how to block youtube channels, creating a filtered environment for kids
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how to block youtube channels, creating a filtered environment for kids

hi everyone this video is for parents that don’t like the content their children’s are exposed to on youtube and would like to improve what the children are watching while they’re using YouTube so how do you do that? of course there is a YouTube kids it’s not available in all countries but it has the same problem basically it’s a bigger problem you probably know what I mean you see it on your feed, you see dozens of unwrapping toys would poop on their ass syringes, all kinds of Disney characters that are used inappropriately, and with stories that are irrelevant to the characters, just exploiting their recognition they get into all kinds of inappropriate situations like get thrown in jail get and lose their tea to lose their hair get run over by cars and and all these manipulative videos that are basically there to earn money for the Creator as cheaply as possible and that’s fine, but I don’t want my kids to view them so how do i prevent, as best as possible these channels from appearing on on my machine this is the intent of this video and and this is what we’re going to go through step-by-step first thing to create a safe “safe” as possible environment, you need to create a channel specifically for your child, or for your children it could be several channels depending on the child his age that you want to you know filter out, but the first step is to create a channel specifically for them how do you do that Google create a new channel for YouTube you will get to this help page it will instruct you on how to create a channel basically you click here, and you get this screen and you add another channel to your account switching channels you just click the name here, all your channels appear here I’ll show you how to do that on mobile in a second, but this is how you create a channel you choose your own channel you getting to that, and then you get here your feed as you can see my feet is generally, generally speaking is very clean and has all types of videos that I would accept my child viewing and i will be comfortable, and for her to see so you know maybe a few slip-ups here and there that you need to worry about but go to each of these channels you don’t want your child to see click I’m not interested and “tell us why” and then say I’m not interested in the channel, and then it will filter out that channel itself unfortunately, and this is not a foolproof method because there are literally hundreds and maybe thousands of channels like these out there and there and there available because they’re so profitable and when your child sees his a toy smeared with with poop on his ass, and it’s just attracting him to click for her to click it what is it what is its new it’s exciting I I want to see what it is but it’s just click bait for children and if you can prevent that as long as you can prevent that that’s great, and this method will help you do that somewhat better. alright this is what you do on your desktop you filter it out you see something inappropriate you click not interested and throw the channel out and things will fall through the cracks your child will see on the device other stuff maybe things you don’t want to see, you need to go through the view history from time to time see that there’s nothing there that is you know inappropriate, i think i cleaned everything out, you just clean it out you see something like this say I this is the type of things I don’t want to get suggestions on so I just throw it out, and that really helps keep the channel clean to feed clean for new and content, do both of these things with a new channel with constantly monitoring and you’ll have a relatively clean channel for you child let’s go to the mobile device and see how it’s done there, so on your mobile device it’s a bit different you have your channel the one you’re viewing right now, and then you want to give your child the device, so you go to go here to your channel area, and then click the channel’s name, and select your child created channel as you can see all the content has changed in the feed itself to reflect a child’s channel so that comes very handy as you can see we’re we’re in a continuation from the computer so there is no junk here at least there shouldn’t be or it should have as little junk as possible, probably some will slip through, let’s see if some will slip through, here one slip through ok that’s fine, but way way less than it was before a lot safer environment for your child as the last thing to say this is a constant constant thing that you need to follow because you always need to ok check the feed go back to history check the history see if there’s any slip through the things that you didn’t want the child to see and again and again until it becomes clean. a lot of work google could have made it a lot simpler but that’s the way it is and that’s the only solution i found i hope it helps you create a better environment for your children and have a great day


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