FREE Domain Authority Checker Tool
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FREE Domain Authority Checker Tool

hey it’s Hoz here and today I’m going to show you how you can check your domain authority using of all things a free tool! Okay so as you may well know domain Authority is a metric that a company called Moz that’s m o z came up with. It’s a pretty good replacement to Google’s old PageRank which of course they did away with a few years ago. So as you would expect Moz actually have a domain authority checker and it’s called open site Explorer so in Google just type in open site Explorer hit enter and this will take you to this page where I think all the top results are Moz so simply click on the first one and you can see this is the actual URL and this is why I actually said just type in open site Explorer into Google because it’s far easier than remembering this URL – it’s what I do every single time I want to check my domain Authority so this is the way to do it. Click on the top link and that will take you to the actual tool. Now Moz do have paid plans but they’re kind enough to let us use this tool at no cost but the thing to keep in mind is that you can only check it about two or three times and then it locks you out and you can’t use it again for the next 24 hours or so. On the other hand if you’re doing some competitive analysis and you want to check out the domain authority and the page authority of all your competitors then you probably need the paid plan otherwise it’s gonna take quite a while to do that. Okay so to use the tool all you do is you type in the URL of the domain name that you want to check – I’m going to type in why not – let’s hit the search button and these are the results. Now Yahoo’s domain name actually has a domain Authority of 100 of 100. This is a point based score system from one to a hundred and let me just point out that very few websites have 100 out of 100. That is massive Authority so that probably wasn’t the best example because when you type in your domain name then your domain authority is going to be significantly lower but hey you know so is mine
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But there it is. This is the tool and as I said you can use this for free usually two or three times within any given 24-hour period – that’s how it seems to work right now. Of course they could change that at some point. So that it is go check your domain name and see what you get. Before you go though remember to subscribe to the channel and that way you can keep getting all these free tips and resources as well as other stuff. On that note take it easy and I shall catch you in the next video

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