Growing Business – Radio Interview with the MoneyWize Guys on growing your business with Google SEO
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Growing Business – Radio Interview with the MoneyWize Guys on growing your business with Google SEO

Without further ado this guy (audio drops
out) needs some back ground music going on but I am looking forward to this conversation
Tim Levy is joining us, he is an author, a speaker, a consultant, a host working with
CEOs and entrepreneurs on clarity, strategy and mind set and he routinely speaks for leading
organisations like Business International and CEO Space International and Secret Knock.
This guy has been around, he has got a great history of getting to the level he is at now
but he is also an author, he wrote a book called Google Gamble the CEOs guide to traffic,
conversion and the mysteries of SEO, let’s bring him on right now. How are you doing
Tim? Good day I am great, thanks so much for having me. We look forward to this conversation
because a lot of people in this day and age are looking for tips on how to be seen on
media websites and first of all what is SEO? Well you know it does stand for something,
it stands for Search Engine Optimisation, but rather than think of it as an acronym
that means something, the best way to think of it, is, it is the kind of art and science
of being seen on the web though the major search engines, that is the best way to think
of it. Tim that is where your expertise comes in is it through the Google Gamble? Yeah you
know I have a bunch of CEOs and entrepreneurs that I work with all the time and they were
all getting taken down in the same way which is that they would hire these technical SEO
agencies and kind of get no results. I eventually got sick of it so I wrote this book that doesn’t
try to speak ‘to you in highly technical terms but tries to speak to you in layman’s terms
that everybody can understand and help you solve this problem of being found on the web
by hiring great people that is inexpensive to do this technical work for you in a way
that you can actually trust. I am kind of excited to have you on the show today and
a lot of business owners listen to this show and a lot of individuals that are thinking
about the same thing you know they have heard about how to get seen through search engines
but hopefully you can explain how Google works and why it is important that you know what
Meta tags are for instance and how they can help you try to build these smoking hot traffic
to your website if you will, let’s start with that. Ok sure well in this book what I talk
about is 3 different levels of traffic there is cold traffic and that is the kind of traffic
you get when someone types something into Google or Yahoo or Bing and winds up on your
page, these are people who don’t really know you from jack, they just wind up at your web
site cold, it is kind of like the equivalent to cold calling and then there is warm traffic,
these are people that come to you through say a radio show like this right because people
who are listening to this show don’t know me but they know you so a certain amount of
that relationship and trust transforms onto me and warms up the people who might go to
my website through this show and then there is hot traffic happens when you meet up with
people on a one to one at meet ups, conferences, trade shows, at the cafe, wherever. This is
the hottest possible traffic you can get when you have the chance to actually talk to someone
face to face and make you case of how your business of service can help them, so that
is the 3 levels of traffic. We have a lot of business owners listening and small business
and I heard I don’t know if it is true or not but Google want organic searches, where
peoples web pages are found organically through what people type in verse having say someone
who does search engine optimisation and does things that are less than organic to help
drive traffic to your site. Do Google try to one up with what these individuals and
companies do to help you with search engine optimisation so they can help you kind of,
is it a game that is going to be played back and forth? I know what you are talking about
so the first thing is trying to understand the heart of what it is Google are wanting
to do and my understanding is what they really want to do is provide the best possible answer
to the question that you give them. So they are doing their best to do something that
really only humans do well and they are trying to replicate that with an algorithm, and that
is really tricky. So they are trying to involve all these other sources of information around
your website you know like are you active in social media, does it look like your real
company, all those things you and I would do face to face by reading each other and
creating a relationship over time, they are trying to do it with math and that is really
hard. As a result, some people a whole group of SEO experts, and this is again part of
why I wrote this book in the first place. A whole group of experts have tried to gain
that system, they have tried to figure out the algorithm and reverse engineer it so that
they are kind of creating what they call Google Bait and Google Bait is basically rubbish
that is set up like Google wants it to look. So they are creating fake stuff, they are
gaining the system. Now what is interesting about that, firstly I don’t recommend it,
it is the wrong thing to do ethically, but it also doesn’t work, what happens is over
time Google finds those things and it shuts those websites down. So as Google releases
updates to their algorithm, you can actually hear the cries of pain through the time zones
across America as those, what they call Black Hat techniques are kind of ninja techniques
that are really against the spirit of the thing come undone and in the worst case a
website will get what is called Google slapped, and when a website is Google slapped they
take it out of the game completely and say hey listen you did the wrong thing with the
wrong spirit, you are out. At that point you lose traffic to that website through those
search engines completely so kind of my feeling here again and throughout the book is why
don’t you do the right thing from day one which is create the best possible, authentic
experience and Google will find that and Google will respond to that. Now are people, is it
kind of like, my thought is all people are doing it and you have to kind of catch up
with them is that what you tout in the business world? Not really I haven’t really seen that
at all, I have seen that all of the black hat stuff adds up to nothing and really gets
you in trouble. The people who are doing the genuine stuff are saying hey listen I have
got a great business and I have got a whole lot of fantastic content and when I say content
I am talking about blog posts, videos and that kind of stuff, I have got a great amount
of content that most people have it stuck in their heads. In other words, blog posts
come when you write down what you are good at, how you do what you do over a period of
time and as they build up Google responds to that. When you do for example YouTube videos
they don’t even need to be 3 or 4 minutes, you can shoot them with your phone, they add
up and traffic starts to flow reasonably organically to your site. Now having said that Google
sort of speaks its own language, like we speak English or French or German you have kind
of got to get the grammar right and that is why things like Meta tags come in just helping
Google understand what you are focused on. It is like you wrote a document and you wrote
in Microsoft word 300 pages and there were no headings and no sub headings and it was
just boom a massive stream of consciousness, no one would read that. What you need to do
is take that word document and break it up into headings and sub headings and chapters
and sections and when you do that it becomes a book, it becomes logical, it becomes legible.
The same thing is true with a blog post, if you give it a title that is relevant to what
you are talking about and then a sub heading, then another sub heading then Google says
hey I actually get what this is about. The same is true with a YouTube video, if you
put up a YouTube video and you give it a good title and a good description and the file
name matches that and the close captions match that, then Google says you know what I can
make sense of this, this makes sense to me and as a result they will start sending people
to that genuine expression of your business online. And when you say Google says, you
are talking about their computers? It is all about this algorithm, so they figured out
this algorithm over time and it is getting more and more sophisticated, that looks at
your web pages and says ok can I see a title? Does that title resonate with the words that
are written here? Are there enough words written here? Are there 3 or 4 or 5 hundred words
instead of just 3 words? Are there images that match this? Are there sub headings that
match this and when that is the case they start saying ok this is legit I can start
sending people here. Then when you start finding what they call back links, back links is a
weird term but really what it means is if someone else looked at the page and said hey
this is a great page and they did that through Facebook or LinkedIn or some social media
or elsewhere then that makes Google listen and say hey if other people think this is
legit it is probably good and so they start moving you up through the rankings and trusting
you more and more and sending more people to your site. Now how can a back link or an
article marketing, how can it hurt your business? Yeah this is the thing again so again you
have just got to sort of stick with the spirit of this thing, the spirit is to be the best
answer in a genuine way but if you go to these black hat, if you hire these SEO agencies
and I have got to admit they show up in your in box every once in a while with some random
email from who knows where in the world saying we can fix your site, I always think that
is a bad sign, though one of the things those people figured they could do is that they
could take your blog post and they could rewrite it 16 different ways just by swapping the
sentences around, the paragraphs around, just by messing it around a little bit so Google
would say he listen this is completely new content and then they would post it in what
they call article directories so they post it on other peoples blogs. So suddenly now
you have got 50 variations of your original post, posted all over the web linking back
to your post, so it was designed to generate these back links, problem was that was done
in software. So someone would feed your article into a program that would mess it up 50 different
ways, post it out onto the web. So Google bought that software and they figured it out
and they reversed engineered it and then they took their algorithm and said go look for
this kind of rubbish because it is gaining the system and when they found you they slapped
you, hence do the right thing not the wrong thing. Earlier on you talked about these SEO
agencies out there, I have had people who have told me I have spent $3000 to an agency
and I didn’t get anything out of it you know, how to and what to look for and what people
should be thinking about where they might want to go to get good information maybe find
in your book Google Gamble. Absolutely, all of the above.
Commercials We have a great guest joining us now he is
Tim Levy, consultant coach, he is a speaker, he is an author, as a matter of fact he wrote
a book called The Google Gamble – The CEOs guide to traffic, conversion and the mysteries
of SEO, for the new listeners I will explain what SEO is but also what a lot of people
were talking about traffic you know on Google and how often you can be cheated by disreputable
SEO agencies, go ahead Tim. Yeah this is the trick, let’s say, like me you are completely
ignorant about how a car works, when I go and get an auto mechanic it is a gamble, hopefully
I get a good one who does exactly what they have said and recommends the right thing but
sometimes I get a bad one and I just don’t know. Well the same is exactly true with SEO,
unfortunately there are good and bad SEO companies, the trick is figuring out which one is which.
The ones that are bad, well you have heard all of those stories, you have heard horror
stories of people spending thousands of dollars a month and getting nowhere, so my suggestion
is you do what you would do any other time which is instead of saying yeah I will hire
these guys, why not ask everybody you know who they using and who is good. There is one
way, it turns out to really find out what is happening and that is if you have Google
Analytics stitched up to your website. It is a free service, doesn’t cost anything and
it tracks the traffic and conversion that comes to your website, so if you have a friend
that says hey listen I have got an SEO agency, not only did they get me ranked on a certain
page high up for a certain key word, that means nothing unless that key word actually
has traffic. If that key word has traffic you can see it through Google Analytics, you
can measure how many people are coming to your site then you can measure how many click
that button that says call me now or request a quote or join my list. So you can actually
measure the effectiveness of SEO very simply, very freely through Google analytics and that
is the only way to really assess who is a good SEO agency and who is not. Can you do
that prior to selecting which key words you are going to focus on? Yeah you can, this
is another thing that is really important, if you talk to an SEO agency and they say
hey listen we are just going to do all these back links and these article marketing and
we are going to get you ranked for certain key words, firstly that is a sign they are
probably doing black hat, if they are talking to you about article marketing or article
spinning or back link farms or anything like that, that is a bad sign and I would stay
away from that but if they say to you hey listen the very first thing we are going to
do before we do anything else, we are going to hunt traffic together, let’s get together
using tools like the key word planning tool, another free tool from Google or tools like
Market Samurai which these are great tools to be figuring out what are the key words
we should be chasing, how much traffic can we expect, is it local to my area? So you
come up with a strategy that says we are going to hunt down these 10, 20, 30 key words that
actually are going to have an outcome, otherwise you are just spinning the wheels. You might
have great rankings on a certain key word but nothing shows up at your sight. So again
what I am suggesting here is you go to friends of yours, other business that are successful
and who are you using and can you log into Google Analytics and show me you are actually
getting traffic that actually converts, if you can prove that I am interested in your
SEO agency otherwise I am not. So do diligence and that is how you check it out, it is just
math. Is it for anybody who can sign up for Google Analytics and does it cost money? That
is the great thing all of these tools are free. So Google Analytics free, Google Key
word planning tool, that is free. Google gives this stuff away because they are trying to
help you as well, it is not like they are the bad guy, they have this great mission
to be the organizing force of information and in other words give people who search
the best answer to your question, so they are giving away the tools that help you do
that for me therefore every time you are talking to an SEO agency, you should be talking strategy
first everything else second and then the other thing that is really important and the
reason why I named this book the Google Gamble instead of the Google sure thing is that at
the end of the day this is all a gamble. So instead of using Google as your only traffic
source, it should be one of 10 things that you do, you know it is a good thing that you
do it should just never be the only thing that you do. This is all awesome information,
you started this you wrote the book based on the fact that you hear a lot of horror
stories out there of people just not getting the response by even paying SEO agencies to
gain traffic is that correct or marketing? That is exactly it, I speak to groups of CEOs
I travel to North America every year 5 or 10 times I go out and speak to these groups
so I get the word straight from the people that are hiring I speak to CEOs and Entrepreneurs
and ask them how is it going, what is happening? And I just got sick of it and shocked and
kind of upset when I said to them show me your analytics and they said huh and I said
how much traffic are you getting and they said I don’t know and they were hiring people
to do SEO and they were hiring people to do social media posts and when we actually found
out what was going on, we found that they were spending their money on vapour and that
was the thing that upset me and made me think maybe I should just write a real layman’s
guide to how this works without being technical, without trying to say here is what you do,
instead I am trying to say here is who you hire and how you find them to solve this problem
in a genuine way. All of this is in the book Google Gamble – the CEOs guide to traffic,
conversion and the mysteries of SEO and it is written by Tim Levy who by the way folks
he is a high profile guy, he is a very successful author, speaker, entrepreneur, he is a former
creative director and former strategist, some of his clients include Sony, IBM, Hewlett
Packard so you want to listen up to what he has to say in this book because obviously
he wants to help you out, you can get it on Amazon or you can log onto his website it
is he does a lot more things, how much time do we have with you
today Tim? I would be more than delighted to come back, I have done something new which
would be great for some of the people who are listening I have made a series of videos
that explains a lot more about how this kind of stuff works, so if they go onto the website
you mentioned it they can just join up to that and it will send them a free
video every month or so which gives them some of these key tools as well or they can go
to and
that will bring them right to that newsletter and they can get a little bit of the good
love every 2 or 4 weeks. Everybody likes good love, hey and Tim I know you also do a lot
more things than corporate analytics and corporate strategist you have also talked on the energy
of money you have wrote a book called the energy of money we would like to have you
back onto the show to maybe discuss a little bit about that book. Yes absolutely I do about
2 or 3 or 4 books in the course of a year, I have a lot of books on business, a lot of
books on how to and then some that are a little bit more purposeful in other words
why you are in business in the first place, I have got one called the Energy of Money
and I have a great one just coming out called the Awakeners Handbook, we have got a mass
of stuff to talk about I would love to come back. I know that at one time we were talking
about how one thinks about money and how once you change your mind set about money, how
you think about money you might have more of it later. Absolutely. Right Tim Levy he
is a consultant, executive speaker and author of Google Gamble – The CEOs guide
to traffic, conversion and the mysteries behind

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