphy's law Version 2 ?)

  • ron oliver

    Question what is the danger of people believing the earth is flat answer from the scientist if people start to believe it’s flat we won’t get any more government money. Really that’s the danger you won’t get any more government money good to know

  • Ajax Ashford

    Flat earth is the one conspiracy that BAAL
    EARTHERS refer to as Be " Dangerous "

    Things disappearing over the Horizon, is a phenomenon very much like looking at an object in water. Your view is distorted by water in the atmosphere.
    The truth is the powers that be want to distort your view of the Bible. And if they can do that is the first few chapters, it works for them.
    Our educational system teaches exact opposite of what Genesis say about creation.

  • Jay Flippen

    7:34 If you can see some water beyond a target which you are showing is being blocked by an apparent curvature in the water's surface, then what you might be demonstrating is the existence of something called a 'seiche'. However, these flat earth people are still painfully wrong in their oversimplified, non-scientific understanding of the earth. Don't get me wrong. There are many reasons for using such an oversimplified scientific schema- for instance, most physics that deals with trajectories might not deal with the earth as having a dynamic but mostly constant pull of gravity around its curved surface. Instead, the reality of the earth floating in space is neglected… and for doing so, a person is rewarded for not wasting too much of their finite, precious, personal time on being nit-picky to an extensively and sometime self-debilitatingly obsequious degree. Unfortunately, in my opinion, these oversimplified scientific schemas can become commonplace in peoples' minds, and sometimes they can become very logistically comforting, supplanting common knowledge that the earth is, in fact, a slightly oblate ellipsoid (with varying degrees of other imperfections).

  • Jay Flippen

    1:09 True- we are not monkeys floating through space. We are apes floating through space. But this belief about purpose in life, in my opinion, does not take into account a certain inevitability that psychological egoism creates. If the other species on this planet could formulate semi-conscious statements about us as a species, well, then I think that they would say we were put here by the devil and need to be destroyed… since that is what we are doing to them. But don't get me wrong. All models- whether extremely useful or blatantly incorrect cannot take the place of the reality which already exists… (unless, of course, that false modeling takes the place of a better understood reality- becoming a new aim entirely)


    He told the biggest lie immediately! We don't have proof of it being either flat or round! Only what we're given as proof!

  • Gary Friezz

    For mark sergeant: can you explain me how the mountains can errupted? And and did you believe the earth has a layer of magma(earth core)?

  • juan maharlika

    WELL.. GOOD LUCK.. 😏😆

  • Shadowkitten

    I don't understand how anyone can think the earth is flat. I mean look at the moon and the stars. They are all round like a sphere what makes earth so different that only earth is a flat planet. That just isn't how gravity works. If the earth was flat it would be weird plants, trees would be growing sideways. So I don't understand why there are people still out there thinking we live on a flat disk. I just don't understand I think I lost brain cells from watching how dumb some people really are, when the proof is right there in front of them.

  • SlapShotRegatta

    I 100% believe the earth is round but I'd like to see the ship/striped flag proof done on salt flats or something similar. The water makes it a little obscure.

  • Walter Hassell II

    The Earth is a Hemi-Sphere on a opulent axis! It literally says that in the Encyclopedia. Which means is a half a circle with a round barrier, sitting on top of a whole inner world. Wasteland is what humans live on… There are several worlds inside earth. YES we are inside of a glass dome, like taxidermy insects. HENCE the word O ZONE layer or the zero layer. This is why GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR TOM BLEW UP IN THE SKY. BECAUSE it hit the dome. When we go into outer space we are going over the Antarctic Glaciers and there you have your planet system. If you tried this same stupid test they just did on the ROAD and HWY ways it will eventually disappear because our eyes cant comprehend sight at such a radius, but it doesn't mean the ROAD bend into a CIRCLE and the cars curved into the earth. HOW STUPID DOES THAT SOUND….. If I start walking away from you and im Curving as I walk. DUMMIES! FLAT EARTH IS REAL

  • Walter Hassell II

    When Structural Engineers write their blue prints for Bridges they dont account for Curvature. Snipers don't adjust for Curvature when they shoot their rounds and Planes have no Curvature device for there take-offs. FLAT EARTH PEOPLE.

  • Antonio Martins

    Why am I not surprised that is in USA? Impact on mankind? Decision to open bigger and larger asylums to put this people in…dear lord

  • MauriatOttolink

    It's all covered by a simple weight on a bit of string!
    It always points vertically to the earth's centre of gravity where ever you are.
    Can only do that on a sphere.

  • AboutMy FathersBusiness

    Flat earth is a bunch of hot air.
    "Christians are manipulated to fight each other. The

    various nations pretend to feud with each other, concealing the

    fact they are puppets on strings with the same Master. The

    democrats and republicans feud with each other, when the real power

    has nothing to do with their pretended power struggles. Many

    straw-monsters are created, and pretended power struggles, and

    senseless conflicts, simply to mask the steady growth of the

    one-world-power. This strategy is taught in military colleges as

    Divide and Conquer.

    Our self-deception is one of the One-World-Powers best allies." Fritz Springmeier (Be Wise as Serpents, 1991)

  • MauriatOttolink

    If you took them up in space they still argue that it's flat…a disc (k)

    "Why are you apart of this movement?"
    "To me it means that… I am not a mistake."

    What kind of garbled Psycho babble is that?
    How would being on a spherical earth make them a MISTAKE?
    If her brains were made of dynamite, they wouldn't blow off
    a paper hat let alone the baseball cap.

  • Keith Hindley

    Mike Sargent is making Millions from all the Idiots that have been brain washed to think that the Earth is not a Globe. You are all like sheep dumb.

  • Walter Hassell II

    So lets do a science project round earth people….Grab a racket ball and pour water on top of it and lets see where the water goes…. Then take a pizza or plate put a border around it like the Antarctic circle and pour that same amount of water and see what happens. It rains everyday somewhere in the world, some places 6inches daily. Do the project and then get back to me on the results. If your Circle ball holds the water than Ill believe your theory. You can all pile in that one guys basement and his mom will be there to transfer the info back over to me. CRAZY PEOPLE…..Plato tells you the truth

  • Walter Hassell II

    Canada has never claimed the North Pole and neither has any other country, yet Antarctica is the south Pole. Why is that? It would debunk everything NASA talks about if we knew that ANTARCTICA fully wrapped around our land and waters.

  • Walter Hassell II

    A Cap sits on top of something. Our Ice CAPS are melting meaning that the head of our earth and or sides are melting ice caps…We know the southern bottom is all ice.

  • Walter Hassell II

    Try to order a magnet. The government will not let you order one bigger then that of 6inches in diameter yet you can go buy 1000 Speakers and take them off of those and create a powerful weapon.

  • Lucy TheWerewolf

    sighs THE EARTH WAS CREATED IN 7 DAYS NOT AN IMMEDIATE BANG, THERE ARE 7 SKIES, and Im a flat earther, I was a round earther just 3 days ago, when i actually heard the reasons of flat earth, its more convincing than the round earth.

  • Raul Ugros

    It amazes me that people swallow this garbage.
    first, nasa admitted to those bogus pics of the blue marble as being composites (artist renderings).
    they admit it on their site. but thats not whats most important.
    whats important is that nasa, the military & even the russians admit through declassified government documents obtained through the freedom of information act, say that the earth is flat and stationary. but not just that, their building specs and programing for airplanes and helicopters are based on a flat nonrotating earth. they also go on to admit in those documents that the sun is local, and that it and the moon are both disks, but also, that the earth has a dome (firmament) over it. . do your homework people. theyre stealing our money!!!!!!

  • Rajat Prakash

    You can move from one coast of Antarctica to the opposite side without leaving the Earth. Same for the Arctic if it was surrounding the planet. If it was surrounded by water then gravity could keep the water together, but all flat earthers believe gravity doesn’t exist – therefore water would ‘fAll oFF’. Even common sense – not scientific theory (although good too) can debunk flat earth theory.

  • Warrior Prince

    The "Flat earther" movement has been funded by the Rothschild elites to brand anyone who disagrees with them as "flat earthers." It is a distraction technique. Be careful folks,

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