Get High Quality Backlinks Free (almost). Use Leased Ad Space (LeasedAdSpace) for Quality Backllinks
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Get High Quality Backlinks Free (almost). Use Leased Ad Space (LeasedAdSpace) for Quality Backllinks

Do you want to get high-quality backlinks
free? Or practically free? Well, are you curious to see how quickly you
could get quality backlinks almost for free? Of course, you do! And Yes!
Quality means a high domain authority score. And free meaning that, if you are subscribed
to Leased Ad Space, by only posting your ads and directing them to your domains, these
ads will stay on the site and will provide valuable backlinks. As we all know, quality backlinks from domains
with high authority are hard to get, and they are precious in the long game of search engine
optimization. Well, just let me show it how I do! If you will find this video useful, please,
give me a thumbs up, subscribe, and hit the notification button.
If you think that others should know about this inexpensive trick, then just share this
video on your social accounts or by email! Thank you If you are pretty new or even at an intermediate
level in the internet marketing niche or in the make money online niche, you’ve most probably
heard of Leased Ad Space. When you type these letters on the browser,
just type them together, followed by a dot com. I have made several videos on my channel about
Leased Ad Space, and they were mainly dealing with their graphics for their affiliate program. Yes, they have disturbing, beautiful graphics,
meaning banners, and these banners come in all dimensions. Just have a short look at how beautiful they
are! Isn’t it true? Well, I chose to promote Lease Ad Space as
they have a generous affiliate program too, and as this project is promising. In short, it is a viral list with a pinch
of salt. You can post your marketing emails to a large group of subscribers, but you can
also buy exposures for your banners and for your text ads. The frequency of your posts depends on the
package you’ve bought from them, and it is for life. Meaning that every two weeks, or
every week or even more often you can send out your emails, for life. You don’t only buy some credits or a three
of six months subscription, and when they are out, you are out as well. In short, an exciting program which lets you
market your offers and simultaneously pays you excellent affiliate commissions if you
know how to sell them. This is a fact. But this is not all! Since several months, I discovered that using
Lease Ad Space can get you even more benefits. To be more precise, I’ve got link juice and
a push in the rankings for some of my new domains which I intend to develop into blogs
or sites and let them bring me some free organic traffic. As we all know, if no backlinks are pointing
to your domains, Google will play blind. This means that getting valuable, relevant, good,
anchored backlinks from a high authority domain would considerably shorten your way to abundant
organic traffic. Let me show you how I did it! Here’s the start page of Lease Ad Space. From the Dashboard, I’ve selected the Ad Board,
and I am now posting a new ad as my subscription allows me to post many ads daily. Of course, this number depends on the value
of your subscription – on the level at which you’ve paid for – and on the number of ads
or blog posts you’ve clicked and seen inside the program, thus gaining credits. It’s effortless, and it is widespread as well. Now, I intend to promote one of my new domains,
on which I’ve installed a pretty simple site. The domain is diabetes type 2 dot net, and
from that one-page site, I invite people to progress to two e-books dealing with this
horrific disease, which is diabetes type 2. I am an affiliate for these e-books, through
Click bank, and if somebody buys one of them, I will make a substantial commission. Now, let me show you if this ad submission
really did work! I am back in the Ad board and let’s have a
look at it: This is my simple site, embedding one of my
Youtube videos on another channel of mine, and there are two buttons, each leading to
a different offer. These buttons are clickable, and they are
clickable in the frame of the Adboard. Look at those banners above my site. They belong to people promoting their marketing
offers with banners, and they don’t disappear when I click one of my links inside my website. As I’ve just said, you can see that this click
on one of my call to action buttons leads me to a famous fight diabetes site which I
promote. And all this without leaving the Leased Ad
Space program. Well, after claiming the credit, I will be
back to the dashboard or the submission page. Now, let’s see what happens with this link. Did the insertion of my domain diabetes type
2 dot net have any repercussion on the ranking factors? For this, I am using Long Tail Pro, a useful
and performing SEO tool. I will leave a link in the description as
I am promoting this program as an affiliate. It is not free, but it’s not very expensive
and does its job very well. Let’s have a look at how it works. I am doing research on the backlinks of my
new domain: diabetes type 2 dot net. Here is what Long Tail Pro has to show! 21 backlinks are landing from 2 domains, and
the anchor text used was “another new health site.” As expected, the domain which gave me that
backlink was Lease Ad Space and those links – some of them deleted – point to my root
domain as I haven’t yet built any post or page for my mini site. The authority of the linking domain is also
indicated in Long Tail Pro, but I shall insist on this a little bit later. Now, let’s see in the chrome browser if we
can find something more about domain and page authority. Again, this is my site – hosted on diabetes
type 2 dot net. The M O Z bar tells me that my site has a
domain authority which is pretty low as I didn’t work too much on that domain and the
domain is new. Or better said, I’ve bought the domain recently. Just a moment as I log in the M O Z bar. You can see that my page has an authority
of 7 and my domain authority is 3. There is one link as well meaning that they
count all those links from Leased Ad Space as one link as they all come from the same
domain. Now let’s see how authoritative is the Leased
Ad Space Domain, and we shall use the SEM rush instrument for this. It is free as well as the MOZ bar within some
limits, pretty low, but if you are a smart webmaster, you will make do with those daily
limits. I have to log in and connect my accounts. And here you are.
You can see that Lease Ad Space has a domain authority of 41 – which is pretty impressive.
The page authority of its login page is 43 – which is a high authority as well. They even show you how many users are in the
Leased Ad Space program at the time of your inquiry – well over 2000 users and, on Sundays,
I’ve even noticed well over 10,000 users logged in simultaneously and using the platform. As I was telling, it’s worth promoting it
as an affiliate. I am leaving a link in the description for
you if you will decide to use and even promote this program.
You won’t be disappointed; it’s a fact! Now, let’s see what the SEM rush bar has to
say. This SEO platform saw nine total backlinks
from 2 referring domains with five referring I Ps.
Those domains are one from the US and one from Germany as you can see on the screen
recording. And yes, if we have a closer look at the reports
from M O Z, we shall see that the domain giving me such a valuable backlink is – yes – Leased
Ad Space. Again, we see that this domain has a high
authority score – 49. And these links pointing to my domain were
first seen on the first of April. Does this help you with the ranking of your
blogs or sites? Of course, it does. It does it enormously.
Well, if you’ve found my video to be of any use for you, please subscribe and hit the
notifications button. If you want to find out more about the challenging
game of the search engine optimization, please, state your question in the comments. I highly recommend you to start using and
promoting Leased Ad Space as you’ll get not only marketing emails or ads shown to thousands
of visitors. You just saw how you can improve your search
ranking using this terrific tool. I also recommend Long Tail Pro, which is an
excellent value for money SEO tool and helps you avoid navigating blindly on these hazardous
waters. Thank you for having watched my video. I hope you’ll enjoy my other videos on this
channel too. And I hope that all this information about
how to Get High Quality Backlinks for Free and how to Use Leased Ad Space for Free, getting
you High-Quality Backlinks, will make your domains rank in the astrosphere.


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