Google SandBox: What is the #GoogleSandbox effect? Should you be Worried in 2019? #TejTalks E:007
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Google SandBox: What is the #GoogleSandbox effect? Should you be Worried in 2019? #TejTalks E:007

You should worry for that or not I guess you should not worry if you want to do all legitimate work Hi friends welcome to yet another TejTalks so today we are going to discuss Google Sandbox I assume you might heard of this thing before because this terminology started discussing since 2006 I guess somewhere in 2006-2007 but still Google yet not confirmed they are using this technique or this is kind of penalty so Google are yet not confirmed they are giving this kind of penalty but yes many many marketers feel there you can see tweet from Rand Fishkin about that and many marketers feel there is something this kind of happening and they coined it as a Google sandbox so you must be wondering what is sandbox? Before understanding sandbox I would love to discuss more about how your ranking factor works or how search engine works so primarily there are two major factors on-page factors, off-page factors whatever activity you are doing with your site like title tag meta, description, page loading speed, sitemap, robots.txt all all the stuffs so there are on page factors and off-page factors which is also known as a backlinks so more quality backlinks you are having for your site so that will help you to improve your results so many times what happens you you start a new site you did pretty awesome keyword research, you did pretty awesome on-page, you’re generating very good links, but still your site is not ranking on top rankings or you just assume your site should at least rank on first page but it is still not visible on 10 page or 12 page or anywhere in search engine so that that might possible you are victim of Google sandbox because Google what Google sandbox doing they are doing something we call timeout so they’ll say okay, your new site I don’t know you yes I I can see you did pretty good job but I still not trust you so that I will not rank you so this is something similar to HR values of many companies when they hire new employees they put them on probation period so for first three months they need to prove themselves or first 6 months he or she need to prove herself or himself this is very similar Google Sandbox is all about so if your new site or if you something new date and you did all good work but still you are not entitled to rank on higher rankings, why? so of course you might be you might be thinking why Google is doing this? Why Google did that? why Google is doing this? Sandbox, so they want to make there, a CHP page Search Engine Result Page, very user friendly and if anybody are new site and they are doing some links spamming, so due to that they might start ranking higher position Google don’t want to make it happen. Google want you to talk you give very legitimate sites on top rankings and that’s why they are doing this so if you think you do links spam or you do tons of backlinks overnight or very short time span and you’ll start ranking you might not just in case you are able to ranking you’ll start D ranking very fast Primarily Google want to block a new site due to trust factors. Some sites are event sites, for example are a blogger and you’re designing some site for Christmas around Christmas you just site you just started using site in November and you want to get it ranked on December so you might be victim of Google Sandbox so if you if you want to do that’s a great idea to have site on some particular topic or some particular niche but I suggest you to spend good time on that site and don’t do any churn and burn so if your if you spend very good time for your site developing your on page or link building things, it will help you so essentially Google want to stop link spamming, web spamming, and the consequences of that things, if you are doing link spamming or web spamming and you want to rank your site, Google don’t want to do that. So the third question of course in your mind is, we should worry for that or not? I guess you should not worry if you if you want to do all legitimate work. So when I started Tej SolPro site in initial I guess four six seven months we are not able to rank on various keywords, we were ranking on many keywords which are having hardly search volume, but now we started ranking on various keywords. So this is how Google Sandbox effect so you take any site. In most of the cases this things happen so if you want to opt Blackhat techniques so which is what is lacking so a technique which is Google say outside of Google guidelines so Google declare certain guidelines for generating backlinks and generating on-page things and if you are going if you think this is out of the box, it is not out of the box. Google want to penalize you so if you’re doing any black hat activity, Google might D rank your site, if you’re doing any churn and burn kind of stuff so as I said Christmas event so if you want to develop site ten days before Christmas or a month before a Christmas then you think I’ll generate tons of backlinks and my site will rank it might it might not and if your very short call for SEO in that case even you need to start worry for Google Sandbox so I hope this will add value to something your knowledge

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  • Anshul Rana

    Sir, I created hundreds of back links for my two month new blog in a week. And now Iam in sandbox. Is it really possible that I can come out of it or not.

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