Hello Counselor – Seo Yoojung, Hongbin, Ken [ENG/THA/2016.11.07]
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Hello Counselor – Seo Yoojung, Hongbin, Ken [ENG/THA/2016.11.07]


  • PhineaBlue

    Idk why but I always get confused with Ken and Hongbin's names. I can tell them apart but I always call Hongbin "Ken" and Ken "Hongbin". I think it suits them better that way. Don't mind me, I know I'm weird… 😅

  • Cãrrïe

    one the first concern it really sickens me that a mother cares more about dogs than her own daughter. What will happen if the mother gets sick to the point of bed rest and she needs help. the gods won't always be there and the daughter could refuse because of how she was treated. Honestly since they are living away from her father if the reason is between the mom and the dad and not because of abuse or anything she should see if she could stay with him maybe then she will be treated like a real person.

    the second one maybe she needs some therapy. even though it's kinda tabu there to get therapy and stuff maybe she should or visit a doctor to see if there is anything to do.

    the third one hits a little close to home for me. I also remember watching a video in health class about drinking and the affects about it. if he can't quit himself they maybe he can try a rehab center



  • ForTaxReasons

    Hongbin is always smiling at everything like actual sunshine but it's so heart wrenching to see him smile through his tears like that omg. I was raised by my grandparents too so I relate

  • Definitely Sober

    I agree that I need to drink water often or else I'd feel weird, and I do notice that certain water brands have different tastes so I'm also very picky about what kind of water I drink.

    We have a Culligan water machine at home bc that's the water I like best. And when it's out we go and get it refilled as soon as possible. (Luckily, for us, the building is only a minute or two from our place.)

    I started out drinking water a lot bc I've always done choir and show choir. So we sing and dance a whole set list straight. (So 5-6 songs)

    Then I started doing sports and started drinking more. I know, nobody cares, but it just feels very weird to not drink water when our bodies feel like it.

    Is anyone else the same way?

  • sihui wang

    The first Mom was a complete shit head and I feel so sorry for her Daughter. Hope her Daughter grows up, leaves her Mom, and live a happy life. She's such an ass

  • Peachymin

    I think the water drinking woman will eventually die from this. There's a case where the woman drank SEVERAL (and I seriously mean *many*) water bottles and her brain swelled so much it started to NECROSE from lack of oxygen.

  • 레나

    The mom didn't talk about her side for so long but I can somewhat understand it so well? The feeling of being left alone is so strong, she'd rather show her affection to pets. It's true that you should always put your actual family first but her fear is too strong. She probably thinks that, if the worst happens, everyone will leave her but the dogs wouldn't.

  • -

    Wish I could adopt the daughter from the first concern. The way they're trying to make you have sympathy for the mom is sick and the fact the daughter gets blamed and feels at fault is horrible. The mother truly doesn't deserve such a child. I wish she'd have a better life.

  • Rica Ivory

    Am I the only one wondering what's happens to parents in a divorce? Like what happened to those kids mom? Did she just abandon them?

  • LaSilvia MsCab


    When I see Ken I think of Kim seokjin from bts because they are friends.

    I got so sad when hongbin was talking about his grandmother my lil baby

  • This Kong is a king!!!!

    Hongbin and Ken.. i kennot … my heart.. i was crying when hongbin was talking about his grangma!!😭😭❤️

  • Miki mii

    Other than the amount of water I'm the same as the lady. All water has a taste and it actually annoys me when people look at me like I'm weird when I say it in relevant conversation.

  • Miso미소

    The first one when the actress yelled at the dog crazy mom I was like u go girl hongbin looked so shook with the First Lady he was like are u crazy

  • Nani Simmons

    The guy is cute and I'm the same I love to drink at least 3 bottles of water a day either ruler or large size it's healthy for you and her being pregnant , will be like that I can drink anything pretty fast but I'm always dehydrated so no matter how much I drink I'm still thirsty I can only drink cold water or ice cold water and only from a water bottle

  • Nein

    Aw my feels..when Hongbin started to cry, tears immediately started bowling up my eyes, don't cry baby…😢. He's so handsome and sweet, love him soooooo much

  • neggy

    I really don't like that the hosts have to stop and lighten the mood when the matter gets serious; I understand that this is kind of a reality show, and needs to be entertaining, but it's hard to watch as people have to forcibly crack jokes and laugh, even when it's clear they want to press the issue and keep talking sincerely and try to actually solve the problem – I don't like it, but I understand. I was especially pissed off in the little girl's case; all of them were so angry, and it was so obvious how fake the mother was being, but they had to smile, nod and keep their tempers down and pretend as though a resolution had been reached. I was so sad when the actress had to stop and ask for a moment if she had been too harsh when in reality we all know the woman deserved that and more.

  • GotBang Ft. Say The Name EXO

    I think it's fine if drink lots of water but not to that extent. He did mention it affected her pregnancy.

  • Daphnedil Mochi

    Okay…. did anybody else realize they played the Sherlock theme song in the background while she tested the waters? LOL

  • D LS

    That first concern with the mother and the dogs make me so angry. Is your dogs above your daughter? I hope she realizes that those dogs are probably going to die before her or her daughter. She needs to get her priorities straight before her daughter acts up. I am so angry.

  • Issa

    That "mother" is really selfish and immature. It's as if it's her daughter's fault why she's like that to her, why she's lonely, etc. She's treating her as if they're of the same age and depending on her and wants her to be understanding when she's not even like that. Even though she keeps on saying that her daughter is her priority and she loves her more, i just can't see the sincerity at all. I'm a dog lover and a dog parent but i won't treat any less of a person my daughter like that.

  • jung sunshine

    im the opposite drinking water though. idk but my body is better off with cold water rather than lukewarm. i feel better and my conditions become better with cold water idk.

  • sin cera

    i don't think the mom meant it when she "feared saperation". i think she was just saying that just to get the audience on her side??? she's such a good actress

  • Ana

    I broke down on hongbinnie's words
    It seems like he was in such pain, all I wanted to do was to hug him
    He's so lovely, an amazing human being, I wish I could protect him against all the bad things in life

  • Its-me-yna

    Wait how old is miso? And sarang is 2 years old right? Which means she is already 14 years old in human years so how are they still babies?

  • KaTerria Epps

    I love this show but I hate when they start taking the side of the person that's causing the issue. In concern 2 the wife is drinking unhealthy amounts of water but then she cried and turned the conversation on her husband. She says it's cause her father died but I think she's drinks it just to do it. She got the sympathy from the stage now she's turning her husband into the "bad guy"😒

  • KaTerria Epps

    I guess it's a little different in Korea because last time I checked you don't need your husband to walk with you. The 2nd concern has too many excuse why she drinks or can't drink less water.

  • Time Bomb Terry

    I can't believe she straight up let the dog bite her daughter and then blamed her daughter for it. If that had happened here and another's child was bitten, that dog would be taken, quarantined for 10 days, and given back if the dog doesn't show any signs of aggression after that. If there's enough harm, they'll put it to sleep. You prioritize your children first. I had to put my dog down after he attacked my nephew for getting too close to the food. My nephew got lucky and the dog didn't do anything but scratch him with his paw on the leg. But I wasn't willing to take another chance.


    I am the total opposite from her I HATE water so I dont drink water or pretty much anything I dont really like to drink any beverages at all and ironically I have good health and my kidneys are in great shape I guess I just made my body used to not drinking anything that much…

  • jinho finesse

    I don't get the feeling of wanting to drink because you are lonely…but I do understand how loneliness can hit you hard.. I was neglected for most of my childhood. ..i was the unfavored grandchild…my parents doesn't love each other and I was reminded of it every single day…at school I was bullied and casted aside for every single year… When my mother fall in love with my father friend and started to neglect my siblings… When my grandma cursed her own daughter to death in front of me and my siblings…when my father was abusive and negligent towards me and siblings…when he can spend hundreds for drinks with his friends but never spare us a dollar… When he decided to loan out our house for his sibling who is addicted to Gambling(they used that money to buy land somewhere and my father used my mother's name for the loan. My mother has to deal with the late payment every month even though she wasn't the one who took the money)…when my father stood and watched my mother chopped wood without helping her…when I showed my mom my first 3.0+ report card and dissatisfaction creeped up her face and no words of encouragement was given…when they finally want to divorce and wanted us to pick side..
    Loneliness is like a dangerous disease…it takes over you..it us hard to get back up… You need a good cure…and it takes a long time to heal…

  • Soso Almawajdeh

    The first concern made me really angry. Im not sure why she would have a kid if she wasn’t going to care for it.
    I don’t think she’s qualified to be a mother

  • Alexis Sans

    The mom got a serious problem. I honestly think that her child can be taken away. The dogs will bite if you don't train them. Dogs are not supposed to bite. Do you not care about your child? She is not all grown up. Yes, she can probably take care of herself to a certain extent. But she is still a child. She is 13, one of the most confusing times in someone's life. Puberty starts hitting and you need people to be there for you. I think that human life got the same value as a dog's life, but there is a difference between your daughter and your pet. I wanted to run and give the girl a hug. I would run away from home. I could never live with someone who treats their dogs wayyy better than their own blood. I want to travel to Korea and properly scold the woman. She is the one who need a 10 hour long lesson on how to care for a human being.

  • Just Mine

    I think this show need a real person that actually spoke firmly, you can't solve the problem just by kindly giving pity to the victim, the problematic person need to be waken up too,

    Maybe dr phill need to be a guest here lol

  • Michelle D

    OMG the mom from the first story is so frustrating. When she gets older and is unable to fend for herself are the dogs gonna take care of her? TAKE CARE OF YOUR DAUGHTER

  • STARMY! Starlight/Army

    It was so sweet to hear Ken singing in the back when Jungyeon was playing the recorder! I love VIXX so caring and kind! ❤️❤️

  • STARMY! Starlight/Army

    I teared up when Hongbin cried at the end! OOOOH MY POOR BABY! I wanted to give him a hug! And Ken! I've heard him talk about his family a few times, and I'm really glad he doesn't drink often! I wanted to hug them both! VIXX I LOVE YOU!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOREVER! 우리 오래 가자! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • stop fanwar be a good human be kind jisoo kim

    The second concern the girl who drinks a lot of water. she should come to my house. We have a this thing in my place that whenever we feel too thirsty and get tired of drinking water we drink this and all the thirst will go away I should cook her that actually it's two recipes I drink it sometimes and it I say no my mom would force me to drink it and it always helps 👍

  • neilneil

    Yooo I really only watched cause of vixx but fucking show really keeps tearing me up. I always cry in each episode for some goddamn reason and I was doing well. Until bean ruined it with his cracked voice and ready eyes and I just ended up sobbing again. Damnnnn iiittt ㅠㅠ

  • naverial 1323

    This comment is so random but i love how sherlocks opening is playing in the backround of the second one when they are dringing the 3rd and 4th water

  • nadia2883

    stop bullshitting you wanna be dog owner dog festivals are more annual then you idiot think that can even be a MONTHLY thing

  • Tsanamilta Amirah

    me, telling my self once again "ken is hyung and hongbin is younger than him!" >_<

    and all the guest star was youngest child in their family^^

  • ProperIntro

    Drinking too much water can kill you. Athletes have died from drinking too much water in a short manner of time.

    I wanted to slap n scream at the mom and alcholic dad. Sigh pretty sure they will not change

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