Google voice search experiments: desert

this is the first time that anyone has come out here and attempted to do a Google Voice Search today I’m Mike and I’m James we’re engineers from Google Australia yeah we’ve come out here today to the South Australian desert to do an experiment using Google Voice Search but we’re not just talking into the phone that’s their easy which fingers so we’re gonna do is what is hard like mirrors which is a basica perfect shape for reflecting sound one of us is gonna talk into this dish the sound waves are going to hit the dish reflect over to this mirror here come back to a point where the phone is sitting the phone is going to talk to our satellite dish and we’ll get an answer okay let’s give this a well you ready I’ll count you in yep in three two one what is a parabolic mirror go what is a parabolic is that close I had the little blip we’ll go again three two one what is a parabolic mirror ha ha it worked victory for real Wikipedia’s gonna tell us all about it here we go a parabolic reflector or additional mirror is a reflective device used to collect or project energy such as light sound or radio waves simply said James’s voice travels from there to here to this point into the phone and we win where is the nearest pub you you

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