Hotspot – Using Your Phone for Mobile Internet Access
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Hotspot – Using Your Phone for Mobile Internet Access

Steve Dotto here. How the heck are you this
fine day? Me? I’m feeling a little hot around the collar. Actually, I’m not but today’s
demo is all about hot-spotting or as our Teutonic friends like to say, hot-spotting, the ability
to be able to take your smartphone’s connection and use it and share it with your computer
or with another device. It’s a fairly basic application that’s fairly simple to do.
You might wonder why you want to do it because so many places today have hot spots available
to you. You can go to almost any coffee shop and you can log on. There are so many different
public hot spots available. Well, there are really two basic reasons that
you might want to hot spot. The first reason is convenience. It takes a bit of time to
find the network and log on and do all those sorts of things whereas turning on the hot
spot of your phone is incredibly quick. The other reason is security. Now probably a tiny,
tiny percentage of us are ever exposed to any dangers at all when we are using a public
network but let’s face it, a public network is less secure inherently than a private network
that you’re running yourself. So if you’re doing things like online banking or any of
that sort of stuff when you’re out and about, it might be a good idea to do that through
your own personal hotspot rather than doing it through a public network. So it’s hot-spotting
today on DottoTech. It is a fairly quick and basic demo which
we are going to look at this fine day. We’re going to take a look at the ability to take
the internet connection that’s available on our smartphone and I have here at the center
for your viewing pleasure my Android phone and on the left-hand side is my iPhone. We
go into the same place in both phones to set up hot spots and it’s as simple as can be.
In the Android phone, you go into the More Network’s area and there you can find Tethering
and portable hot spot. So there are basically ways that you can do
this. You can tether phone using a USB connection which saves a lot of battery power. As a matter
of fact if you have your notebook computer plugged in, it allows you to be continuously
charging your phone while you’re doing it. That’s a great way to set up a hot spot.
all you do is you go in and you choose if it’s connected by USB or if you want the
portable WiFi hot spot, you turn that on and what will happen is it will turn off—I know
it’s seems counterintuitive—your WiFi in order to turn on the hot spot. That’s
because it’s not bringing in the internet connection at a point there. It’s using
your mobile radio to connect to the internet. It’s not using the WiFi.
One the Mac, it’s almost the exact same process. You go into Settings and within Settings
right there you have a Personal Hotspot button. You can turn on the Personal Hotspot which
will then allow you to share your hot spot with yourself or with somebody else. You put
in a WiFi password there and allow people to log in. The hot spot, by default is the
name of your smartphone. It’s dead simple to do. You can also do the tethering on the
Mac and you can also access it for Bluetooth as well should you choose to. But for the
most part, most people will want to set up either a WiFi hot spot or a USB-tethered hot
spot. It’s not something that you have to do all the time. It’s nice to know it’s
nice and convenient if you do need to use it occasionally and for the most part, we’re
going to choose to use public hot spots that are available because they don’t cost us
anything whereas sometimes of course if we’re using up our own personal data, that might
end up having a cost attached. But the bottom line is for extra security and extra convenience,
nothing beats a portable hot spot. I hope you found today’s video to be brief
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fun storming the castle.


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