How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

Will you give homeless people money ? Do you ever wonder how they spent it ? Today I might give a homeless guy a 100$, and I’m gonna follow him and see how he spend it – Hey ! – Hey, how you doing ? – Good, how are you? – I’m alright. – I’m Josh. – Nice to meet you. – I just triyng to make enough to get me something to eat. – I just want to like, give back to people… Not gonna be that much but… – Anything’s appreciate. Oh goddness… – It’s just a 100 bucks here. – Oh, no way ! – Yeah, just keep. It’s your money now. – Oh… that’s… Oh really are you sure ? – Yeah go ahead it’s yours ! – I’m starting to tear up… – No it’s okay – That’s like incredible… – It’s okay, it’s alright – I’ve never… Can I ? – Yeah, yeah of course ! Yeah of course – I’ve… … I’ve never had… this in my life ! – Nice meeting you. I hope you can, you know, have a good use of that money. – It will be sir. – Okay, great. See ya… Just keep filming. Just make sure he didn’t see you. He just get out. What did he get ? He’s going across the street. Let’s go go go. Just go, go follow him. Wow… Oh… – He’s giving them food. – I’m gonna talk to him – Oh hey ! What are you doing here ? – Come here. I need to talk to you. I was following you the entire time. – Oh yeah ? – After I gave you the money we… – There’s a ca… my camera is right there. Do you see a camera ? – Oh yeah… – Do you even know them ? Like… – No ! – I feel like I owe you apologies cause I… I… you went to a liquor store, right ? Earlier ? – Oh, you thought I was gonna get all smacked up drunk, huh ? – I thought you gonna… actually I thought you gonna buy like alcohol or something… – Yeah… But there’s things money can’t buy. My own… I get a happiness out of what I’m doing. No, no, no… – Here. – I…I… I’m fine. – No. It…it… you… you just touched my heart, you know ? This is another… This is another 100 bucks – This is wha… I… – This, I want you to keep it. – I’m stunned… – I’m stunned ! I’m stunned by… – I don’t know what to say… usually I’m pretty talkative… – How do you end up to… You know… like, where you are right now ? Basically, I was living with my parents and my step-dad had cancer and they were getting hospice But it didn’t cover… the insurance only pay so much I quit working… Because I had to be available. So, he passed away… And uh…then two weeks later my mother pa… passed away from kidney failure. Building therein, is being sold… The condo. And I, all of a sudden, found myself homeless. And it’s been like four months now. And there is a lot of people there that are just victims of circumstances, and they didn’t… Go homeless cause they’re lame, you know what I mean ? – Lazy or like drug addiction – It could be a divorce and one thing leads to another the man sells his boat, his home… Everything and all of a sudden he finds out he’s got no money, and you know there’s a lot of good people that are homeless. You’re doing good… You somehow would be on a seam, and you meet… bumping the good people that’s all there is to it. You’re on a different… path somehow in life, I can’t explain it. – Good saying… Can you believe what just happened ? Wow…

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