How to Become an Affiliate Marketer: $100 – $200 a Day Method
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How to Become an Affiliate Marketer: $100 – $200 a Day Method

how to become an affiliate marketer and
make 100 to 200 dollars every single day this is exactly what I’m going to show
you in this video full step-by-step strategy all you need to do is just
implement every step of this video what’s up everybody
my name is Greg Kononenko you might also know me as the caffeinated blogger on
this YouTube channel I put out regular video is dedicated to making a full time
income online so that you can have a better future for yourself and your
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first of all let me show you some proof so that you can see how well this
actually works so I’m just going to log into my jvzoo account and as you can see
here if I scroll down and just make this a little bit bigger you can see that
yesterday I made one hundred and fifty three dollars and thirty-five cents in
my jvzoo account in total my lifetime earnings here in jvzoo as you can see
I’m about to cross one hundred and fifty thousand internal commissions plus I
have made over ninety four thousand dollars on another affiliate Network
where Plus and I do lots of affiliate marketing on a lot of other platforms as
well plus I regularly get messages just like what you can see here people who I
show these to and they try it and they get results you can see that this person
here says they made their first two sales ever on jvzoo with this method
okay so how does this actually work let me give you an outline of exactly what
you’re going to be doing before we go into the step-by-step process I am now
here on man Chad calm and man chai is website that lists all of the upcoming
products that will go on sale in the future so this is a product launch
calendar and as you can see it says all launches and then you can see how many
products are being launched every single day so for example on the 3rd of October
there are these four launches Android areas promos Eric hammer unstoppable
jonah na’vi and jamie lewis now this next part is very important so I just
want to make sure that you understand how this actually works whenever one of
these products goes live in the marketplace and gets opened for sale
there are going to be hundreds of affiliates with email lists who will
be sending emails to their email lists to their subscribers and saying this
product has just gone live tube chard it does XYZ it helps you you know make
better videos will do whatever it is that it’s going to be doing so click
here to buy it they’re going to be promoting this product okay and each of
these launches is going to make hundreds probably thousands of sales you know
they might sell two three four five thousand in just one week and so there’s
going to be this massive influx of emails to all of these email subscribers
it’s going to be talked about on social media and people will be doing this
there will be thinking okay I mean to be charged that actually sounds pretty good
so one of these tube charge yep that actually sounds pretty good but I want
to read a review before I buy it I actually want to read a review about to
charge so they’re going to put in tube charge review like this and as you can
see there are lots of reviews so they’re actually reviews on YouTube there are
reviews here on the first page okay dupe charge review tube charge review tube
charge review and as a person who is potentially interested in tube charge
I’m going to read some of these reviews most likely so I’m probably going to go
here and I’m going to take a look at it and I’m going to read the review think
whether it actually makes sense for me or not because I’d like more information
and guess what if I like everything that I can see here I’m going to click on one
of these buttons for example it says learn more about this product okay and
that here is an affiliate link so in other words if I click this you can see
that this will open up the sales page of the product via an affiliate link of the
person who runs this website so someone built glenn
they posted this review and they’re an affiliate of this product to be charged
okay and so if i buy this now after i click this button if i buy this product
now then the owner of reviewer is going to get paid a
commission as you can see tube charge is thirty seven to forty seven dollars so
roughly you know this person is going to make about a twenty dollar Commission
just for having his website ranked here on page one and they’re going to pick up
dozens of sales you know if this product is popular they’re going to have a lot
of people who are going to be coming in and reading the review and buying
clicking that buy button and actually buying through this affiliate link and
the owner of Glenn review calm is going to be making all of those sales all of
these Commission’s generate the Commission’s is fifty percent as you can
see 50 percent of 37 plus there are going to be upsells so this one page is
for this one product is likely to make hundreds possibly over a thousand
dollars to this person and I’m going to show you this exact strategy step by
step in just a second here but essentially I’m going to be teaching you
how to make your pages rank on page one for all of these products that are
listed here and how to kind of ethically you know use the traffic that’s
searching for reviews bring it onto your page and convert them into cells so step
one to all of these is to find a great offer to promote I recommend for you to
use manche manche com seems to be the place where all of the people who are
launching products in the software internet marketing traffic and SEO space
they all seem to be listing their products here in mannchild calm the next
important thing is to look for a product that is launching in about ten to
fourteen days from now why is that well simply because as you’ve just seen it’s
just too late to promote a products that are launching today or tomorrow
because it will take you some time to get everything set up and you need about
10 to 14 days to do that as you can see for tube charge there is already a lot
of competition here on page one there are lots of people that have already
made these reviews and it’ll be a little bit harder for you to instantly kind of
get onto page one of Google however if we scroll down a little bit further down
you will be able to see for example this launch here on the 10th of October
Glencore ski viral news jacket and let’s check if there is anybody
ranking for viral news jerky yet okay so just done a search for viral
news jacket and as you can see there is one website on the first page of Google
here that’s ranking for viral news jacket review and guess what there is
nobody else there are no other reviews all of the other results here on page
one are not related to viral news jogger and if I search for viral news jacker
review in quotes like this you will see that there is only still one result just
this website daily job killer com now that is amazing news because if you
created a piece of content let’s say yesterday or the day before about viral
news jackal review any kind of content on any kind of website if your website
even is brand new if your website has no backlinks okay
it’s just a brand new page with just one piece of content you would be here on
page 1 for that term because simply there is no competition right now now
the other cool thing here is and it’s important to keep that in mind is if you
are one of the first sources on the internet that publishes a particular
piece of information you tend to stay towards the top of page one because you
were the original person who actually published that piece of content even if
your site is brand new I just want to stress that because a lot of you who are
watching this probably don’t even have your own website yet and that’s okay I
will show you in a second where a resource where how you can create that
website but basically if your website is brand new you can still be here on page
one and you can be getting this traffic and you can be making these affiliate
sales so it’s it’s a unique opportunity this particular one it’s totally open
now the next step in choosing a great affiliate offer once you’ve kind of
found a potential one like you just you know go about 10 to 14 days ahead and
let’s say you’re thinking okay let’s look at Glynco skis viral news Jirka ok
the next step is to vet this vendor and to check their previous history to
actually see if they have made significant numbers of sales before
because if all of their launches tend to do just a hundred sales or 200 sales
that means that there’s not going to be this huge buzz
that we’re really relying upon you want to pick out launches that have had at
least a thousand sales by these vendors in the past because that means that this
launch is probably going to be big and it’s going to have a lot of people going
onto the internet and looking for the reviews all right we want launches that
will generate that huge amount of buzz so how do you actually do this okay
you will need to check this vendor on the platform where they are launching so
what you can do is right click this open in new tab and you will see what is
called a JV page now JV page is joint-venture page or basically I feel
it information page and this is where you can get a lot of information about
the upcoming launch pretty much everything that you need to know but the
thing that I want to show you is this claim your warrior plus affiliate link
so most of these launches are actually on warrior plus or JV zoo there are some
one other platforms but like 90 percent are on jvzoo and warrior plus and
whether it’s JV zoo or where I plus what you want to do is click this something
that says get your affiliate link so you can actually apply to become an
affiliate and that will open up the platform in this case it’s warrior plus
if you’re not a member then go ahead and register it would be the same if it was
JV zoo you would just go ahead and register for the platform and then take
a look at the vendor so here you can see vendor warrior deals like this so you
will now want to check previous launches by where a deals and see what kind of
sales volume they have generated so let’s copy this and let’s go into a fill
it offers and let’s double check their previous launch history so over here on
the vent or name you just want to paste that for what you saw on the previous
page and click search and as you can see just make this a little bit bigger for
you but as you can see this vendor where our deals have had two launches in the
past that generated one thousand plus sales so that means that this particular
vendor on this launch on the viral news launch is also likely to generate a lot
of buzz and a lot of sales so this is something that you possibly might want
to implement my method with now the other thing that happens sometimes this
vendor here is sometimes you can’t find any information with this vendor name
because sometimes these vendor nicknames are made for just this one Lodge so
there may be no previous launches with this vendor nickname so in this case you
should come here and do a little bit more sort of due diligence as you can
see on my try it actually says vendor gleam Koski so you might want to search
for glean on Facebook a lot of marketers use Facebook fourth as their promotion
mechanism these days so generally you can find them on Facebook and once you
find them you can open up their feed and you can scroll for their feet because
they you know people who launch products regularly they will put out a lot of the
propaganda sort of thing on their Facebook feed and you can see that just
on September 27th so about a week ago he posted the results of his previous
launch and his previous launch actually made 4,300 sales so that’s just another
way for you to do research just in case you can’t find any previous history here
on warrior + JV zoo so based on this you know his previous launch did 4300 sales
he can probably blow up this launch as well and there’s going to be tens of
thousands of people out there once this goes live on the 10th of October there’s
going to be tens of thousands of people out there searching for viral news
jacker review and right now as you can see there’s only one website alright so
this is actually a great opportunity for you guys if you act on this today
tomorrow you can still most likely profit from this when these guys live
next week now as you go in through these let’s say if for whatever reason you
couldn’t find any previous proof of Glynco skis launch then you would just
go ahead and scan through others you would look at Tiffany Lambert’s in
exactly the same way then same man then Renae holes etc just kind of screen them
and try to pick one that is likely to make at least 1,000 sales when it goes
live step number two is to request access to the product let’s use this
launch as an example so this Glynco ski viral news jacket so let’s open this up
in a new tab and then scroll down to find the JV page and open that JV page
and he generally you will find contact
information for the vendor as you can see on the JV page here it says DME for
JV doc access bonuses anything else so if you scroll down to the very bottom
you will generally find the contact information for everyone who is involved
in this launch there is contact info here for gleaned for area landfill a
usually you will find either Skype or Facebook or email or some other kind of
way to contact the vendors and you need to get review access so that you can
actually prepare your review of the product so the next thing for you to do
is to add all three of these vendors on skype so you will get their skype
handles from the JV page and send them a message that is similar to this I’ve
drafted something for you guys that you can use obviously adapt it a little bit
and the main thing is that you want to appear professional and non spanning
because these guys will be getting I know from my experience because I used
to launch products on jvzoo and where Plus these guys are going to be getting
two three four hundred affiliate applications and it just gets
overwhelming and a lot of the people who apply are trying to scam the vendors for
Commission’s okay so if they don’t know you yet then you want to appear
professional and you want to appear understanding and you want to be okay
with delayed commissions so put in any relevant information here I said I would
like to promote I don’t have any previous sales however you need to
insert some kind of a mitigation so for example you can say however I have
experience in sales on other platforms for example if you do okay you might
want to say that an alternative thing would be to say however I’m currently
studying affiliate marketing or I’m working on a course where I’ve watched
you know I’m watching videos on YouTube I’m learning I’m doing something and I
plan to get traffic to your launch from ranking my website for related search
terms something like that and then you need to say I understand I have no
history so delay commissions are totally fine because oftentimes what happens
scammers are asking for instant commissions on where plus because we’re
Plus does offer instant commissions and what the scammers will do they will try
to get instant commissions and then there will refund the fraudulent
purchase so they’re trying to put the out of their money that way now with
delay Commission’s all it means is that you will get paid after about 30 or 40
days which is not a big deal so put together a nice message you can use this
as a template or for some ideas and send them to all three of these guys so send
it to Glyn to Ariel and to me if you don’t hear it one or two days follow up
be persistent but be polite because these guys are busy and they don’t know
you the next step step three is to prepare and publish your review in
essence what you’re trying to do just to recap is you trying to rank here on page
one and right now there’s only one one website ranking for viral news jacker
review so you want to create a website that will ultimately look like this kind
of review website then a job killer so just something very simple like this you
can see there is nothing fancy about this website it’s just a normal website
now if you don’t have a website yet that’s totally okay check the link in
the description I’ve got a video that will show you step-by-step how to set up
a website exactly like the one I just showed you before and how to start
making money with this website also you can just click the card here in the
corner that will take you to that video now
guys creating the actual review is up to you everyone has got their own style
however if you want a little cheat sheet so to speak then this is what I normally
put in my reviews I put a little bit of a hook so would you like to create
videos that get you traffic 24/7 or something like that then you describe
who is this product for how does it work what is included and then generally I
try to add some bonuses as you can see this review that is currently ranking on
daily job killer has got a similar structure so it’s got the name what is
viral news jerker whoa who is this for main features they also describe the
funnel so what are the upsells and then he has got some section here to add a
bonus but for some reason nothing is actually coming up here is another
example from one of my websites that that’s hustle calm you can follow these
kind of format as well so I’ve got that hooked we need targeted traffic then I
have my video review generally as well because a lot of people like to watch
video then I write the extra review itself so what does it do where does the
traffic come from how does it help you what do I think about it and then I’ve
got my boy link so you can see this is where I put the actual affiliate link
gonna show you in just a second where to get your affiliate link then I’ve got
some pricing information and I’ve also got some bonuses so if I tell them if
you buy a WP video machine Pro by my link you will also get those bonuses and
then I’ve got the listing of bonuses as well as another by link just underneath
it all now you’ll want your main keyword to be in the title so here WP video
machine review you want that to be in the title because that’s the keyword
that you’re going after you can see that this website has got that in the title
as well viral news jacker review it’s very important because that tells Google
what your page is actually about now you also want to scatter your keyword viral
news jakka and viral news jacker review in a few more places throughout your
article another tip is you can also install a plug-in called Yoast SEO it’s
completely free to use and it will help you optimize your content for search
engines that’s the plug-in that I use so you will give it a focused key phrase in
your in this case here the focused key phrase of course would be viral news
jacket reviews you would give it a focused key phrase and it will actually
tell you under SEO analysis it will tell you what kind of things you need to do
to make sure that you have a high chance of ranking on page one for that keyword
now the other marketer who does a brilliant job with reviews is Mark gray
from the wolf of online marketing is a great guy and a great marketer and very
good with ranking for reviews so you can look at any of the reviews on his
website and kind of you know learn about how to actually create these product
reviews how to structure and what to put into them if you search for any of the
products that he has reviewed for example rank snap 2.0 review if I search
for that generally the wolf of online marketing some margrave’s website is in
the top three so he’s a great guide to learn from as well now as you can see
even in max review towards the very bottom he actually offers the bonuses
here that brings us to the next stage how do you actually add the
and where do you get them there are different options so option one is
actually often the vendors will provide some bonuses that the affiliates can use
for the promotion so you can see here for example Glenn Koski says DM me so
send me a message for JB doc access bonuses etc so they already will have
bonuses that you can use so as you contact them once they reply to it and
once they approve you you can ask for bonuses just ask them do you have any
bonuses that I can use for my promotion the next place we can get bonuses is you
can see if there are any peeler products with giveaway rights so if you just
scroll through and look at the resources there are many places where you can
actually get them for free just get some PLR products that already have giveaway
rights and sometimes you can buy them for a dollar or even download them for
free an idea number three for a bonus is to create your own so they don’t have to
be anything crazy for example on my grades website if I scroll down some of
the bonuses he’s actually offering 49 must learn sorry
must no freelancing sites so you can create your in simple PDF with something
like ten best places to get royalty free images or ten best highest paying
affiliate programs you know something that just has value and something that
is unique that often turns out to be really good bonuses as well going back
to the example of my website that’s hustle calm this review that I did for
WP video machine as you can see here I’ve got a mixture of my own bonuses as
well as the owners is that the vendors have provided to me so they gave me
resellers license they gave me WP left behind so that’s all of them
bonus bonuses that they gave me and some of my bonuses are here at the top 5 of
my own case studies now let’s go back to the actual structure of this so your
bonuses generally should be listed at the bottom and you will have links here
the by links ok each of these by links as you are creating it in your WordPress
editor just in case you kind of new to the whole WordPress thing so let me just
create this in front of you sir you will type in a text something
similar to this click here to buy WP DVD video machine plus get my bonus
generally I Center it I generally make it a heading 2 or heading 3 so that it’s
nice and visible this and then I make it a blue color or
some other color that’s visible and then once again I select this text and I
insert go insert edit link so that will hyperlink it and to get your link you
literally just go into this JV page and it will have something that says get
your affiliate link here okay so here at the top it says claim your warrior Plus
affiliate link and after you’re approved you’ll see something like this your
affiliate link is so you can just copy link address and then you paste that URL
in here and after you do this that will become a clickable link on your web page
now how do you actually then make sure that whoever buys through your link
actually gets all of these bonuses well I use a very simple process I just
create a Google Doc and I say thanks for buying XYZ product and then at least all
of the bonuses and I just list all of the excess URLs so generally the vendor
will send you their the URLs to access the bonuses or you can once you create
your own bonuses or you buy your bonuses you know upload them somewhere either to
Google Drive or somewhere else and then you will have access links just paste
them all into the Google Doc and then click share on this Google Doc click
copy and then insert it under warrior pass but jvzoo actually has got the
exact same feature in the place where you are getting your affiliate link you
need to click link details and that will provide you with something called buy a
bonus URL so you would just insert that Google Doc image in here and basically
we’re a plus and jvzoo they take care of bonus deliveries so if somebody buys
through your link when they get into the where Plus customer area to actually
access that product they will be able to download that link from there you don’t
need to do anything it all gets delivered automatically via wear plus
jvzoo for you all right now on to step 5 how do you actually scale and grow this
now this whole method as you guys already understand is to create a
website that will be ranking for various review search terms can now review
search terms of course bring your very targeted visitors you generally can
convert you know as as much as like one out of every
10 out of every 10 visitors who lands on your page and the idea is that you need
to publish several of these per week generally maybe one or two or three per
week it depends how much time you can actually commit to this and overtime
you’re going to get a stronger website and you’re going to be getting more and
more traffic and you’re going to be making more and more sales because each
of these pages will continue getting your traffic and you need to come back
to mine chai and basically repeat the whole process every every week for
several of these launches so the number one way to scale and grow this is of
course to publish more reviews because each of these pages is likely to get you
hundreds to thousands of dollars just per page for each of these pages that
you actually create and rank number two is to build links now having links to
your website is not required for this method I just want to make it clear you
don’t need to build links to be successful with this method because we
are targeting keyword terms that don’t have any competition so if your website
is brand new and you don’t have any backlinks to your website from other
sites that’s totally fine however if in the future you want to start reviewing
some other products that have got a little bit more competition it’s a good
idea to build backlinks okay if you’re gonna commit to this and you like this
business model then over time you should start building backlinks to your website
to increase its popularity and to rank for some keywords with higher
competition I’m gonna put a card here as well as a link in the description that
will tell you about some of the ways that you can use to build links to your
site the next way to scaling growth is to promote evergreen offers here is what
I’m talking about a lot of these launches they will have an initial
influx of people who are super interested in it okay and you will get
them to your site you will make some sales during the first one or two or
three weeks of the launch and then that buzz will kind of die down for that
keyword search alright and that’s why you need to continue making more and
more of these pages however what I’m talking about with evergreen offers is
promoting offers and writing reviews for offers and for products that constantly
get a certain amount of so here is something to illustrate my
point Bloggie is a product that my business partner Stefan ciencia and I
launched a little while ago and you can see that the interest for Bloggie review
all right it peaked when we first launched it so that was in September
2018 there was a lot of interest and a lot of
people were searching for blogger review and then it’s gone down you know there’s
been a few kind of blips of interest to our review over time now let’s compare
this to active campaign review active campaign review is an evergreen email
marketing tool and if we run the comparison you can see that the interest
for active campaign is ongoing so there are always people searching for it so
any page that you put up and you manage to rank for this kind of a term that is
a tool that is you know ongoing use there is always interest for it you will
be able to make ongoing consistent sales so that’s exactly what I’m talking about
when I’m saying that you can start promoting this evergreen offers on your
review site I hope you enjoyed this video in which I showed you how you can
become an affiliate marketer and how you can start making these hundred to two
hundred dollars a day if you like this video then click the subscribe button
just below this video and take that Bell notification icon to make sure you never
miss my future videos I’ll put a couple of videos here for you that I think you
should watch next and that I think you’re really going to like my name is
Greg Kononenko it’s great to see you on the caffeinated blogger YouTube channel
and I’ll see in the next video


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