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GIMP Clone Tool

hey everyone and welcome to another SEO
tutorial this one is about GIMP and that’s g.i MP dot org is the actual
website where you can download it and it is a free video excuse me it’s a free
image editor that you can go ahead and grab and it really works well for small
businesses especially ones that are just getting started are on a budget because
again it is free and it really will rival Photoshop you can do practically
anything that Photoshop wants to do right inside a gimp okay so let’s get
started today we’re gonna talk about a simple thing that a lot of businesses
need to do when they take a picture of their own but there’s a small
imperfection inside of it and that is use the clone tool and it’s right here
it looks like a stamp okay so we’re only have one layer today and
we’ll keep it simple and use it like that
the brush type that we’re going to use is one with a hard center and a soft
outside so how we would do this is first we need to select an area that we want
to clone or make a copy of and the size of this brush is set you can change that
if you want we’ve chosen one at 1:31 so that it will fit right over this bug and
we’re gonna make a copy of it alright so the first thing we need to do is tell
the clone tool what the source is and that is we’re going to hold the ctrl key
on the keyboard we’re going to hold press and hold that down then we’re
gonna left click on the mouse when we have in the area we want when we left
click that tells GIMP a make a copy of this area now we’ll move the mouse and
we’ll go ahead and click and not move the mouse and we’ll click a few times
and that’ll bring the clone in alright that makes it harder and harder since
we’re using this type of brush where the center is hard in the outside so the
more we press it the more we make a stronger copy so how about if we want to
get rid of that well we do the same thing except what we do is we need to
change the source area so we’re still in the clone tool we’re going to come right
next to the this little fly and we’re going to again hold and click the ctrl
key on the keyboard and we’re going to left-click the mouse and that tells it
again here’s the source now we’re going to move
the mouse to where we want to use this source area and where we want it to go
so we’re gonna left click and that starts to fill in the area okay and
you’ll notice that’s not perfect to be perfectly honest right if someone wants
to really find it they can see that those veins don’t exactly match up and
there are techniques that you can use to get that to look better but for the
purposes today really that’s gonna be fine if a person is not closely zoomed
in you’re gonna be able to to get away with that especially I’ll give you an
idea we will go ahead and zoom out instead of it a hundred percent let’s
say we take that out to 50 percent it gets harder and harder to notice that’s
there yeah it’s not perfect but it really is a great way to go ahead and
either make a copy of it or to remove what’s there all right I hope this helps
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thanks hope this helps

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