How to Add Your WordPress Site to Google Search Console
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How to Add Your WordPress Site to Google Search Console

Do you need to add your website to
Google Search Console? Well keep watching in this video I’ll walk you
through how to get your site up and running on Google search console. One of
the best resources that Google has supplied us with is something called the
Google Search Console it used to be called Google Webmaster and they have
recently renamed it to Google search console so you’ll hear both of those
terms used sometimes. So if you’re ready Let’s get started.
The first thing you want to do is you want to make sure that you have a Google
account and that you’re logged in. Once you’ve logged into your Google account
head over to and we need to add our
website so we’ll do this we’ll go to the drop down here and we’ll add property
and click on add property. Once you’re taken to this screen just type in the
address of your website and add property once you add the site then you need to
verify ownership and you don’t necessarily have to verify that you own
it but just that you have administrative access to the website. They give you a
recommended method but let’s look at the alternative methods. The one that we’re
looking for is we actually want to just add the HTML tag so I’m going to click
on that and we’ll need to copy this information. So I’m going to highlight it,
right click, and copy. Now we need to go to our website’s dashboard. From the
dashboard let’s head over to plugins because we want to add a new plugin so
let’s go to plugins, add new, and under the search area let’s search for insert
headers and footers. It’s a very simple plugin that is created by WPBeginner.
This is the one we want so let’s click install now. Once it’s installed go ahead
and activate it and this just gives you a really simple and easy way to add code
to verify things on your site. So now that it’s here we can go under settings
go to insert headers and footers and that bit of code that we copied
let’s go to the header area, right click, and paste. Now that’s here we can save
that. Settings have been saved so we’ve added it successfully to our site. Now a
second method you could use to add this piece of code to your site is by using a
plugin that you probably already have installed and that’s by
using the Yoast SEO plugin. To connect your site with search console using the
Yoast plugin head over to your dashboard, go down to SEO, click dashboard, from here
we have a tab up here called webmaster tools. When we click on that we have
three different webmaster tools we can connect to. We want to connect the Google
search console so we’ll just click into this area, right click, and paste that bit
of code. Once we do that we can click Save Changes and for either of the
plugins that you use the next step will be the same. We can head back over to the
search console area, scroll down, and we want to click verify now. It’ll go
through and if it sees the code then you have been verified and now it’s added to
the site. Now we can click continue and it’s actively on our site. It will take a
couple of days for the data to show up here so you’ll want to come back in a
couple of days and you can start seeing the performance of your website. Did you
learn something from today’s video if so subscribe to our YouTube channel and
we’ll send more helpful tips to help you manage your WordPress website and thanks
for watching.


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