Getting Ranked On Page 1 Of Amazon With Only 1 Review – Is It Possible❓
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Getting Ranked On Page 1 Of Amazon With Only 1 Review – Is It Possible❓

hello James Greeney here from and in this video I am going to be explaining to you exactly how
you can get a product that has one review ranked on page number one of
Amazon for keywords that other products have hundreds of reviews on page one how
can you get your product on to page number one for these keywords with only
one review okay so this is a question that I commonly get asked and whether
it’s I’ve only one review and all these other sellers have hundreds of reviews
how can I compete with them or if it’s that I see a competitor that has only
one to three reviews and they’re on page number one and all of the other products
on page number one have hundreds of reviews how is this possible how are
they doing it are they doing some kind of scam why are they on page number one
with only one or two reviews why can’t I get my product down to page number one
I’ve one or two reviews on my product and the quick answer to all of these
questions is that reviews play a very small part in where Amazon ranks your
product now please let me explain exactly what I mean by this so I don’t
mean that reviews aren’t important because they’re extremely important
especially when you’re first launching a product but this doesn’t play a parent
in where Amazon ranks your products basically you can have a product that
has zero reviews ranked on page number one off Amazon you will often see this
with big brand products so products like Nike or Apple when they launch a new
product they have zero reviews yet they’re the first link in the Amazon
search when you type in a keyword related to this product and that is
because they are making so many sales which is the main thing that I miss on
just is your product on and decides where to rank your product is depending
on how many sales it’s making so if it’s making a lot of sales regardless of how
many reviews it has or if it has any reviews at all Amazon are going to rank
it high but if you are an unknown brand then there will be this trust issue and
people might trust your products as well as they will with big brand products and
that’s why you need reviews and good reviews to tell the customers that your
product is good so that when they’re comparing your product to a big brand
name or not even a big brand name or other brands that have a lot of
different reviews they can read the reviews and see that your product is
good quality this will allow them to trust your product to go ahead and
purchase ash so reviews are extremely important and if you go ahead and make a
lot of sales from the start and you don’t have any reviews then chances are
your product listing will end up falling back down in the search rankings again
because what will happen is customers will come on to it and they’ll see that
your product doesn’t have a lot of reviews and this won’t allow them to
trust your product so unless your price is a lot lower then they’ll go and
purchase another product that has more reviews than you or better reviews than
you so reviews do play an important part but this is to do with how you hold your
rank more than getting your rank because if you just come out a day one you sell
100 units on day two you sell another 100 units and your competitors are only
selling 50 units a day then you’re gonna rank number one for this keyword because
you’re making a lot of sales so Amazon sees it’s good war but if these sales
don’t continue then you will drop down in the rankings and what will allow
these sales to continue is by having reviews on your product and not doing
all the work to get it right and then just watching it slip down because
customers are entrusting it enough to make the purchase offer so as I have
said already I often get the question you know one of my competitors have only
two reviews but yet they’re on page number one I can’t get onto page number
one and I have a lot more reviews I could have 1012 reviews but I can’t get
out to page number one and all the other products on page number one have
hundreds of reviews how are they honest with only two reviews and it’s very
simple they’re getting sales for these keywords again they could be getting
sales from numerous places to copy YouTube videos and link into these
continuously given them sales which is keeping them out right highly for these
keywords and as well as this they’re listing might be just better optimized
for the keywords so if they’re listing is better optimized and they get more
sales then they’re going to outrank you for these keywords regardless of the
amount of reviews that they have on their product listing so if you are just
launching your product and you’re trying to get a right
then number one is to get at least 10 reviews 10 reviews is a solid amount to
give people enough trust to purchase your product and then you want to go
ahead and get a burst of sales again you can get sales from numerous places you
could have an influencer promoter you could give it to youtubers to promoters
you could give a slight discount to either people on your email list or
others who will be interested in your type of product whatever you have to do
to get this burst to sales to catch up with the products that are already on
page one then your product can get out onto page one and you will have the
reviews to keep your listing there what you have to do to be successful on
Amazon is simple but it isn’t easy you have to have a slightly unique product
so that you are not competing directly with your competitors that you don’t
have the exact same product with just your label slapped Amish then you have
to go ahead and get at least ten reviews on your product then you have to get a
burst of sales on your product this is why having an email list or having a
list of customers who have purchased your product in the past even if they’re
purchased at a slight discount this will be a good list to have because you will
be able to launch your future products to this and get over this hurdle that’s
the most thing that I think new sellers struggle with is getting the best sales
that’s gonna get them out and ranked but once you have these then your product
will stay out there as long as your product is getting purchased when it’s
out on page number one and that’s what you’ve to really work on by having a
unique product by having good customer reviews then customers will continue to
purchase your product when it’s out on page one and you will be able to build a
successful business around this product so I hope that you have found this video
helpful and if you haven’t already started your private label brand or if
you want to find a way to create unique private label products that will be
successful on Amazon then check out the unique private label course in the
description there’s over 50 videos in there showing you exactly how I find
unique private label product opportunities on Amazon you can check it
out in the description below as well as this if you have already start building
your private label brand but your in four ways to increase your sales
increase your profit you want an exact launch strategy then check out the
advanced private label course again the link to this will be in the description
and you can see all of the videos that you get when you sign up to this course
I hope that you have found this video helpful and I look forward to speaking
to you again soon


  • Bilal Iq

    Great Video! I had a question.. I am based in UK and have a LTD company set up. I am really struggling with finding product in UK market since 2 months.. Compared to USA I have found many there. Would you recommend me to stay and keep searching in UK market or should I setup amazon USA?

  • Erel Cohen

    Hi, thank you for your video ,i wonder if i understood you right, what you are saying is that if i just launch my first product before i make PPC i need to get a number of reviews? how does it work? i mean if Amazon would notice that all my first orders are with reviews they will not delete it ?I am a little bit confused and i would be happy if you can give some advises

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