How to Ace a Digital Marketing Job Interview
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How to Ace a Digital Marketing Job Interview

– You got this opportunity for this amazing digital marketing job, but you’re nervous, you’re stressed out. What are they gonna ask you? What should you prepare? What happens if something goes wrong and you don’t have the right answer? Will you lose the job? Will you get it? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m gonna teach you how to ace that digital marketing job interview. (light music) Before we get started,
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whether it’s on Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn, you’ll get notified. Question, have you ever applied
for a digital marketing job and been like, “Hey what
are they gonna ask me? “What do I need to know?” Well today, I’m gonna
teach you the exact things you need to know to do really well. Tip number one, give past examples. Look, if you’re going for an interview at a digital marketing
job and you can show that you’ve done amazing
stuff in the past, you’re going to be better off. If you don’t have examples of client stuff that you’ve done or stuff
that you did for other jobs or other companies, well what
you should consider doing in the short-run is
creating your own website. When you create your own website and you start doing experiments,
at least you can show that. That’s better than nothing else out there. Another tip, when you’re interviewing, look at the company you’re applying to. See how they could improve. Go into the interview being like, “Hey, are you open to suggestions? “Well, based on what I can
see, what you’re doing, “what your competition’s
doing, I would do one, two, “and three that’s different. “Have you tested these things out? “If so, what are the results?” And if you’re not sure to figure out what they’re doing versus what
their competitors are doing, check out tools like Ubersuggest. You can figure out all this
out for free on Ubersuggest by just putting in their URL,
shows you what they rank for, how much traffic they’re
getting, their competitors, all the stuff that you
need to give them advice, especially when it
comes to SEO perspective and a paid advertising perspective. The other thing, I hate it
when people interview with me and they use fancy words. Don’t try to use buzz words or fancy words to show that you’re smart. Tell me how I can fix stuff. If you can’t tell me how I
can fix stuff, I don’t care. And let’s go over some of
the most common questions. One, what is your experience
with digital marketing? If you can’t break down what you’ve done, whether it’s for someone
else or your own experience running your own website, you’re gonna have a tough
time getting the job. What are your qualifications? How do you learn digital marketing? You need solid answers for this. And typically, you want to focus. Your qualifications shouldn’t be you’re a jack of all trades. The market’s changing. People aren’t really
hiring jack of all trades. They’re hiring people who
specifically specialize in tactics like SEO, pay-per-click,
Facebook Advertising. Heck, we have people in my ad
agency, Neil Patel Digital, that just specialize in
Facebook Advertising. We have a whole different group of people that just specialize in Google AdWords. So it’s okay to specialize. Companies prefer that. And we tend to hire people who specialize versus generalists. Because the ones who specialize, yeah they may not be
able to do everything, but the things they do do, they’re gonna do a much better job at it. You also want to ask yourself, “Hey, what would you do
differently in that company, “in that marketing department?” Not just from tactical on the site, could be structurally. Whatever it may be, if
you can’t answer that, then you’re probably not gonna do too well in an interview. And it can’t just be some
general answers like, “Oh yeah, I would test out SEO, “I would test out content marketing.” Needs specifics. “Look, I noticed that
your competitors blog “on a lot of educational advice, “and based on this data that
I found from Ubersuggest, “they’re getting traffic and backlinks.” “But here’s the thing. “What they’re lacking in
their articles is A, B and C. “I think if we use Brian
Dean’s Skyscraper Technique “and we covered on these points, “we can outreach to all the
people who link out to ’em, “and here’s some of the
things that we can mention “in the outreach email to get those people “to link from our competitors
to link to our sites. “Then when we link to
people in our articles, “because I noticed when
you guys write blog posts, “you guys are barely linking to anyone, “but when we link out to
other players in the space, “we can email ’em, let
’em know, and ask them “to share our content.” Do you see how I went
really specific in that? That’s what people want to see when you’re being interviewed. You also are probably gonna be asked, what digital marketing tools do you use? How would you deploy
them if you got this job? How would you use them? You don’t want to give
generic answers like, “I use Google Analytics.” Everyone says they use Google Analytics. You need to get very
specific and actually show if you want to say, “I use Google Analytics,” you’ll be like, “Well I use Google Analytics
and I know you guys do too, “but have you guys been
checking out the cohort report? “I found that it’s one of
the most useful reports “in Google Analytics that no one looks at. “What a cohort report does is it shows you “how many people are continually
coming back to your site. “If they continually come back, “you’ll build a stronger brand. “If they don’t, you won’t
build a strong brand.” Those are the types of
questions people are gonna ask, and when you have answers to ’em, that’s how you ace your job. Now if you have specific questions related to questions that you may get answered in a digital marketing job interview, let me know below. I’ll answer it and hopefully
we can land you that job. Thank you for watching. Make sure you like this video, share it, subscribe to the channel.


  • Neil Patel

    Have you ever applied for a digital marketing job and been like, "Hey, what are they going to ask me? What do I need to know?" Say "yes" in the comments if you have.

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    cheers, Neil

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  • Kaylen Premchund

    Thank you Neil! All the way from South Africa, off topic,we are struggling to convince the older folk to shift to social media marketing or even incorporate it into their strategy! This will really help.

  • Aditya Upadhyay

    So much of your knowledge has already helped me in growing my skills and knowledge about digital marketing. I even got a job as a Social media manager. Thank you πŸ™‚

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    As long as i know, if i want to be digital marketing lead, i have to strong on all of the channels (seo, sem, etc)
    You think it’s wrong?

  • Jignesh Bhalsod

    Great tips, especially those about specialization and being specific on what would I be doing with a digital marketing tool rather than being generalized with the use that everybody does.

    Thank you very much Neil for your great work as it always guides us in the field of digital marketing.

  • Terhile Ikyo

    If I'm asked why I leaving my current industry to move to digital marketing, what should my response be?

  • N1D - Ottawa Digital Agency

    I am around a lot of businesses that are looking for digital marketing experts, but the biggest problem with the candidates is that they have absolutely no personality.
    Make sure you are confident and you have your own personality. Also, get dressed well when you go for the interview.

  • Akash Tamang

    Hey Neil, I have a question, I really want to get into digital marketing apprenticeship but their aren't that many in my local area (Bracknell,UK). Do u think I should apply to places like London where I know there are lots of digital marketing apprenticeships but I feel it will be very competitive? Any tips please? thank u πŸ™‚

  • Jonas Munnich

    Out of a sales perspective: I would go in and interview
    THEM instead (without being cocky though)

    I would try to figure what are they looking for in an employee
    and – Is it in alignment with my skills?
    If not – I have to disqualify them as an employer.

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    If we're outsourcing to outside marketers, should we ask them to do the job the way we do things, or let them do it their way as long as the results for the client is achieved?

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    Hi Neil, thanks for the informative and eye-opening video. Just wanted to clarify- even though you said the market is looking for specialists instead of generalists, ie. if we choose not to focus on FB marketing and be a specialist in another area of digital marketing, should we also go for the FB blueprint classes and get certified? Thank you

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    How to answer… where did u learn digital marketing from ??

    Actually I learned from an expert not from an institution

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    Neil you are Awesome. Thanks for giving your valuable knowledge and time. Thank u from bottom of my heart

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    Neil, what advice would you give to someone who is new to digital marketing and trying to land an entry level position within a year? I started a blog site, and am practicing some of the free/basic stuff but don't have the budget for paid ads and such. What would you recommend focusing on as a foundation to get started?

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    @neilpatel – Is it okay to take breaks between jobs? I have a 7 year digital marketing exp planning to take a couple of months break and focus on some personal things. This is also an opportunity for me to try and test out thngs on my blog thereby building a portfolio. What are your thoughts on this?

  • craig dewart

    We asked 100 SEO Managers the following questions:

    Do you prefer a simple CV template?

    88% answered yes.

    Does writing quality on a CV play a part in your decision to interview people?

    94% answered yes.

    Do you prefer a one-page CV?

    75% answered no.

    Do you expect someone to include a detailed cover letter?

    56% answered no.

    Is education more important than experience to you when hiring someone new?

    100% answered no.

    Are you more likely to interview someone with internship experience?

    20% answered yes.

    Do you find experience can be more relevant than a degree?

    94% answered yes.

    Is a passion for marketing crucial?

    20% answered no.

    Do you like people to include an interests/hobbies section?

    88% answered yes.

    Would you like to see people include their proficiency in marketing tools on their CV?

    94% answered yes.

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