Free Keyword Research:  How To Do With Without Spending ANYTHING!
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Free Keyword Research: How To Do With Without Spending ANYTHING!

One of the most common questions I get asked
is, how can I do keyword research for free? And it’s a smart question because SEO tools
can be quite expensive. So in this video I am going to show you how
to do keyword research for free using Google’s Keyword Planner and I’ll also show you how
to reveal exact search volumes. But Google Keyword Planner won’t tell you
how easy or difficult it will be to rank for a keyword, so I created an intelligent solution
for that which I’ll share with you later in this video. First, let me show you how to do free keyword
research with the Keyword Planner, just create a Google Adwords account and then open it
up and select the find new keywords option, then enter some seed keyword ideas and hit
“Get Started”. Next you want to click here to select which
country you are targeting and then click here to choose whether you want to see broadly
related ideas that returns lots of different keywords or if you want to see closely related
ideas that brings back more relevant keywords. You can also add filters here as well for
example you might want to filter out tyre kicker keywords like “free” or “torrent”
or you might want to add filters that only return buyer keywords that include terms like
“buy, deal or coupon”. Once you have setup all your filters you will
see that Google is only giving us rough search volume ranges rather than exact numbers. To
fix this you need to tick this box and click to select all of the keywords. Then select
“exact match” from this dropdown and add the keywords to a “plan” before clicking
the link to view your forecast or if you miss that you can click “keywords” on the left
hand side. On this screen you will see all of your keyword
ideas and their exact search volumes. The first thing you should do is click on the
“clicks” column to bring the keywords with the most searches to the top. You should download this list by clicking
here and then start working through it to find the keywords that are most relevant to
you. But, the problem is search volume only tells part of the story and Google Keyword
Planner doesn’t tell you how difficult is to rank for a keyword. And that is why I built
this free spreadsheet that will help you find all of the easiest to rank for keywords with
the highest search volumes. Just download my spreadsheets now and you’ll be able to
build an intelligent keyword strategy in minutes without the limitations of Google Keyword
Planner. And, I promise that my free spreadsheets will
be the best free keyword research tool you’ve ever used but, before you download them please
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  • steel city domains

    Will give it a whirl tonight when i get home.. good vid matt 👌👏 just trying to get my head around the whole keyword thing..🙄😔

  • Charles Ntima

    What I like about you Matt is that you "keep it simple"….. a short 3 minute video that is easy to understand and goes straight to the point. No fluff. Please keep churning out that content. Your videos are highly informational.
    PS: I visited your blog and it is a TREASURE TROVE! You're the BEST Matt.

  • NONO

    Thank you very much I learn about SEO for my shop because I got ruined on Facebook i learns to have free traffic

  • Rick Chan

    Do you have to pay for the GoogleAds keyword finder? I'm on the site now, but they are requesting me to set up my billing. I am not able to reach the page where you showed the menu for "Keyword Planner".

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