Google Isn’t Trusted Anymore, Facebook’s Breaching Personal Data & We’re at Brighton SEO
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Google Isn’t Trusted Anymore, Facebook’s Breaching Personal Data & We’re at Brighton SEO

Welcome to this week’s
Digital News Roundup I’m here today, like I am every Friday, to share
with you the latest in all things digital and technology. I’m not at Brighton SEO with the
rest of the team, but whatever. I got the T-Shirt Google has lost the trust of everyone And by everyone, I mean 50
US attorney generals. These guys have signed onto an
antitrust investigation which is focused on the claim of the GIANTs destruction of
competition in search and advertising Facebook has updated its desktop layout The rollout of the new experience is slowly making its
way onto our screens after it was teased earlier this year. It’s supposedly going to make it easier
to navigate your favourite elements. Personally, I think it just looks like
the mobile version for tablets… hmm… More new ad features were introduced
to Facebook & Instagram On Monday, it was announced the social media
giant is testing two new features; an in-app checkout experience for dynamic ads,
and the ability to turn organic shopping posts on Instagram into an ad. Apple has launched new Pro smartphones On Tuesday night, Apple held its annual #AppleEvent that saw the release of the iPhone 11, a new
Apple watch and other new features. The new iPhone Pro camera is AWESOME, but I had to sell a kidney to order one… Ow… Would you be comfortable letting Facebook
know when you’ve been laid? Yep, that’s right. Private data like when people have had sex,
what contraception was used and when periods are due has been shared with Facebook. This data, collected by different menstruation
tracker apps, can then be used by third parties. It might be worth checking
your apps privacy settings. Now get back to it you naughty bunnies… And right now, team GIANT is taking over Brighton SEO! Six of our GIANTs are in Brighton for the
twice-yearly SEO based conference ready to learn, network and optimise

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