How Long Does It Take to Boost Your Google SEO Rankings? | 1 Month, 12 Month, and 2 Year Timeline
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How Long Does It Take to Boost Your Google SEO Rankings? | 1 Month, 12 Month, and 2 Year Timeline


  • Moto G5

    Great video sir.
    I have also get certification in digital marketing from Google.
    How can I get job at my place or is there any chance to work with you.
    Waiting for your reply.

  • Bhartendu joshi

    Everything is good but I have not got even a single link till now. I have been blogging for nearly 3 months now but not even a single link in my niche. I am very bad at making contacts.

  • Adeel Khan

    Hey Neil
    Awesome Video as always,
    Kindly recommend some lead generation tools, so we can cold Email and convert prospects into clients.

  • Sanjay Shinde

    Thanks Neil once again for your honest opinions. SEO seems a long and ardous path, and no guarantee that Google will be the same, it is difficult to predict results it seems. Need a lot of patience. Hats off to you.

  • Sabyasachi De

    Hello sir …..I have a website…I am posting article regularly…bt my traffic was not growing…what to do…..also I am making 10 backlink par week

  • 5lionstudios - Mahesh Panchal films

    Thanks for the video it's been one month's and I can see some impression in console. Can u also make a small video on plagiarism like up-to what percentage it is acceptable stuff like that

  • Hownetinfo

    Many site POsted a post in which share seo in 2018 so what is your thinkink about seo in 2018 please make on video on how to do seo in 2018

  • Shopify eCommerce

    Hi Neil Can You Please Tell, Which is the best WordPress Theme I can use for making a Niche Affiliate Website. It will not only make my day it will make my year..Thanks

  • Ajay Patel

    I want to boost my main website… SO, I use 301 expired domain redirect to my main website… Sir, I want to know which type expired domain require or How much DA and PA required? I the redirected domain is related to my main website? Is that domain back link affect my main site rankings? Please Tell Me Sir the solution of this…

  • Andres Hurtado

    Yo Neil!

    Thank you for all of these video's and knowledge that you are sharing with, I cannot say it enough because of all this content you are giving us. Moreover, I have been watching you for the past 5 hours and just been soaking up all of this goodness-its like I'm in school again(GOOD school lol). On a different note I am trying to come up with a marketing plan that I want to launch next week. You said that we should do at least one blog, 5-10 links per month, and promote content on all social media platforms. Apart from the one blog post a week. what are some the 5-10 links I should be uploading and what kind of content should I be creating? Im in real estate so I can see myself sharing links on facebook and instagram from other websites giving informative suggestion on home buying? Also, for promoting content should I be making facebook & Instagram canva ads? Please take the time to get back to me whenever you can! Again thank you for your work an inspiration!

    Andres Hurtado

  • Hussein Alaskar

    Hi Neil ,I have a job search engines that aggregate jobs from other job boards mainly UK and USA.I am doing SEO for about 4 months I see that my position and clicks increased(in my web master tools) since I started SEO but still I get 200 click per month and about 400-500 impression a day and I keep getting impressions from new keywords is that good? (I am worried from people keep telling that you are in competitive field but i believe there is no field in seo with no competition)

  • The Doctornaut

    Hey Neil, hope I'm not too late to this party. You mention to do at least 1 blog post per week, 5-10 backlinks per month, and social media promotion. This looks like a good baseline for growth.

    My question is, have you noticed a point of diminishing returns? I'm planning to have 2-4 1,000 word blog posts published every week, in conjunction with the skyscraper method, among other link building techniques. Is this overkill, in your opinion?

  • Dr. Marie Fang

    Thank you for your videos and resources! I spent 2 years doing everything I could to boost SEO and I paid an SEO professional, only to see no difference in my rankings. I found your SEO analyzer tool a month ago and I’m already ranking without even having completed all the recommendations yet. Thank you!

  • Kayin Zeng

    How old should a website be before it gets ranked? For example if my website is just 1 month old, but already have like 10 posts/pages targeting low competitive keywords, it is already eligble for ranking?

  • Affiliate Watch

    Thanks man, good suggestions. Its been 6-7 months and Im now getting 1k+ impressions a day in search. Seems to be going up really fast the last two months.

  • nikhil choudhary

    sir, I can upload article twice a weak and can create backlinks too but social media is hard for me, so does it work

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