How to Build Backlinks to Your Website

so let’s talk about building backlinks
to your site so many people think it’s really hard to get other websites to
link to their site and I just wanted to share a quick and easy strategy that I
have found works for a lot of the clients that we work with that might
work for you too so when we’re thinking of backlinks and really easy way to
start is to think about what other local businesses are within the realm of what
you do but they are not a competitor right so for instance if you were a gym
you might think about yoga studios or a smoothie bowl place or a Juicery – things
that offer health wellness those types of things if you are a financial advisor
you might think about other service based professionals like real estate
agents or estate planning attorneys or just attorneys in general
CPAs if that isn’t something that directly competes with you so any of
those other kinds of service providers that would be within the same realm of
the general area of what you do but not a direct competitor so you make a list
of all of those local businesses then you reach out to them and you say
something like hey I own a gym and I would love to do a blog post on the
three best places in town to get a smoothie or you know a great local press
juice and I wanted to include your business in it all I need from you is
your logo and a quick quote and in return I’ve written up this blog post
and I would love for you to post it on your blog or if you’re gonna do a
roundup you know about the best places to do a workout in State College could
you include my gym in it and so you’re reaching out to these business owners
complimenting their business model letting them know that you think it is a
good model that they have a good thing going and basically trying to do a tit
for tat link exchange but it’s not a true link exchange the way we used to do
it in the old days it’s more I’m gonna feature you in a blog post you’re gonna
feature me this is going to build external links to your website which is
invaluable for search engine optimization and you will see a huge
huge impact in your local SEO results if you start to get those external links
linking back to your site so try it out if you’ve been struggling
to build external links and let us know how it works for you

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