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How to add google webmaster on blogger || Blogspot || Rakesh Tech Solutions

So I’m activating my blogger Les Paul google webmaster So by those tips copy the blogger URL or website URL First copy the URL our website URL the website called slash Webmasters slash webmasters The login will be possible only for using with Gmail only not for all emails they using with only fer Gmail click first sign in you The option call is add a property The option call is area property Here this is calling to option one is called mobile apps and app indexing per per second who is the website Why everything is website copy the URL my blog URL? on the text box Along with the website option is a webs option and can copy by my blogger the Sun text to boss click for ad The option call is alternate method here select option police alton method The adoption valleys other method in this option Polly sent by HTML tag In deselect by HTML type copy the stream L tag Go to blogger dashboard The option call is in You The option called edit HTML I Just AM L. Copies are polled by the hit attack. It does open and Close where the throw will be done some optional pieces 677 here Is a basic HTML here so basically here click for sale theme Whole copy by your google webmaster You go to where blogger dashboard option police team lipfird edit HTML Code will be placed by your adult path Open and close the open and close click for safety you After save the google webmaster code go to google webmaster option Click first verify Look for ratify Now your option will be very far you see it again will be successfully verified here You


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