How Many Videos Are Too Many? w/ Evan Carmichael | Little Monster
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How Many Videos Are Too Many? w/ Evan Carmichael | Little Monster


  • Rosh Sillars

    Is it a good idea to remove videos that are not related to your current direction, but still drive views. Or just thin out old content which does not perform well?

  • William Knelsen

    This is really insightful. Wow, thanks for putting this conversation up for us all to learn from. I’ve got some thinking to do about my content. Thanks! πŸ™

    One value proposition per channel. Got it! So good.

  • Hussein Nasser

    Man this guy is good! Never seen anyone with his knowledge about youtube on youtube and Im following everyone. Subed!

  • Honest Finance

    I get it 100%. I often don’t watch a lot of your videos based on the series because I have no interest or I do t know the celebrity. This is a very informative video. Thank you

  • samspace81

    Great information. I found you through Evan. I have moved to daily video posts about a month ago now. I have good CTR rates (6.8% the last month) & my traffic is increasing steady. Can you suggest anything in particular that could boost sheer traffic besides frequent uploads? My videos are 3 to 5 minutes in length average with retention over 30 percent most of the time. I am getting around 30,000 views a day. I need rapid growth now that I am full-time with this. Thanks, subscribed!!


    It took me a couple of days to watch this all the way through. Here are some of my thoughts as your relatively new subscriber, but BIG FAN. 1. Dooooon't hire someone else to host your videos!!!! They are yours, and we don't follow YOU to watch someone else. PLUS, your word is BELIEVE, and if you BELIEVE in us, but you hire someone else, it waters down the perspective that YOU are there cuz you believe in us. 2. I look forward to you having different channels for different types of series, because, when I have time to watch a video of yours, and I try to do a search, I get results from multiple series, and it takes a bit of effort to be consistent and watching one series through. I have tried several times and gave up. 3. You ROCK! I appreciate all your efforts. LASTLY, Matt and Evan, thanks for publishing this. It was a good education.

  • Michelle Osorio's Dare To Dream School

    Watched this on his new channel. This was SO helpful and in a way life-changing. I'm actually commenting on my second channel which I am relaunching because the content is too different from my main channel which is bigger. Your video has helped answer a question I had which was: Once I'm making videos for a while on this channel, and I really zero in on the niche audience that resonates with the content, what do I do with the other content I want to make? Looks like I'd venture out and make even more channels! Multiple channels is daunting (even juggling two is hard now), but it's exciting to think as the business grows, I can branch out with different topics on a new channel once I have built out the team enough to handle it. Very cool.

  • Symon Says TV

    I’m telling you, I’m absolutely responsible in a big part for your one hour average duration of the Les Brown video. For months somewhere last summer I’ve listened to that video non stop. I’m sure I have listened to it more than 100 times straight through, and maybe 250 times total.
    For that one video a day thing, I think it’s a good idea. When I subscribed to your channel I was overwhelmed by the amount of videos you were posting. At one point I almost unsubscribe because you were all over my subscription feed. But by holding on I got use to it, so much so that when you recently stopped uploading 3x a day for 1x a day I was like: what the he’ll happen to my Entspresso morning video and where is my mid day video. But I understand that 3x a day is probably too much for most people to handle.
    Just my feedback. πŸ˜‰

  • Dr. Sten Ekberg

    31:00 Would love to get that spreadsheet or at least the formula. Is it CountA= "the term". This video is so good.

  • SimAware Org

    WOW! The content in this video and the idea of splitting the three videos is amazing. Please do a followup if he does split things up

  • drifting melodies

    very great…need your channel is 1k sub..i get views from search 60 in the entire channel browse second others third and suggested is the last..i get more sub if i upload thrice or twice a week but it drops if i upload only once a week..but for channel health and videos performance what would be the right frequency of uploads? please help

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