How to Conduct a Quick 5-Min SEO Analysis with Ahrefs
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How to Conduct a Quick 5-Min SEO Analysis with Ahrefs

– Hey everyone. So in this video, I’m gonna show you how to do a quick SEO analysis to show you how you are doing
versus your competitors. It’s always good to take
a look at competitors to see how much better
they’re doing than you and what they’re doing exactly. So this one’s going to be quick. We’re going to use two
different tools here. There should be free trial for both. This one, the first one we’re looking at on the screen right here is called Ahrefs. So let’s go ahead and what we
wanna look at right here is… Let’s go ahead and look
at a site that we like. What’s a site that I like? So let’s go ahead and take
a look at and let’s see what they’re doing. So Quick Sprout’s a online
marketing blog from Neo Patel and there’s a lot of great
information around there. So right here we can see
a lot of different metrics and it can get pretty overwhelming, but what we wanna look at right now is the number of new backlinks that this site is acquiring. So what we need to do right here is once we put in the site, let’s go to the backlinks section; let’s click on “new;” and right now, you can see
the number of new links being acquired each and every day. So these are the number of overall links and what we wanna do is we wanna also take a look at one link
per domain as well. Because one site can be sending, you know, hundreds of links from navigation, right? So we wanna be, you know, looking at you know, each link per domain, so you’re basically seeing, if it’s like a college linking to you, you’ll only really wanna
see that one link coming in. So that’s how you wanna really count the number of, you know,
root domains linking to you. So, right here you can see, Quick Sprout each and
every day is acquiring 22, 13, 12, 10, 16, seven, 14, nine, 15. So now the thing, you know, we would probably wanna compare this with a larger, you know,
internet marketing site like Search Engine Land. So let’s just say I’m Quick Sprout. So right now, let’s say, give or take, I’m acquiring 20 new links per day. So let’s go ahead and take a look at Search Engine Land and
see what’s happening exactly. And, by the way, if you’re showing this to, you know, your internal team, you can make the case that, “Hey, because this competitor’s acquiring a lot more links, we need
to do something about this.” So you can see right here,
Search Engine Land… Let’s go ahead and click on new backlinks and see what the heck
is going on right here. So, Ahrefs does take
a little time to load. There’s a lot more that it can do. And for whatever reason, it seems like Search Engine Land is not pulling up enough links right here. So let’s go ahead and try another one. Let’s try, uh… Let’s go ahead and try Marketing Land. See what that pulls up for us ’cause some of these
sites aren’t really big and a tool like this sometimes, Ahrefs might not be able to, might get overloaded by
these sites sometimes. So that’s what tends to happen and, this one seems to have
the same issue right here. So hopefully, the third one’s a charm. You know, we’ll try using a
site like Search Engine Watch. So let’s give that a shot. (keyboard clacks) Okay, so Search Engine Watch. This looks like we’re
in business right here. Let’s go ahead and click on “new.” All right, so with Search Engine Land, you can see it’s acquiring
significantly more links overall per day. It’s going up to 1400 per day. Again, we need to click the
“one link per domain” tab right here. Or not tab. Let’s just call it a link. And so, keep in mind, Quick Sprout is at about 20 links per day. Let’s remember that, and then we can get a rough estimate of the average right here
for Search Engine Watch. So, and again, if I’m Quick
Sprout and I’m going to, let’s say I’m the marketing manager. I’m an SEO manager and I’m
going to my VPs or my CMO, here’s how I’m going to make the case that they’re doing a lot better. So, right here we can see, Search Engine Watch, the
rough number of links per day, it’s looking like about 35, so, that is a pretty significant jump. I think that’s a 75% jump from the, you know, what Quick
Sprout is getting per day. So, you could make that case right there. And that’s why Quick Sprout
is getting, you know, significantly less traffic
than Search Engine Watch. You know, this is how you make the case. And then, if you wanna layer
on even more, you know, if you wanna do another
competitive analysis right here, what you wanna do is you wanna
go to Open Site Explorer. So let’s, again, let’s
use the same example,, and we can
take a look at the link metrics. So let’s go ahead and click
“compare link metrics.” We don’t need this section yet. And we wanna add a bunch
of URLs right here. So let’s go ahead and
add Search Engine Land. Let’s go ahead and add Marketing Land. Let’s go ahead and add And let’s go ahead and add another one, just for good measure. And now we’re gonna be able to
see the competitive metrics. And keep in mind, this is where you ideally
wanna be screen-casting, or you wanna be creating a Word document and then making it a PDF to make it look like a nice presentation. So right here, you can
see, Search Engine Journal has the highest page authority on the site and Quick Sprout is
actually doing pretty well. Now you can look at the
followed linking root domains. This is what we wanna look at right here, and we can see that
Search Engine Journal… Basically Quick Sprout is
ahead of almost everyone except for Search Engine Watch, I believe. Yup, Search Engine Watch. So Search Engine Watch has 600 more followed linking root domains. And, you know, they’re
getting significantly more keywords going to their site. So, again, let’s go back
to the overview right here for Search Engine Watch. Let’s see, they have
558 K organic key words. If we look at Quick Sprout right now — let’s take a look at that. It has 341 K keywords. So, that’s something to take a look at. You know, you can use a tool like this to also look at the top performing pages and look at why these pages
are performing so well. So there’s a lot that can be done with both Ahrefs and Moz. So make sure you check out these tools. This is how you can do a
quick, competitive analysis and take it to your superiors or, you know, even make
use of it on your own stuff and then figure out what you wanna do from a strategic standpoint. So, hope this helps and we’ll see you in the next video.


  • Jeff Wright

    So how many of these links are being generated through direct effort of someone from the domain? There's not an in-house guy creating 100 backlinks a day, is there?

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