How To Build Backlinks for your Shopify Store using Advanced Google Parameters
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How To Build Backlinks for your Shopify Store using Advanced Google Parameters

Hi! This is Justin from OSI Affiliate Software
and in today’s video, I’m going to show you how to get more backlinks to your ecommerce
website by using some advanced Google parameters. So first of all, I have a dog ecommerce site
and I sell things like collars, leashes, dog toys, that kind of thing. And I want to get
more backlinks to my website. So one of the things I can do real quick just to find places
that are listing links for dogs and dog stores, I could type in “dog stores links.” As
you can see, right now, I have the best selection here. These are just really stories about
dogs or even ecommerce sites themselves. So let’s use some advanced parameters to
find places that are listing a bunch of different dog stores. So what I’m going to do instead
is take out the stores part and I’m going to type in “resources.” Let’s hit enter
and see what we can get. So this first link looks like it’s more for adoption but as
you can see, they do have supporters so I might be able to add myself as a supporter.
As you can see, they do have quite a few different ones. They link to some animal shelters. They
also have some documentaries. So if I have a piece of content that might work for this,
then maybe I could send them an email. So here’s one on some dog resources. As
you can see, they talk about all these different types of dogs. So if I have a specific part
in my store, for instance, for Dalmatians, maybe I could add some information to this
place, help them out, say, “Hey! I’ve got this product that’s specific to Dalmatians,”
and maybe they could add a link. Anyway, there are some decent ones here but
let’s keep searching. I can also look for specific types of websites. So for instance,
I’m going to type in “dog resources” and then type in “” So this is
going to look for sites that have .org as their domain name so for instance, this one.
So here we go. There’s some good stuff on here. For instance, if I have something that
talks about basic training, socialization, I could go to this page, look at that dog
toys right here. This is definitely a good link option. They’ve got a lot of resources.
I could ask them to include some information about our website about specific products
that my website has. Let’s keep looking. So this next one is for older dogs, it looks
like. So here on Products We Like, this is a good place to look. They’ve got different
products just for elderly dogs. So this might actually work really well for us.
So on that last one, they had a section called Dog Products We Love so how about we try “dog
products”? We could even get rid of the org or what we could do is use one called
inurl:links. So what’s looking for is places that is talking about dog products but also
within their url, it has the word links. So for instance, right here, you got
so this one’s actually got a bunch of different related links so this might be a good spot
to put in my website. It looks like there might be if we keep going past all these pages. has some resources that we could look at dog articles so we might be able to
get ourselves on here. This one looks like a store at least, maybe not ecommerce but
we could definitely try using that and contacting this website to get a link.
We could also replace products with something like “online stores” or even like “ecommerce
stores.” So actually, what we could do is add “OR dog ecommerce site” or something
like that. This little OR command will look for links that have this OR this, not links
that have both so you get a little bit different links for that.
So actually, has some resources so we could actually try to get this page
edited to add our link. This one looks like it could be a good one. It has ten fresh pet
ecommerce websites so definitely something we might want to at least talk to them about
getting another article because as you can see, they are talking about different ecommerce
websites. This is definitely a great link opportunity right here because they’re talking
specifically about dog ecommerce websites. Whenever you use the quotes that means it’s
going to look for exactly what you type in. So we could type in “top dog websites”
or “top dog stores” and it’s going to look for places where the these three words
appear in that exact order. But that isn’t actually working out for us. We have nine
results. What we can do instead is use another operator to get something a little bit better.
What I’m going to do instead, get rid of “stores” because that might be hurting
us and type in “5… 10 dog” so this is going to be looking for articles that have
top 5 dog something or anywhere from 5 to 10 so it might be top 7 dog something like
stores or something like that. As you can see, we have top 10 dog and then breeds, not
exactly what we’re looking for so we could add in “stores,” see if that helps.
Actually right here, Top 10 Dog Collars, that works for us. So we could replace this with
“toys,” “top 10 dog toys.” So you could change this to 20 if you wanted to.
It really didn’t change it much. But one thing you can do is on this “toys,” if
you add the tilde, that will look from in broad terms instead of just toys. So you’ll
get words similar to toys including toys. This will basically just give you, for instance,
products showed up on here instead of just toys. You might get a little bit more results
by adding the little tilde there. Well I hope you found this useful. There are
so many different ways you can use these tools and all of these URL parameters. And there
are a few more that you can use but these, I think, are the best ones. And if you use
a good combination, you might be able to find bunch of different results to find places
that are posting links that are also willing to post links to your products or to your
store itself. Well, I hope you enjoyed this video. Once
again, this is Justin from OSI Affiliate Software. Thank you so much for watching and be sure
to check out our other videos about ecommerce marketing.

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