How To Clear Search History on YouTube mobile
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How To Clear Search History on YouTube mobile

In this video, I’m going to show you how you could clear your search history on YouTube using the mobile app. All you have to do is launch the mobile app and in your mobile app from the home menu of the mobile app, just go ahead and click your channel icon and go to your settings. On Android you’ll get to this a different way, but basically you just want to get to your settings and under settings, there is a privacy section, so depending on what version of the mobile app you’re using, this might be in a different place. But in the settings you should look for privacy and once you get to the privacy section, you should see clear search history as an option and all you got to do is click that and say clear history, and that cleared your search history, and you could do the same with clear watch history too. And this will erase all the videos that you watched recently as well, and that’s all it takes to clear your search history. So now you should have a cleared search and watch history if you click both of these options. I hope this solved your problem. Please give us a like and subscribe to this channel for a lot more how-to videos on tech and much much more. Thanks for watching.

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