• WildCard Journeys

    Mr. Schmoyer,
    That was a great video and I've been a subscriber for some time now. I believe I may be implementing tags incorrectly on my videos so, two questions:
    (1) I usually enter the hashtag symbol at the beginning of each word (* "#tarot". "#howtoreadtarotcards'). Is this helping or hindering my efforts?
    (2) in the compound tags, I've been running the words together, as you can see in the example above. It feels like a dumb question, but should I separate the words instead?
    As always, any advice you could offer would be very appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • ู‡ูŠูุงุก ู„ู„ุตุญุฉ ูˆุงู„ุฌู…ุงู„

    thanks for this video
    i want to ask you what is program is used for create video

  • shahankit - clash of clans

    Hello sir can you help me what I use
    In title :- for clash of clans bowler attack
    And what I use for description :-
    And what I use for tags can you please help me and reply you can see my video only some video rank some time up I think my only 5% up other not so can you please help me and send what I write and what was wrong in my discretion

  • Jaclyn Wood

    Hey, Schmoyer!
    So I just recently posted a new video 3 days ago called HOW TO // 3 Vegan Blended Coffee Drinks.
    I looked up Blended Coffee in youtube's search engine and didn't find my video nor any other [NEW] videos. Not to mention all the video had Frappuccino in the title (which I didn't feel comfortable using since it's a trademarked word)

    When I filtered for videos in the last week, mine still didn't show on the first page even though some of the videos were 5 days old and only had 29 views to my 24 in 3 days.
    In my opinion, my thumbnail is far more styled, appealing,ย clean and consist than the others in this search.

    Also here is my meta description and meta tags:
    <meta name="description" content="3 delicious vegan blended coffee drinks, more commonly known as Frappuccinos. I prefer soy milk but you can use any non-dairy milk for these coffee drinks. B…">

    <meta name="keywords" content="Frappuccino, Java Chip, Caramel, Caramel Mocha, Blended Coffee, Caffeine, Drinks, Toffee, Frappe, Fudge, Dark Chocolate, Coffee with Milk, vegan blended coffee">
    Do you have any suggesting on what I need to change??

  • Its The Best In Wrestling

    Even thought I put relevant tags my videos aren't getting to many veiws as of now, until my channel gets bigger my tags aren't going to get me a lot more views than I'm getting

  • Progressive Chiropractic

    Tim, First off, thank you so much for all the great content you put out. You've helped me tremendously in my YouTube journey.

    My question is in regards to default tags. I am a Chiropractor, and more specifically a NUCCA Chiropractor. I've been putting out a video a day for 35 days in a row now, and plan to do 1/day for a year. I hope to improve these 1 minute or so clips as I go along.

    I have many words and terms that I would like to either rank for or be found for, that are commonplace in my practice and what I do, however some videos may not actually pertain to the default tags that I've set up. Because I'm not always talking about Chiropractic. For example I did a video on the importance of drinking plenty of water, but one of my default tags is "proper spinal healthcare" because that's the majority of what I do. So can I leave these in there when I do a health topic video but not a Chiropractic topic? Or will I get dinged by YouTube because it's not in that particular video. Sorry for the long post and thanks for the response if you get around to it!!

    Thanks so much again for all you do!!

  • BeautiCo.

    I just came across this video and the tips that you have given seem legit and would definitely try these for my channel…
    Thanks a lot:D

  • Mischief Gaming

    Hey does your book really work? My channel has hit a wall sort to speak and my growth has just slowed so much im losing more subscribers/views. Im losing about 2-3 subs a day now if your book really can help i will buy it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mark Gilmore Productions

    Thank you for all of the advice that you give to help small channels like mine. I still have a lot of ground to cover and with your videos I can do so.

  • Gary Tichansky

    Great video yet again!! Always looking to incorporate the information found here into my own videos/channel. Keep up the great work!! ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป

  • sweater god ใ‚นใ‚ฆใ‚งใƒ„ใƒˆ

    My biggest question is, as of Jan 1 2017 are tags better used with a lot, or least amount?

  • Tatiana Mckeen

    With so many videos on the web….finding a way to best optimize is a must!…Thank you for all your tips ๐Ÿ˜€

  • MAINEiac Grammie's Homestead

    Thank you I'm new and want to start a channel..I got a name and will start tomorrow I think.. Wish me luck God Bless

  • Fowler's Makery and Mischief

    hi my name is Fowler im on History channels newest season of Alone should i add my name to my YouTube title to make it easyer to find me?

  • Fashion Husky

    Your so helpful I always love your end message about messages being heard.
    I have always wanted to end or decrease cryber bullying. People commit suicide because of it and I was cyber bullied on my 1st YouTube channel. Now I am remaking a new channel with a mask to speak out against cyber bullying. Hoping with your tips I can get more subscribers and get the message out! Thanks again!!

  • NOLA GospelTracts

    Why do my tags keep disappearing. I check on my videos and half my tags are gone and this keeps happening. Does Youtube censor tags?

  • BC Unleashed

    I am just getting back into doing my youtube channel! And I have been putting out content every day for the past 4 weeks and I have gained 50 or so subs! Which is awesome! But it's time to take my channel to the next level! That is why I came here and I have watched other videos by Video Creators and I can say they have very informative content! Thanks for all the tips and I wish everyone the best! If you get a chance please check out some of my content and leave some feed back!

  • mrfireclaw

    I've been Matt putting out videos for over 7 years and either getting copy strikes or getting on view just recently I only have like a couple hundred people I'm trying to hit 1000 scriver subscribers quickly

  • mymotivationalsage

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  • DerickSantos Vlogs

    Hey Tim, great video, I just have one question, I am new to YouTube so I am still learning, would you recommend a certain amount of tags, and is there such thing as adding too many tags?

  • CrownXD Duo

    Hey guys All you all to do it subscribe to my page and ill subscribe to yours jua comment done๐Ÿ’ฏโคโœจ

  • Quinn Devlin & The Bridge Street Kings

    Hi Tim, id like to take advantage of the week boost for my video once it goes live. Will it being unlisted for a few weeks (so I could pitch to blogs) hinder this? Or will the boost start once it goes public. Thanks in advance.

  • Mommy & Mia Homeschool Chronicles

    TFS! I am trying to grow my channel new to the YT community. I am still under 100 subs so thanks for the info!

  • The Real Deal Listen up

    Thanks Tim…you are the man ! I'm tracking with ya…Just been going for a fewmonths…got 26 videos…but a couple are really good I think ? I'm working my assoff here and nothings happening ! I subscribed to your channel…sure could use a little help…I have a animated icon pic…I'm a good looking guy like you !ย  Should I put my personnel pic on my icon ?ย  Kinda sell the look ? P.s. I really Love this stuff ! Mike / June 15th 2017

  • Coshi360Gaming

    I make blog posts on many different blog sites and I hyperlink my keyword with the link to my video then submit all the posts to googles search console which makes my video rank (on google) within the first hour of uploading. Here is a link to the Google Search Console: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url

  • Noman Syed

    Wrong information : Likes do matter to google, the like ratio, the engagement rate do matter. It wouldn't be there if it didn't.

  • BronkBuilt

    I find soooo much conflicting advice on tags. Some say not really important as other try and give their "system to success" in writing tags.

  • Palafoxfox

    Great Video! I just have a question: should I use apostrophes in my keywords? For example, should I use "let's cook" or "lets cook", or should I use both of them?

  • VidaDeNosotros

    We are aslo at that starting point for a latin comunity. Although we have around 35 subscribers we have a lot of fun doing this and work very hard to provide a good product. Thanks for the hint that the first week is crucial Definitely will take it in consideration for all future videos.

  • The Random Life Of Scott

    my watch time is horrible. tho for the past 6 years youtube has been just for fun with uploading videos of my random hobbies, im slowly starting to change, and make longer then 30 second videos, but again for me its all for fun at this point this video has good info for when im ready to put more time into youtube as for now i'll keep writing down notes for the future ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stories Lived

    Love your videos as they are very informative ๐Ÿ™‚ If we want to have YouTube treat an already posted video as a new video…give it a reset…can we just unpublish it for some time and if so, how long (assuming of course we will revamp the title, meta, tags etc before re-publishing)? Or, to reset the video with YouTube would it be better to delete the video and start all over. Our problem is we uploaded a large batch of videos at one time, but did not optimize them at the time. We did not know about the "new" video ranking / evaluation, so we missed that window for all of these now posted videos. Thanks so much for your time! Buying your book now!

  • Mary BeVard

    Hi! I've been watching your video for a while and have learned a ton. I've also been watching Derrel Eves as well. My first video was far from perfect but I had a great title and great tags. Incorporated a lot of your tips into my video. It's only one video but only got 24 views. Half were mine. I'm even using very searchable tags. I did a decent thumbnail. I did a ton of research for a better part of a year before I made my first upload. Please help me! I'm putting all this work. I know I have to be more consistent and have better video quality and a lot more stuff. I'm just surprised I didn't get more then 24 views

  • Polt Fitness

    Smaller channel here just putting out solid content on a regular basis. Iโ€™m doing it because I love it and sure I hope I grow but itโ€™s a grind for sure! I enjoy coming up with the iideas for videos, filming them, editing them, and tags was a big question I had so this video was very helpful! Thank you ๐Ÿ™

  • As Normal As It Gets

    It is tough to grow a youtube channel. I have greatly improved my title and especially my thumbnails, it helps some but still going slow. Thanks for you videos.

  • Biแป‡t ฤแป™i Vs Thแปญ Thรกch

    Awesome video…nobody got a HEART from Tim on comment yet…3 years ago didn't have this button yet?

  • Mys _ Yen Nhi

    Putting another channel name of vlog ranked #1 sharing the same subject into our tags is really work? thank you!

  • The diy car channel

    Very good tips thank you
    I'm personally struggling to get subs average I get around 5-10 subs a day but my views are not to bad for a small channel

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