Google Search by Image comes to Windows Phone
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Google Search by Image comes to Windows Phone

well guys how are you doing selling his video i would like to
demonstrate and your future it has been painted to match searcy its recent
updates and just for this if you have to know
what net ruchi is it’s simply eg google search application
for windows phone that you can use to search the web cues and images using the concerts of course the occupants application is
really quickness paulson and for the images results you have the
possibility to save the pictures to your phone or shaded by your favorite
networks unfortunately i’m not going to present
the whole occupation this video company already done that in the previous p m
typified description but for now would disconnect focus more
on this view feature which is the that showed she search by image this picture basically loves you to used that quote was suspect image
service which means that you can search the web using images he works let me show you had to support suffers there as there is actually too plays accessing this feature on the matter do you have to keep
differs one is to obviously open the application go to the patient page and then choose
your image from the pictures ivory alternatively there’s a better way of
doing this without even helped in the application just have to go to your pictures library explore what pictures you want and that from the application book just choose acts and you can see at list of application sport in which
you’re gonna find magic g and issued it’s you’re it automatically open matteucci upload a picture to google and get the results you want it stouffer this example we can’t see that that baskets for our image a full tower which is pretty acrid after two guests we are doing to see some or tickles talking about our image in more detail so he would gather wikipedia old school acid that we get ellis off results stuff
weight they justice actually contains the exactly the same image as the one
provided so for instance descriptions different
results we’re going to see that this page has exactly the same image
that’s the one provided and his to prove so let’s go back to the application and
to send a picture for the demonstrations so i really don’t know that this picture
right here hoping that you would not details for recognizing at first glance
so that we can find out what does this picture talk about using match achieved
and this is what he’s going to do right now send shoes hats detention though the picture and get the results and who will say that this picture is about bioshock infinite which is that video game if you can read more about these
official we keep you page right here okay and uh… and i think that you can do from this
page is that if you tap the gas that you get from
dual directly out stored and image stats of our based on
that those keywords that we give you similar images to the
one he provided the such quick apart from that you have the possibility
to fetch for more results you will never get out of results and you can explore at all the websites freely uh… finally just alas picture uh… which is the premiere one missus
and not to do me a nine hundred twenty i suppose that no one portion recognize sarma nitesh ants let it she handout is actually nothing
special about this picture but couldn’t get the result expect which is not a junior link under twenty and if it updates we can do and which
says off the phone so that we can get more
images which is pretty cool uh… i guess this is the end of my
ideologue uh… it helped elect the applications specialist new feature to my knowledge i think that there is not any author windowslive
applications capable still in this type of search uh… several if u ever like the application you can download it from the store there is a free version which is at
supported and if you hate parents condoned or dictatorship from the store as well you can’t find the links to too don’t
get the kitchen video description and uh… to help you like to studio and cc went for the next few days goodbye


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