How SEO Works For Business – Guest Cory Freitas
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How SEO Works For Business – Guest Cory Freitas

hello everyone it’s another episode of
ejenn solutions the podcast series and I’m so excited today to bring to you
Cory Freitas from digiwei and again did I
say the last name right that’s correct because I have problems the reason I
wants to introduce everyone to Cory today is because he really is a
specialist in SEO he does other things but today we’re going to focus on his
work doing SEO for companies and he’s been doing this for about five and a
half years he’s co-owner of digi way and there’s a digi way just like Madonna or
is it digi ways or other like online marketing oh I’m sorry I just did you a
right like Madonna so the way actually it is my partner’s name but it really
means world empowerment inspiration I like that I world empower inspiration
and right yeah perfect I didn’t even know that so I learned something new
today obviously we’ve worked together and I’ve enjoyed working with you and
I’ve seen your results and that was another reason why I want to come on the
podcast thank you you know we can talk about it share some
ideas with people who are listening know with that why would someone come and
work with you a little bit let’s go a little bit smaller and a little bit more
simpler explain what SEO is exactly so SEO stands for search engine
optimization basically it’s how your how your being found on Google Google or
search engine so when you type in since you do sociability to say social media
social media consultant you type that into Google and you get this list of
results so usually on the top it’s paid ads
under that might be your Maps and under that is what we call the organic and
that is the SEO part so it’s ranking on that list on Google search so basically
getting up there organically not having to pay for ads just showing up right and
I think that’s important because just because someone has a website and this
even goes to social media as well just because you put a page up or hat create
an account on social media if you haven’t done things to optimize those
pages or websites then it’s you’re pretty much dead yeah you’re not even
being indexed or found and you’re not getting traffic so so if you yeah if you
don’t have your name and the name of your website if your name is just if
your what I just think Jennifer Stinnett and you do social media no one’s gonna
know that Google is not gonna know that so so really is you coming in and
translating what that website has to Google so that Google understands what’s
going on with the yeah exactly so that I would assume cut so here’s here’s the
other thing that I know a lot of people it’s an unseen and unknown work and so
that can make it difficult for people to really understand so when you say SEO
it’s actually working within your business’s website correct correct yeah
working within the website you know actually the social media account stuff
like that yeah working to make the website so Google knows what it’s
looking for I always reference Google because Google
is a top search engine in the u.s. right now there yeah well like 80 80 or more
percent of the searches it’s definitely more yeah and then you toad is number
two so yeah so it helps with showing up on those search engines though right so
basically you go in and you are coding things so that Google underst
yeah and there’s a strategy behind that as well to that you work with people
yeah so also we must want to find keywords like that people ideally you
want the owner or the business owner to know their market so we needed to really
know who their target market is and get to know who their clients are on how
they’re finding how they would search when they go on online to find their
business right so it’s really getting trying to get in basically becoming like
their customer and seeing how I would search for them and that’s involves
keyword research and finding the right keywords that that will drive that
traffic to your website yeah we’ve had so I’ve had another guest on and she is
a photo marketing specialist and she does the same thing I know you do this
too when you we work with someone we create like a client profile or avatar
and so already just you know if you’ve been listening to this podcast you need
to know who your target market is what is photos with their SEO your website
social media yeah and that is so important and honestly before anything
don’t you agree that’s kind of what needs to be done
oh yeah for sure that’s basically if you don’t know your target market you’re
just you say everyone they say if you target everyone you really target wasn’t
no one something like that yeah yeah really getting it down a target market
or an inch way to go and it me know a lot of people go yeah and a lot of
people starting out you probably dealt with this too
there’s like I just want anyone who will buy for me yeah yeah oh you still want
that to you but not anymore right I mean cuz I’ll just take anything but really
it’s such a disadvantage yeah it’s it’s you get some interesting people out
there well let me ask you this do you I I am assuming that if you are working
with someone on a local level versus national level that’s kind of the same
thing because right or is that the same local and national yeah because there is
a difference I think between national you know doing SEO for a national
demographic versus a local demographic yeah local like look like I ask you mr.
Tom tree client that’s in Torrance located here and he were just focusing
on the we call the South Bay area the area around Torrance so we’ll target
specific cities and stuff like that whereas if we’re doing a national
campaign it’s a little bit more broader words broader keywords longer tail
keywords so you won’t have that City in it there’s local is a little easier
because you’re just focusing on area whereas national if you wanted the whole
us you’re gonna have to find broader keywords and you’re targeting harder
harder harder market and I would think that by farter that’s probably more
expensive yes exactly that means you’re you’re you’re in the
game with companies that are and make multi millions or billions of dollars
now right so if you’re uh if your clothing you’re starting a clothing
company now you’re going up against I know will say suits now you’re going up
against some suit warehouse suit these big old brand-name suit companies brand
name brand brand name this Men’s Warehouse Men’s Wearhouse and there’s
probably spending what millions on just advertising alone not just TV but
Internet as well so that’s where you really want to come in and find if
you’re a small a medium business really find your niche find your market even
large businesses you want to find your your target market your niche yeah I
would think that with the right SEO a small business you know not just with
SEO but you know social media plan and pay-per-click all that stuff which we’re
gonna talk we’re gonna actually talk about that a little bit more later you
could be fairly competitive if you had the resources to create content
that type of thing yeah exactly also nothing content is big o’clock nowadays
in Google’s with SEO you’re not doing your own content like a blog podcast or
whatever you’re really behind in the game it’s just gonna take that much
longer to rank for keywords that you want
yeah well the reasons why I’m doing this podcast and honestly doing video video
too so that’s another part of SEO yeah well the thing is you and I’ve had many
conversations about this it’s content and you know the blog writing is huge
and having that fresh content and you and I so let me ask you this just
general what how how many words are how long should a blog be that’s good if I
was to do it myself if I had to do a blog post I I know it’s
hard for people so I just tell people just to get started maybe try to three
to five hundred words um my SEO team they say we want a 750 and above so they
want a lot more but I just say some people at least get used to take baby
steps start off small write paragraph or two and then as you get used to if you
said in your calendar or maybe once or twice a week you’ll start getting in
that groove and you’ll start writing more more uh more content naturally for
me I I was never a good writer so I challenged myself last year to do I
think it was 30 or 60 days of blog writing and when you look at it my first
few blogs were very short and then as I was getting getting more used to and
just writing and they we had longer and long progressively longer and I should
get actually get back to that because it I saw a big increase in my traffic just
by writing a blog a blog a day so it’s hard it is it is it’s very hard you
think I can think of what you want to write and uh yeah Ryan’s reminds me a
school writing those papers but it was actually
fun because I enjoyed I was learning new things about SEO websites online
marketing just the world the online world so it really helped me expand my
knowledge of that my industry and what other people are doing then it got me
also reading other people’s SEO people by my counterparts what they’ve been
writing you know and learning from them as well so it’s a good thing yeah
feedback oh sorry I have a fan on you know I’m TV speaker on sometimes that
does that – oh no nothing else is just a computer you still can you secure it a
little bit but that’s alright we’ll move on it’s not that bad
one of the things that I know you and I have talked about this too is for
clients to really think about top five questions that someone has come to them
with so whether it be let’s go back to your example of suits are your suits
made of wool as an example if you get asked that a lot
chances are people are out there googling for wool suits and so you know
having the content around a wool suit might be really good for the website so
think I always have people list five questions and then make blog posts from
that or social media posts that’s a very good yeah that’s a I should do that
that’s yes less that’s how I started I believe one of the most questions that I
got asked as online marketer and I just went from there yeah you get asked a lot
I’m quite sure because our area what we’re in it’s always changing on top of
it and so even just keeping up with the changes is difficult for us it’s job
security but if you know that’s why that’s why people come to an SEO
specialist or social media is because we’re up on that yeah no one really has
the amount of time when I spend daily on this because there
weren’t your businesses right exactly exactly so that’s what makes it so
important so I’m gonna ask you a question I’m probably gonna stump you
with this so I apologize I’ll give you time to think there’s that new we just
kind of went through that whole thing and I don’t even know the name of it
it’s the where we have to identify that we use content on a website is that have
anything any type of a fact on SEO or is that like nothing related okay we have
to say that we’re using data oh that is a good question I don’t know that it
would really hurt SEO I know that we have to some some companies have to put
the cookie on their web sites but it’s usually for the year European yeah yeah
I noticed that it’s not for us but if you I learned if you are hosting not and
you with a US company that you do have to place that on your website but would
that like pop-up or pop-ups in general does that have anything to do was that
an issue with sei then I haven’t heard anything from my team because he I’ve
I’ve kept up in my my main SEO that he’s the one who keeps up on every little
thing he doesn’t say anything about that yeah I was just curious yeah usually
tells me some of the updates that we need to be watching for and isn’t
mentioned that one but I’ll you know I’m gonna ask him and I know yeah I’m sorry
to stump you on that it was just often that came to mind because I know a lot
of people are starting to see that yeah do you have any stories for us any SEO
stories yes a lot of stories okay yeah actually I think one this one that one
of my Barre clients now they were they weren’t online and she you got brought
into this a year ago now so they basically the owner didn’t believe about
being he was very very old-school so when he
brought us on board he didn’t believe in all line marketing so it was really I
had to prove to him like this is reunion to be so they do heavy equipment they
sell heavy rental heavy equipment and they rent it so within the first month
we we actually did a two-tier Anna campaign we’re doing SEO and
pay-per-click at the same time which I recommend for everyone if you have the
budget to do that but within the first month of doing SEO this was probably
three years ago so a lot has changed back then so we’re at the rank very
quickly so we got his page to rank within that first month basically Wow
and he got a client that paid six six figures for one of his products I don’t
threaten allure he sold it but he it took we went we went to his office he
told us oh yeah we just got this call in from Google basically and he sold a six
figure one of his heavy equipment for six figures and that just kind of made
from believer since well I could imagine that they may not can you know it cuz
it’s it’s big equipment so how would somebody really go and purchase that
online yeah so that was I was shocked that it happened because something is
selling six-figure item online like that and it works and it he made it give me
made him a believer so now we kind of expanded his services and yeah well I
know you weren’t shocked that it happened he was shocked it happened so
fast so fast yeah so nowadays I would be shocked if it happened because Google
has so many there’s so many updates from five years ago to now and it’s we’re
we’re really working within Google’s rules
unfortunately they make the rules and we have to follow the rules if you break
the rules then the website is penalized and that’s unfortunately how it is but
we work with the Google parameters where nowadays we’re seeing websites really
take three to six months to rank if they don’t have anything at all
yeah that’s what I wanted to ask you too because everyone thinks it’s the
internet everything is instant and so I should instantly sell and like you were
saying about that it happened in one or two months because especially since they
were at zero okay yeah it should have taken them a little
longer yeah to start ranking it so it looks like they started early before all
those Google started really cracking down I’m a lot of algorithms the
Penguins whatever those different algorithms so it was easier to rank back
then for those four keywords because he’s doing more regional not just local
today he’s doing more regional area so yeah it was it’s a great testimonial
actually yeah no and that’s what I was hoping you would bring to point and I
know even for social media again it does not happen overnight and yeah we’ve been
talking about another mutual client of ours and she has like over 20,000 people
on her Facebook page she hasn’t paid for anything now she’s been on for again
some time well over five years and it’s very
organic now but it takes a long time it’s consistency and continuing to yeah
yeah and she did blog post too so yeah it’s best a time that’s why if you have
the budget that’s always recommend starting with PPC and doing SEO at the
same time because I think they exist together
Oh PPC SEO and social media they all exist together and if you could do all
those at once or at least a couple of them you’re definitely ahead of most of
your competitors that are local to you I think though I I’m just gonna kind of
talk about real quick about how social media and SEO works and when we when I
work together as a team you have done all the research and you you’ve done the
hard part basically and you give me and my team keep the keywords and
then when we’re doing social media were mindful of those keywords that you’re
using so that now not only is it on their website but it is also on their
social media platform websites and so all of those things kind of work
together and can you explain just a little bit what what PPC it means or
stands for and yeah cuz we everyone’s at it
okay so PPC is a pay-per-click so Google Ads is pay-per-click which means every
time someone clicks on your web they go to you will go back to the suits if
someone you type in suits and you get that paper you get the ads on the top so
if you click on that ad you get you pay that person who placed ads pays however
much it costs for that click if it was a dollar – I’ve seen as much as like
thirty dollars like that’s a guy that’s like real
estate or financial you know so those clicks could be getting Fowler’s really
yeah thanks for like financial advisor or something yeah ouch it
it varies within Google also Google controls how much the cost per click
cost so basically every time you someone clicks on it they are paying for that
lead they’re paying for that that lead to go
to the website you know we definitely need to talk about that one in another
show because there’s so much with that – yeah yeah you can if you don’t know what
you’re doing you can easily just blow through your marketing budget I would
imagine yeah I’ve had a I have a client that they they had they were doing pay
per click for five years and we just started managing them three years ago so
before that they were doing it for like five years and they just set it up once
and then they didn’t touch it since so now luckily they put a budget on it they
put their budget so they weren’t going over their budget but they were wasting
a lot of money because they weren’t getting the right clicks to their
website and stuff like that so it just came in and optimized their their Google
Ads basically so that’s so the SEO can go right to the
pay-per-click section as well right yeah SEO and pay-per-click worked well
together because with SEO the Google wants to see like traffic coming to your
website new new blog content and make sure and then you want to make sure your
site is optimized meaning the site has those keywords that your target market
will be searching inside your website and backlinks so if you have PPC is the
PBC is or google ads pay-per-click is bringing in that traffic to your site so
it’s gonna help your SEO because you’re getting traffic to your site instantly
that makes sense I would say instantly but yeah it is basically what you start
on the ads campaign you’re getting traffic to your site if it’s set up
right so just put a recap yeah if someone has a website done and
and correct you know correctly designed they would
call you for SEO first correct yes I mean you can go in and really optimize
that website and then would you have a continual process with that or how does
that work yeah so when I have a new client they just they just want to do
SEO so okay good for the whole process okay the basically look at their website
make sure their website has no Google penalties or any issues with like mobile
if they have any issues if there are mobile friendly if they have penalties
or anything like that I will tell them to fix it before fixed fix those issues
before we do any SEO because if I started SEO and there’s all these issues
it’s not gonna help they’re just wasting their money or pay me for no reason so I
don’t I don’t feel comfortable with just taking someone’s money so I make sure
they fix all the issues before that and if they do have some penalties we will
go in and clean the website for them and remove some of the penalties remove
whatever issues they have and fix it so hopefully Google will flag it as okay
again the very rare occasions where we had
where a client had to get a whole new domain name because because it was just
flying so bad I don’t think that’s happened since I’ve been with the
company I think it was just bad SEO practice they had viruses just a bunch
of different things on their website a lot of there’s just so many different
things that were going on they were blacklisted by Google from
what I saw yeah but that rarely happened usually we could just clean it clean the
website remove any bad links and stuff like that so once we once we determine
that it’s all good that’s what I’ll do basically the
customer intake I’ll interview them find out who their target market is and I’ll
start doing keyword research keyword research is me finding the keywords that
their target will the target market we’re likely search on Google or online
and I’ll do some other competitor look at their competitors see what they do
see maybe see some of their keywords maybe we can use some of their keywords
for our for our campaign and once we determine the keywords everything then
we’ll optimize a site with those keywords and then from there if they
just want that that section then it’s just a one-time thing and the site is
optimized but if they go within our monthly that’s when we start building
backlinks to the site and making sure the site is constantly optimized making
sure all the blog posts that go out are optimized or whatever keywords they have
and so on so backlinks are basically a site
linking your their their website to yours
so if WebMD wrote an article about ear infections and your doctor client is at
your specialist he wrote maybe he wrote a blog about your infections web
aneesa’s article they they refer that article article that you wrote and it
creates a link to your site so that’s a backlink so we create we create
backlinks to sites so because that is one of the one of the things that Google
does look at is how many backlinks all quality backlinks you’re getting to your
site and that is our monthly maintenance yeah
nice that is fast but that was that stuff that’s the process that was the
process as a fast version yeah well thank you so much I’m gonna wrap this up
um great thank you how so how can they get ahold of you
again I’m gonna show them while you’re talking the website – um you can either
contact me through the website ideally just go my email is kori at digi-wave
dot-com that’s probably easier if you just email me directly I’ll give away to
any of you Jennifer’s listeners a 30-minute consultation I’ll look over
your website maybe give you some pointers or some things I see to maybe
help you improve spell that for me di GI w e awesome my my email is Cory Co
ry @ DG wacom noe awesome thank you so much Cory for your time I really
appreciate it oh you’re gonna have you on again so thanks Ari
talk soon thank you thank you I bye

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