How to ACTUALLY Learn SEO in 2020
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How to ACTUALLY Learn SEO in 2020


  • Nathan Gotch

    Thank you so much for watching! If you want to learn SEO 100x faster, check out Gotch SEO Academy โ–ถ๏ธ

  • Mike Syms

    Great points about starting your own site to get hands on learning as well as spending more time in action and less time consuming. SEO is a mixture of art form and science, you actually need to take action to create masterpieces.

  • SEO Tools TV

    Read a lot of SEO and digital marketing blogs, read one marketing book a week, listen to audio podcasts and watch loving YouTube channels every day. There are no other secrets of learning SEO )

  • Kandaman

    Great video, Nathan. I really liked the 3rd step about creating a side hustle. I mean what better way to actually LEARN SEO?
    You learn by doing. You can read all the books in the world on SEO, but if you don't actually spend time DOING it there's no point.

  • Nolan Rogers

    Iโ€™m my experience itโ€™s more likely that Iโ€™ll like and subscribe once you provide extreme value or do something out of your way that most youtubers wouldnโ€™t to save on time for example and then you can say like and I did this and flash it up and that is why you should like this video and then bam Iโ€™m hooked. Idk just a stoned thought might be worth giving a try or you could even keep your thing at the beginning and just incorporate that as well and see the results. Thanks man

  • Kazunori Nakazawa

    Hey Nathan! Another great video indeed! I am considering enrolling to Gotch SEO Academy this month. I already have a strong foundation of an SEO but what should I expect from your course? I am really interested because I also want to start my own agency. Your answer is really appreciated.

  • ben frankie

    Hey Nathan, Thanks for the great video. A quick question – If I already have a product page that needs to created by default for a product I want to sell on Woocommerce, and if I created a squeeze page for the same product separately, then I need to add a canonical tag to the product page or squeeze page? meaning do I need to try to rank the product page or the squeeze page?

    And from the home page menu, I need to add a link to the product page or a squeeze page?

    Looking forward to your advice!

    Many thanks!

  • The Seed of Life

    Wow! Thank you for sharing the information. You had mentioned its good to learn from others people's mistake, but to be honest there aren't many people (regardless of what niche they are in) will be honest and correctly educate or share their personal experience. I had to learn the hard way. We created a non profit website (side hustle) and the website is done and launched ( I hadn't realized creating a website is actually the easiest part, because SEO can be so confusing. Now I'm try to read and teach myself SEO and putting into action for this website. Thank you once again for haring and yes I am subscribing and want to learn a lot from you!

  • Franรงois Dumaine

    Hello! I have a question about the loading speed and the impact on the SEO. My website are not developped on WordPress. It's a custom website. I already use pingdom. But do you have any tool could be use to scan all the URL and website. As i know actually, SEMRush will flag the page slower then 4 sec. I see another thing on Screamfrog -> Response Time. If i'm right the response time will be only the time the server start to send the content. I don't know if it's could be a good indicator. The average are 0.4. I see some page have a response time at 1.4 sec. I think pingdom will show loading time before the page are available for the user. I'm right ?

    Let me know if you have an idea know i can test all the URL at same time and monitor this on the futur ?

    Thanks a lot

  • Debasish ghosh

    Hello sir, i just started a new blog about earn money online and posted 3 articles. I know getting organic trafic is hard for new blogs. so can you tell me what seo techniques i need to use to start getting trafic from google and if its link building then i am not sure someone will link to a new site. Please sir can you tell me what should i do???

  • Rick Anderson

    Im 55 now but when I was 17 yrs old I met another guy playing basketball who was also a world class close-up magician. We became best friends and I learned, first-hand, how to become an extraordinary close up performer ….not a world class magician….but awfully close….all in under 2 yrs. Had I just randomly tried to figure things out and read all the books he read to find that one single effective trick…it would have taken me 10+ years. I went on to become a superb street performer in Downtown Toronto making some much-needed money from crowds of 300+ outside the Eaton Centre on Saturdays and Sundays. "Much needed" money as I was living on my own while still in high school. The value to be had by having someone teach you someone (you really want to excel at) based on their own successful experience…and condensed and 'packaged' to up-and-comers cannot possibly be overstated. I believe you Nathan when you say you can shave years off the time required to be at the expert level.

  • William Plaud

    I just started doing my digital marketing learning. This is something I have been doing in the past when I created a website and wanted people to see it but never knew exactly how to get it perfectly noticed. I don't have a degree in this (AAS degree in Media Arts degree, could have gone for a Bachelors's, but health problems and depression set in).

  • Sheikh Somrat

    Nathan Gotch I started learning seo ! But Someone said it's not good option Seo future is totally maintained AI . What Do you think ? Please Give me Advice.I hope you response my comment,thanks . I Really appreciate your content I love it .Go ahead .From Bangladesh.

  • Yana Marie

    Hi Nathan, out of curiosity I need to ask this. Because, im creating my way to go back in web dev. Do you advise, mastering SEO first?

  • celestial cow

    thanks for the vid and info just a type you dont need to zoom in and out all the time its disorientating and off putting because its too much for no reason only use zoom to emphasize something. otherwise great vid

  • terran33

    This video is perhaps the most vital video on SEO – simple, basic, and fundamental. Thanks for making this as it is game changing.

  • micheal lee

    now that I understand how to get millions of targeted traffic without SEO… I hope going to a seo school in NYC work out for me so I can rank my site on page #1 for any keyword… What I do know about seo is if you can rank your video on page 1 on youtube you will rank easy on Google #1… YouTube is the number 1 power link going to your site… ive seen it with my own eyes.. shout out to alex becker that guy knows his shit lol

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