How Geotargeting Works | NordVPN

Have you ever wondered why apps and websites
track your location? Geotargeting is one of the main reasons why,
and it works like this: Imagine you’re at work. You pick up your phone, check your social
media and see an ad for a new shopping mall — and it’s just five minutes away from
you. The lunch hour comes, and you head over there
to buy a snack. All because an app on your phone tracked your
location and sold this data to an advertiser. And that’s not all. Every website you visit knows your location
based on your IP — and may show you different content accordingly. Your phone’s GPS also reveals your location,
and so does your phone’s Wi-Fi by regularly pinging available networks. Luckily, you can still be private online. First, do not install apps that access your
location for no reason. A game app does not need to know where you
live. Second, turn off your Wi-Fi and GPS if you’re
not using them. Third, use tools to change your virtual location. A proxy server can act as a middleman between
you and the website you’re visiting. Lastly, use NordVPN, which lets you choose
from 5000 different IP addresses in over 60 countries. It’s a great way to avoid IP tracking. NordVPN encrypts your traffic, making your
browsing more private and more secure. Stay safe. To learn more, subscribe to the NordVPN Youtube

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