How I Ranked in 7 days (You Can Too!) 中Youtube Video SEO 2019
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How I Ranked in 7 days (You Can Too!) 中Youtube Video SEO 2019

Did you ever wonder why you never rank on
YouTube? What do you mean I never ranked? I mean, my mom watches my videos, my aunt
watches my videos, um, my whole class in school watches my videos, a few colleagues likes
them. Good, but there’s a mystique power working behind the scenes. Legend has it, it’s called
The Algorithm. Yeah, it’s called the YouTube algorithm. It helps videos rank. So, how do
you rank? First of all, who am I to say? I’m a nobody. That’s right, but you and me have
something in common. We ask questions and we go on YouTube to find the answers and that’s
what I did for you guys. I found the answers, I tested them and I got some results that
I’m going to share with you guys for– Now, you’ll sell me a course, right? No, man. It’s
free. Chill. Sit down. Listen to me. I know what’s wrong with this channel, by the way,
this is another topic. What’s wrong with this channel is we don’t set up goals as a community.
What kind of a community are we without goals? If you don’t know where you’re going, how
are you going to end up there? What will you write in your navigation? It’s all in vain.
Okay. Here, right now on the probably 12th of April is when I’ll release this video.
We’re going to set some goals. One of them is 10,000 subscribers. When we reach 10,000
subscribers, what should we do? We should do something cool. We should give back to
the community. Okay, but we’re currently doing that by providing free tips. I know what to
do. There are two things that I really like, pizza and burgers. So what we can do is, what
do you guys think? Should we buy a bunch of pizzas from Dominos or whatever, a company
we find and go around giving away to different random people on the main street? I think
that’s cool, okay? So, we’re around 1,300 subscribers at the time of making this video
so there’s only 8,700 to go. And when we reach that, we’ll go around giving out free pizzas
so make sure you’re part of the pizza movement by clicking that subscribe button. It’s absolutely
free. I have no idea why you wouldn’t do that so make sure– no, don’t pause this video,
like listen to me. Just listen to me. You move your mouse around or trackpad or maybe
your Mac mouse or make-make mac user, yeah, that’s what it’s called. Maybe you’re on your
iPad, maybe you’re on your phone but whatever you do, you are trying to find a red button
that says SUB– it says subscribe. Click it, click the bell notification, click the like
button, you’re good. Maybe click the dislike button so we have a variety. But after that,
we are good. What this video will do is first, I will show you the results I have, how did
I rank on different keywords. Then I’ll show you the mistakes I did, what keywords I shouldn’t
have used as much and then I’ll show you some tools you can use. Then I’ll have a free and
paid version and I’ll also have the description for them down below. Okay. First, let me show
you one of the times that I got things right. I made a video on how to outsource your SEO
and for the few days, I was instantly ranking number one. And you can see here now, it’s
at number two, for a few days, I was number four or five but I think the click-through
rate is really good right now so we’re at number two. So that was a successful video.
For me, that was a successful video [00:03:45] our channel is like two weeks old, I mean, active
weeks. Before that, we used to upload gaming videos like years back or it’s kind of new,
okay? So it’s number two. It really works for me and you can keep in mind that I’m competing
with big agencies that have real studio production, editors and so on. And don’t worry about it.
In the end of the video, you’ll see how exactly how I managed to rank this video. And another
kind of good video, I mean, it was pretty much the first video I did after over six
months without an upload and then pretty much two years without an upload, got to number
six and that’s after like 10 days after uploading so it’s pretty stable there. It went up or
down but it’s around the 6th spot and you can see here. I applied those methods in it
as well so you’ll see them, just don’t worry. But before that, I want to show you an example
of a video that was really good click-through rate. It’s incredible. The click-through rate
I have, the engagement is incredible but it’s not ranking. And if you type in Facebook as [00:04:55] I
think, as you can see here, it’s not ranking. You can’t see it. It’s really bad. But if
you type in something else that I should have started with. If I type in Facebook ads conversion
2019 which is a little bit longer tail keyword but keep in mind I’m competing with people.
They have uploaded for the last two or three years, every single day on that topic that
has 400,000 subscribers or 200 or 300,000 subscribers and I got a 1,000 which are from
the gaming industry, so business related, we’re like 40 or 50 subscribers. So, I mean,
it was pretty hard but we’re ranking out like 8 to 10 spots, we’re on the first 10 results.
So that was a really successful keyword and if you see the search volume for this keyword
is pretty good. So, you might have noticed that the difference so far in the results
was the keywords that I chose. So, if you want to rank good on Google or on YouTube,
you need first to choose the right keywords and you got to choose them even before you
start making your video. An important note here is one of the– there are a bunch of
things you can do for your SEO. This video will not be able to sustain all of those because
there’s a bunch of tips, there’s a bunch of tips, there’s a lot of tips that people won’t
tell you. I will tell you them and if you want to hear them, please tell me in the comment
section down below but what I can do here because we have a few minutes for this video,
right? Otherwise, I’ll lose your attention, is I’ll show you just the tools and some things
that you can apply. Then when you do that, you comment down below, I did that, what’s
the next step, and I’ll show you some other tips. The fact that you’re seeing this video
means that those tips are actually working and I will help you to get those results.
Okay, so the first keyword tool you can use is called vidIQ. It really helps you to make,
to search for the right keywords. As we said, this is the beginning of your video. A better
tip I can give you right now is write a script for your video. There’s a reason for that.
When you have the right keywords, you want to say them in your video and this exact thing
that I’m saying will make sense in another video I’ll make on SEO on YouTube. First,
to write your script to know what you’re talking about, to have the title, the topic of your
video, everything you need to have the right keywords. How do you get them? You go on vidIQ.
I have a link for it in the description below and it has an option of paid version of it,
it has an option to search keyword varieties as you can see here. Also, you can see the
difficulty of the keywords that you’re using. You go over to your video and you have vidIQ
the premium version, you can boost your video and see so many things that you can add. I’ve
already did that for this video and you’re basically seeing inside information from my
video. And the better that number is, for example, 60, 70, 80 plus is so good because
what this number represents is the search volume relative to the competition score.
How big are the channels or how many people are posting videos about using these keywords?
So you got to use this and also, what you can do, some really smart thing to do is get
keyword ideas from your competitors. So if you get the right keyword ideas from your
competitors, use those keywords. In your script, you’re actually saying those words. You can
get into the suggestion box of the videos of those people and you have a good click-through
rate and good watch time relative to the impressions you get, you’ll rank high in Google. If you
go over to creator studio classic, not the studio beta or beta, whatever you say it in
English, I’m obviously foreign, you can get even more options in terms of your SEO so
make sure you experiment with it and see what fits your style best. The second tool is TubeBuddy.
TubeBuddy, what we’ll showcase in this video are free things. First of all is the keyword
explorer and you can see it here. The second tool that you can use is actually really cool.
It helps to track the volume and a lot of other statistics as this video can show you
here so check it out. It shows you the keyword score, competition, relative, how much average
and keywords alternatives, what do people use instead of using this keyword, what other
keywords you can use, whether the most frequent keywords in this topic and so on. These are
facts you need to know before you’re writing your script, you should research them. And
don’t worry if you haven’t applied these tips already but make sure you write this down,
you bookmark this video or whatever and you check it each time before you make a video.
These tools have a free version so TubeBuddy has keyword explorer, keyword stats, and also
these are just some of the functions that it has. And another thing it has that I never
use is a mobile application but I never use it. If you’re in the shower and you suddenly
think about your video with some very smart long tail keyword, this distracts your mind.
You can just go on your phone, it’s really easy to insert it in your video via the TubeBuddy
mobile application but this feature requires a premium membership. Again, vidIQ, TubeBuddy
have a free version and a paid version. I’ve used both of them as a free and premium version.
Right now, I’m only using vidIQ premium version for three channels because they have multiple
channels on YouTube, some compilation channels. And also the TubeBuddy, I use it but basically,
vidIQ has the same functions. But TubeBuddy is really good if you’re running only one
channel so maybe it’s a safer bet, I think it’s the [00:11:34] price is on TubeBuddy.
Again, you can compare those. I have the link in the description down below. As many influencers say
like if you treat YouTube as a business into pay you as a business, if you treat it like
a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby so a little investment on side to pay for the premium
aspect, those features might be worthwhile. But again, if you’re starting out and 10 or
20 bucks a month is a lot for you, you can use the free version until we get that momentum
going, you get some money out of YouTube that you can spend on those tools. I’m really proud
of the new members we had in the community. If you want to be featured in one of our next
episodes, make sure you comment down below, something smart, something that you’ve learned
from this video, something that you hate about this video, something that you hate about
my lighting, something that you hate about my accent or occasionally something that you
actually like about the things I said. But mainly, share the tips that you want to apply.
So there are people that are a part of our community can see them, and maybe meditate
on them and act on them in the future. Thank you for joining in, and you’re a real hero
for staying until the end of the video. And remember, a video a day keeps the doctor away.
This is just a disclaimer. Come on, man, this is no medical advice. This is no financial
advice. Do your own due diligence.


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