Google Redesigns Mobile Search & Instagram Compromises Millions | Sleeping Giant Media
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Google Redesigns Mobile Search & Instagram Compromises Millions | Sleeping Giant Media

Welcome to this week’s Digital News
Roundup We’ve been busy chasing all the latest news from the
world of digital and technology and then compressing them into 60 seconds. Hey Siri, set a timer for 1 minute [Siri] Okay, one minute and counting… Instagram are in hot water after contact details of
over 50 million users, including several high profile influencers, were found on an unprotected web database. The database has since been taken offline. Now I’ll never get Leonardo DiCaprio’s number… Google has blocked tech rival Huawei from the
latest updates to the Android operating system, meaning that future Huawei devices could lose access
to popular apps like YouTube & Maps. That rhymed! Google is rolling out a new look for its
mobile search results, including the ability to display a ‘Favicon’, and if you don’t know what that is, it’s one of them. You learn something new every day YouTube have announced that they will be abbreviating the
follower counts for all channels above 1000 subscribers. The count will now only go up for every 1000
subscribers received… Transport for London have revealed that they will begin
anonymously tracking all mobile devices on the London Underground. This is to better understand how people use the Tube
network and provide updates on congestion. In your life, you may have seen many great returns, the Return of the Jedi, when the Spice Girls got back together, and when Robbie rejoined Take That Yeah okay scratch that last one… But nothing compares to the Return of Giant Thursdays [angry voice in earpiece] of Giant Wednesdays! We’ll be bringing you new Digital Marketing content
every Wednesday, why not check out the latest video by clicking here
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