How do you price your SEO Services? SEO Pricing Model – How to structure your Pricing
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How do you price your SEO Services? SEO Pricing Model – How to structure your Pricing

So I want to talk about how do you price SEO
services? Now, I have tried selling SEO services in
the past and I think I have made a few mistakes. I have always tried selling SEO as a monthly
retainer package at the fixed cost say $500 a month or $2000 a month. But over the last couple of days, I have been
giving it a second thought because I have not been happy with the way things are priced. It just did not make sense to me because SEO
realistically when you get down to a project, initially, upfront there is a lot more work
than when there is, when you set things up and you got a process in place. But the first few months always there is a
lot more planning, there is a lot more brainstorming, there is a lot more strategic direction that
you need to set for you, your team for the client, you need a lot more research architecture,
analysis, keyword page mapping etc. So, there is a lot more work that is required
upfront. So, I don’t know how many of you are doing
this but I think SEO should be priced in two components. Initially, the first, so like what I have
decided to map out a pricing strategy is like the first 3 months there will be an initial
upfront investment which will be, for an example, we have a basic plan in which the initial
upfront investment is $4000 which covers the first 3 months of work and then subsequently
for the remainder of the 9 months of the contract it would monthly, say $500 or $750, or whatever
pricing you might decide. But the idea that I am trying to sell out
here is, I think when you are selling to clients, you have to communicate not only the value
of SEO, that’s a given, you got to communicate that SEO does take time and you need to educate
them on the potential ROI upside of how much they could gain from standing to rank for
the terms that they are looking to rank for. But you have to communicate that the pricing,
if you force yourself into pricing it that way you’re going to be forced to also tell
them why there is an initial upfront investment. And that I think, will be an easier way to
sell because SEO does take time and the time that you have put in upfront, the thought
process. If you actually list out all the things you
need to do upfront and share with them, that okay I need to do a keyword research, I need
to go through entire site, come up with a good plan for your site architecture. I think when you talk through all of them
in layman’s language and make them think and make them realize that there is a lot
of time and effort that goes upfront and that justifies the upfront costs, it makes more
sense for you because you are incentivized to also close the deal and you are not unhappy
like I use to be in the past that we close deals for nominal monthly amounts. But if a client did not go through on the
full 12 months contract, we would end up may be losing some money because we actually put
in a lot more time initially. So, I think if you price my idea of at least
pricing SEO services should be that you should have initial upfront investment and then subsequently
break down into monthly, a monthly retainer which could be any amount that you choose
depending on the level of service that you offer. So, yes that’s just my thought and I think
SEO can be better sold and you are forced to justify the investments upfront because
you’re going to have to communicate what you are doing, why you are doing it and actually
makes you incentivize enough to actually spend a lot more time upfront because if SEO is
well planned well thought out, well strategized, you are going to do much better job and if
you get that much more money going to drive you to perform better. So, yeah so that’s my thought process of
how you should price SEO proposals – initial upfront investment and then subsequent monthly
pricing, that’s something you should consider for your future client deals. I would also love to hear from you guys out
there how do you price SEO services? Leave your comments out here. I’d love to know what works for you, what
hasn’t for you because this is something that many people get wrong so I would love
to know from your experience work what’s worked well for you and we all can learn from
each other.


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