How many pages can Google index from a single site?
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How many pages can Google index from a single site?

>>CUTTS: Okay. Chris from UK asks, “Is there
a limit to the number of pages that Google will index from one site?” Wow, good question.
Not that I’m aware of, Chris. So, you know, we will index millions of pages if we think
a site is sufficiently good and has a sufficient amount of content. You are very unlikely to
bump up against a limit, you know, in our index. It’s purely how useful we think your
pages are which is determined in large part by how much pay drink you have, how many people
link to you and what the reputation of those pages is. So, you know, if there is a limit,
I’m not aware of it. I really kind of doubt that there is. We tend to just crawl as much
of a site as we think we can use and, you know, we budget that relative to all the other
sites and how useful we think a site is and how many people are linking to it. So as far
as I’m aware there’s not a limit, and hope that helps.


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