How To Add Your LinkedIn Company Page to HootSuite
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How To Add Your LinkedIn Company Page to HootSuite

Hi, I’m Tim Priebe with T&S Web Design in
Oklahoma City. If you’re a HootSuite user, it may interest you to know that HootSuite
recently added the ability to update your company’s LinkedIn page. Let’s go ahead and
take a look at how to set that up and actually send updates through your HootSuite account
to your LinkedIN Company page. So from the the HootSuite site, we’ll go up here to the
top, and once we hover over our icons, this drops down, and we have the option to add
a social network. We ar egging to go to LinkedIn, and connect with LinkedIn. It’ll pop our window
up here, click on continue, we had already logged in to LinkedIn for that, then it lists
all of our different groups, our account, and our pages here. So we’ll go down to the
bottom, one of our companies, and click on plus. And well say Finished Importing. We’ll
go ahead and send a test message up here now. And over here on the right side, we can see
that it has our profile picture and that the linked in icon on the bottom right is kind
of a brownish color. We’ll click on that to check it, send now, and if we switch back
over here to our page we can see right here that we are now updating our linked in page
through hoot suite. and that’s all there is to it. for more educational videos like this,
subscribe to our channel, and you can visit us online at


  • Aimee Ward

    When I try to add Social Media to my feed (LinkedIn in this case), I get the message YOU MUST SIGN IN AND ALLOW HOOTSUITE TO CONNECT WITH LINKEDIN. I am signed in to both and can't find any way around this. Am I missing something?

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