Google’da Sıra Garantisi Verilir Mi ? – Garantili SEO
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Google’da Sıra Garantisi Verilir Mi ? – Garantili SEO

Hi, I’m Kadir. Is this Rank Guaranteed on Google? we will talk about it. This is actually one of the promises made by SEO experts. I’m gonna get you first. I will always keep you in the top 3. etc. Friends, First of all, let’s say Google’s Turkey office there, but where does a team working under the name of seo work. Adwords as a team. Other than that, it is not an institution that supports any seo work. There is no such work in the world. Seo actually means working against Google. It is not possible for such an institution to be housed on Google. To provide guarantee in the work of Seo, purely in the field of digital marketing sales is a phrase he uses to appease the customer, so to speak. Don’t believe it. Because Google explains it on its official website. If Google does not guarantee rankings, why do we do seo? Good question. That’s the next question. Seo work has two purposes. The first is to reach customers by getting traffic on the relevant keyword. The second is Prestige. If you want to drive quality traffic through google search engine, sell your products or services Of course you want to go to the top. This is what SEO agencies do. So think of something like this. They can actually fool you with a guarantee, but you can approach healthier people who do not guarantee I don’t think that’s because it’s a malice. If Seo is not guaranteed as well, what will I pay for? Seo will not guarantee the rankings seo professionals always work to access higher positions. So our goal here, of course, first, second and third row. But other than that make sure that some words even be at the end of the first page, indeed, it can cause serious revenue growth and turnover growth. The important thing is whether you get traffic from these words and .. Does this traffic that you receive return to sale or not? That’s the important thing. Otherwise, even if you’re in first place in the most ridiculous words After this return to sale, it will not be of any use. If for the second reason, seo work for prestige, it is separate. Here it is completely location-oriented, not sales-oriented. A study can be conducted focusing on the relevant keyword. Because we’re not thinking about sales here, if there’s no sales concept if you are a branding for promotional purposes only You can choose this. We talked about seo in this video as much as we can. If you also have questions that you have in mind, learn about seo, You can write in the comments section below. You can ask your questions. See you


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