Fukushima Nuclear Plant releasing radiation
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Fukushima Nuclear Plant releasing radiation

Potentially lethal radiation levels detected at Fukushima Nuclear Plant Four-and-a-half months have passed since the crisis at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant began, but the threat of radiation leakage from the reactors has yet to be eliminated. On Monday TEPCO published photos of the disaster-struck site. Shockingly, pictures taken by gamma ray cameras of the area between reactors one and two show two red areas where radiation levels exceeding 10,000 millisieverts per hour was found. This is the highest level of radiation detected since the Fukushima crisis began. TEPCO said yesterday that after three staff members cleaned up debris outside the reactors they tested radiation levels with a gauge that can detect up to 10,000 millisieverts and found the radiation level exceeded the detector’s capacity. They suspect the radiation source to be radioactive materials in the pipelines. TEPCO has set up a 3m barrier with metal sheets to block the radiation. The three TEPCO staff contaminated by the radiation were found to have received a maximum of 4 millisieverts. So far, no injuries have been detected in their bodies. Taking an x-ray exposes a person to 0.05 millisieverts per hour of radiation while an MRI scan measures around 6.9 millisieverts per hour of radiation. Being exposed to radiation levels as high as 10,000 millisieverts per hour will kill you within an hour. Though the nuclear crisis has yet to be resolved, senior citizens evacuated from disaster-struck regions yesterday returned to their nursing home. The home gave them robotic baby seals stuffed toys as gifts, to keep them company during this traumatic time. Apple Daily News


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