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all right welcome to this short
presentation my name is David Robertson the owner of FAJOB LEAD GENERATION. all right um the
secret to increasing your annual GCI gross Commission income by selling MILLION DOLLAR LISTINGS is not doing
more deals only it is about doing better deals that gives you a higher Commission
so what are we looking at right here we’re on Google you know what Google is
all right this is million dollar homes for sale in
San Diego it’s about positioning so all of you guys are playing offense right
now which are lead generation strategy you’re trying to worry about Facebook
Ads we’re trying to worry about you know you know how many people can look at
your Facebook profile or posting in groups or buying lists and stuff like
that or door-knocking or driving for dollars that’s not going to get you to
the next level I’m gonna show you what we’ve been doing for our clients and why
we positioned them to be the top in their market some of you might be a
victim of their success in your market right now okay so you searched million
dollar homes for sale in San Diego you can see that it has around ten searches
per month how many out of that ten would you need to actually close to get a nice
Commission more than you’re used to typically okay so what this tool is is
called keywords everywhere you can download it for free at the google
chrome store unless you know the approximate amount of searches a search
query gives per month so you can pretty much scope out the success of your
marketing campaigns okay so what you want to do is you want to show up at the
top you want to show up at the top not just one time you want to show up at the
top multiple times so that you can beat out your competition and not just beat
them you want to stomp them into the ground this lessens the chance that a
potential home buyer would come to your site and go to theirs if you’re number
one two three and four then you don’t have to worry about competition anymore
right alright so million-dollar homes for sale
in San Diego is pretty self-explanatory planetory okay now what else did I find
this is just an example if you’re if you’re watching this from a different
city or something like that then you know you would place this for your city
or whatever is pretty much the same and every city that you want to show you
want to position yourself and leverage Google position yourself as the main
person that sells these high-end luxury homes and you want to leverage the power
of Google inbound search marketing people people are looking for you you
want to be at the top when people are actually searching for what you have
okay all right so what else mansions for sale in San Diego California as you can
see that gives around 40 searches per month so we have two in a bag if you can
show up for this and you can show up for this at the top of Google your entire
life has changed there’s no exaggeration okay if you don’t believe me you can
call any of these guys that are already at the top see they’re doing a pretty
good job as you can see they have two right here but they didn’t beat our
Zillow yet okay you need to build they need to beat out Zillow in order to do
what I’m talking about I don’t know how I just ended up on their site let’s get
back up all right so we counted it up so there’s around 50 searches per month for
million-dollar homes let’s keep moving let’s go over here to luxury homes for
sale in San Diego luxury homes for sale in San Diego okay you want to show up
for that that has around 210 searches per month if you can show up right here
so as you can see the same guy or gal whoever this is and I think I saw this
one on the other one as well they’re showing up for these they’re spending
money to get to the top because they know how important it is to be
positioned on Google you Google everything you Google identities you
google the number for the pizza you Google the cheerleading squad that you
want your daughter to join ballerina classes you google everything so it will
make sense for you to position yourself on Google and leverage the power of
inbound marketing instead of you having to do postcard marketing door knocking
door hangers all of that manual extra stressful
stuff okay and low tire kickers and people that are Bobby gay
okay so luxury homes for sale San Diego as you can see so that adds on there’s
almost 300 searches now if we add these last three searches that we put on her
let’s move on so most expensive homes in San Diego so
now we’re getting into search intent marketing search intent this is catching
them while they’re in a research phase before they can go look at anybody else
if someone is searching most expensive homes in San Diego this means they’re
not trying to live in the hood or the ghetto or whatever you want to call it
they’re not trying to live there so they are researching what are the most
expensive areas so that they don’t end up on on the internet calling the
realtor that are going to show them something on the dirty side of town no
offense all right so all right so this is what you want to show up for it just
like this company right here is a perfect example you can get this rich is
called a featured rich snippet right here and there’s pretty much out lining
up you know the prices of the homes in this particular areas or whatever and
then I bet you they have an opt-in so where they’re gonna send them a list of
their listings that are available so that’s the exact same thing you will
want to do you want to rank at the top be pink competitors out and if you show
up for most expensive homes in San Diego that’s not a search that tire kickers
type in that’s not a search that low ballers type in they’re trying to get
the most expensive homes what about this most expensive neighborhoods in San
Diego you want to show up for that as well and as you can see that has 90
searches per month so we have 110 we have 90 we have 210 over here forty and
ten so we’re getting up there alright all you really need is a couple hundred
um you know searches per month in order to be able to close
in extra five to seven deals per mo and these are not just any deals these are
not some abandoned vehicles or vacant or some expired listings or something like
that these are high-end homes so think of the Commission’s on these alright so
let’s move on then I typed in riches neighborhoods in San Diego same thing
look at where the lis they’re showing up at the top you also want to show up
right here with the FAQ is okay and you can get this in the future snippets by
adding this to your website and I’ll show you how to do that as well okay so
my point is this you have to think deeper than just realtor I want to show
up on Google for a realtor if a person is typing realtor that mean they’re
trying to make a choice and who they want to work with that doesn’t
necessarily mean that they’re ready do you want leads or do you want hot leads
that convert into appointments for walkthroughs of your listings and they
actually want to make a move so you want to show up for the right thing if people
type in any type in a real estate agent or they’re typing in a realtor you got
to think of the intent behind the search they’re just trying to see who they want
to work with that doesn’t mean they know when they want to work with them so you
want to get in front of searches like bees where they’re in they’re already in
the buying process they’re already in a thought process like alright now I need
to know how much I need to spin getting to some getting someone to the spending
mentality is hard so if you can hijack their mentality with a search that’s why
Google leverage is so so powerful way more powerful than Facebook just in case
you’re thinking all right so look at this people also ask what is the richest
part of San Diego where do the rich live in San Diego what is the wealthiest area
is you want to need this so people asking those questions yeah I don’t know
if you took psychology on that but you have to ask why are they asking that’s
because they want to be in those areas and they have to buy a place to live in
those areas that’s where you come in all right so we got a 140
searches for Rich’s neighborhood in San Diego so we would just make a listing
pretty much like this and make it long form through the SEO to it and then put
a capture form on there and send them list follow-up enter them into the
12-month email text and voice follow up sequence book appointments walk throughs
and you close the deal very simple okay now Ashley Falls so what I did right
here was our research I said okay so these I’m paying attention to what
Google is telling me I never been to this city before all right
so Google tells me Ashley Falls Carmel Rancho Santa Fe Torrey Pines and La
Jolla forms okay so what I did was I wasn’t when I went to see our people
actually searching for real estate in those areas and yes they were we have
ten searches for Ashley Falls real estate so people are looking for homes
and Ashley Falls let’s see how much those homes are worth let’s click on
Zillow collect I want to make sure you know it’s not a bad area okay so we have
some homes that are up in there up in there we want to get the ones that are
more high-end you know like that okay Oh care we go we got a million-dollar home
right there okay so we want some million dollar home
all right so Ashley isn’t the best choice but they
have a few of them all right so let’s come over here Rancho Santa Fay
Homes for Sale egg is a thousand searches per month 1,000 searches per
month imagine if you were to show up at the top of Google for a thousand
searches per month term with people that are looking for homes for sale they’re
typing that in okay you literally you were literally okay you will need to
start your own agency okay so let’s click on Zillow see what we
have boom we got 19 million we have 3 million this is what you want it right
you want a million dollar listings 3 million
1 million 13 million 1 million 14 million 4 million 24 million all right
so this area is highly desired and this is this is the type of listings you
wanted this is what you wanted to sell the home so Rancho Santa Fe is the
golden boy of searches for the San Diego area for you okay or you know wherever
you watching is if you know you would pretty much try to do what I’m doing
only in your city okay all right well yeah Rancho Santa Fe homes for sale that
should be your your your target the bull’s eye okay all right now I think I
saved the best for last this is not the last one the next one is
like okay Torrey Pines Homes for Sale 70 searches per month alright so let’s see
if this is million dollar listings as well or at least a good neighborhood
there we go first 1 million dollar listen twelve million twelve million
18 million 1 million 1 million 1 million almost a million 1 million so do you see
what I’m showing you you see what I’m showing you showing up at the top right
here I can’t even imagine how many leads and phone calls and everything and
outdance come in through this listing right here ok and you only need a few
this is wise is detrimental to the health of your career to actually show
up at the top of Google for these if you want to if you want to make it okay if
you want to set yourself apart from the rest of the realtor you don’t need a bus
banner you don’t need a billboard you don’t need a bus stop sign you don’t
need a bench advertisement or any of that you need to be positioned where you
can leverage a platform that people are actually going to search what you
provide okay now save the best for last La Jolla Homes for Sale it gives 1,900
searches per month alright so if we calculate all of these listeners that we
went through this is at least the 6,000 searches per month for
million-dollar listings so you can sell these off-the-shelf if only you can get
to the top of Google and that’s where we come in all right let’s click on the
last one to see what this shows us there we go 2 million 2 million 2 million so
so my calculations were correct showing up at the top of Google for these
searches these are million dollar listings I mean you can list your
million dollar homes and you can actually sell them instead of just go
around telling people about what you have on the contract you can actually
sell them so what I want you to do is go ahead and text the number or reach out
to the person that sent you this and get my number or I could just tell you the
number right now text I need this to three one four
three two five seven zero three zero my name is David you should watch this one
more time to get the full understanding if you don’t already have it because I
want you to see the power and showing up at the top of Google for things like
this all right talk to you soon

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