How to Avoid SEO Scams
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How to Avoid SEO Scams

hey what’s up guys Jase over here
Marketing hi and today we are gonna discuss SEO which is also known as
search engine optimization and the reason why is because a lot of
businesses this is where they blow a lot of their money this is where they get
the phone calls I get tons of them I’m sure you do of hey people are gonna rank
you on page 1 of Google and reality is the likelihood of you getting there it’s
pretty difficult takes a lot of time money expertise to get there and I
stress that over and over it takes time money and expertise to win at online
marketing but let’s go over SEO and then I’m actually gonna do something a little
different here I’m gonna jump over onto my computer and I’m gonna show
you what it takes to rank a page I’ll show you something that I’ve done and so
good it’ll give you a good idea of what you need to do but first off couple
things so SEO stands for search engine
optimization very first thing you need to do is make
sure you have good what’s called lock page you need to have the right keywords
being used I’m gonna show you that and then you need to make sure that your
website is submitted up to webmaster tools which I’m also going to show you
and then on top of that you need what’s called backlinks now the hard part about
backlinks is right now backlinks work tomorrow they may not Google could
switch the rules and that’s the hard thing about SEO is today you could be
ranked tomorrow you might not you could put in a ton of money and effort and
tomorrow it could all be gone because Google changes the rules that’s happened
to me before so just watch out for that but here’s a good example of what
your page should look like if you want to rank for a certain keyword you need
to make sure that you’re using that keyword all throughout the page and then
these keywords need to be what’s called a title tag so what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna jump over to my computer screen right now I’m gonna show you how
it works give you some ideas that way you either know what you’re doing or you
can talk to the company who’s doing your search engine optimization and you could
talk to them and make sure they are doing these things okay so I’m gonna
show you exactly what it takes to rank so very first thing you want to do is
figure out what’s the keyword that you want to rank for so in my situation I
wanted to rank for video marketing services
that was the keyword so if you type in video marketing services hit enter on
Google you can see that there’s 1 billion searches you got some ads up
here I’m out I’m also running an ad for this but then you go down here to the
search engine side and you can see that I’m in number-two position okay now that
is a kind of a big deal because this is a very competitive keyword so if you
click on this page got it let’s take a look at what I’ve done
so very first thing is my header one tag is video marketing services and then you
can see I use the keyword video marketing consultants okay I have an
image here that’s a video marketing checklist then I have YouTube channel
which has to do with video video marketing on page YouTube video
marketing services so I’ve used the keyword here again keep going down and
you’ll notice the content create custom video campaigns I’ve used a
combination of video video marketing video services YouTube and then you keep
going down and then all these are different type of what’s called header
one header two header three tags you want to have your original header one
tag and what I mean by that is if I jump over here onto my source this is what
Google reads if I find my h1 right here
h1 video marketing services okay if I look for my h2 okay I got 12 of those
why use video video marketing university so and you can see I use that where’s
the video marketing universe right here this is a header2 this is a header2 and then I have backlinks going out I have videos about video marketing
video marketing process and I got a lot of content on here okay and that’s how
you’re gonna rank a page if you really want to do well you need to create a
page like this and then the next step is you’re gonna go out and get backlinks
that means you’re gonna get other websites to link to this page
and that is the way you’re gonna win at SEO hey so I hope that helped with your
search engine optimization just know that it does take time it takes kind of
expertise and some keywords you’re not gonna be able to rank for you’re never
gonna get to that page one okay so if you have questions always reach out to
us you can follow us here if you’re on YouTube Instagram Facebook follow us
like us we’re always putting out videos like this almost once every other day
hope to help and that’s it comment questions anything you need let us know
keep marketing peace


  • Dale Corner

    No. Back links no longer matter. In fact they matter so little that they are pointless and are now called, "web spam". The crawlers ignore interior pages and "content" and look first at the submitted page, more submitted pages means the crawler has more to go on and therefore has a harder time making a decision which ends in "lower rank", the algorithm which receives the data ends up with the same issue, ending in, "lower rank". The algorithm chooses, not you or anything you do with the exception of target content and target submission. Number of pages does not matter, back links do not matter, blogs do not matter, keyword jamming does not matter. SEO, does not, matter. It hasn't since the algorithm change in 2012. is the first page of google, using made up jargon is nothing more than an attempt at confusion based deceit. THE, END! Its over, stop selling it, its a scam, its over.

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