How To Configure SEO By Yoast WordPress plugin
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How To Configure SEO By Yoast WordPress plugin

Hi guys, Harsh here and today we are going
to learn something very interesting and something very useful for you, so if you have a WordPress
blog, save this video, like it and watch it carefully, because why? you learn a lot about
SEO searching optimization, what I am going to show you, how you can setup WordPress SEO
by Yoast plugin, so SEO by Yoast plugin is one of the most popular WordPress plugin and
its free and it’s the best plugin. so in this video, this is going to be a detailed
video where I’ll show you how to setup this plugin, how to use this plugin and in the
process, you will learn a lot about SEO, so let’s go ahead and learn everything by WordPress
SEO by Yoast. so typically, this is what you will get when
you install WordPress SEO by Yoast, activate it and this is where you’ll get all the settings,
now first go to dashboard, this is where we are, alright, so by default, these two options
are selected, so let it be, now these things are very important because when you are setting
up a new blog, its suggested that you verify you blog on Alexa, bing, google webmaster tool
Pinterest, so when you submit your, take an example, google webmaster tool, when you submit
your blog to google webmaster tool, the very first thing that it will ask you is to verify
the ownership, now there are multiple ways to verify the ownership, let’s look at the
alternate methods here, click on HTML tag, now copy this particular line here, now remove
every [x] from the colon here and that’s it. click on save changes, now click on verify
and that’s it, your blog is verified and so now you can do various things like, you
can add stuff such as sitemap to your webmaster tool, so this will help search engine to index
your website, find your website, this is the very first step that you would be doing, so
with the help of SEO by Yoast, you will verify you google webmaster tool, similarly you will
repeat the process for Bing, Alexa, Pinterest, now the second and most important thing is
titles and meta, this is where everything comes, you major on-site SEO comes into the
picture, so very first thing that you would be changing here is no index subpage of archives.
Technically what happens is, like your blog let’s say,,
these pages are useful for your user to navigates from one page to another but they are not
useful for search engine. by no indexing, by selecting this option, what I am telling
search engine that please don’t index page1, page2 or page 3, okay, the second option ‘use
metakeywords tag’, it’s not important anymore, select this one and select this one, so basically
this tells search engine not to use the description from the Dmoz or any other directory or yahoo
directory, then clean up your head ‘hide rsd link’, perfect, so this is done, this is the
only option that you need to do on the general page, then we will go to home. now this is
very important because this is what people will see on your blog when they hover on it,
so if you see here, right now the blog title is Trackbox blog~better business through affiliate
marketing, so it’s a very good description, you can have the similar kind of thing or
you can always change it, like you can have something like site name; so I will also add
a description here, now the most important thing that you need to keep in your mind is,
it’s always a good idea to have your keyword in the home meta-title, like for example I
have here added affiliate marketing for businesses, similarly your meta-description template should
be in less than 158 characters and make it meaningful, make your brand shine, click on
save changes. So after that, we’ll go and make changes in
the post type, so again, this is what by default you will get, what we’ll be doing is, we will
remove this particular section, why? because all we want is to show just the title of the
blog post in the search engine, we don’t want to use the brand name for one reason,
it will be repeated every time you publish a blog post and it’s not a good SEO practice,
so that is one, even that is the same thing we’ll do for the pages, we will just keep
the title for this, now even for the media, what we will do, we will keep the same thing
and that’s it, click on save changes, we will keep everything as it is, now taxonomy is
very important, this is one mistake that most of the blogger are doing like they let their
tags and categories index in google search, now think what is the importance of tags and
categories, they are useful for your users, for you it’s important to categorize your
blog in a particular manner and for your user, its useful for them to browse more blog post
based on categories or tags, now if you have been like making this mistake of using the
tags for the SEO purposes, stop doing that. use your tag for one purpose and that is for
the user navigation, so what we will be doing is, we will remove, we can keep it as it is
because we want to show our brand name in categories and tag pages but what is important
here is we’ll use no index and follow tag, this will tell search engine that okay, please
you can see those pages but don’t index them that is very important, similar thing
we will do for tags format and click on save changes. Similarly author archives is like the similar
thing, we will no index it and click on save changes. This is what the default, the most
important section of SEO by Yoast that you will be configuring. now the next section
is social part which is again very important, so for this, in this tutorial I am not going
to cover this but again I have added a link in the description which will help you to
integrate the social part and this is very important because social SEO, what is say,
social is not just social, its helps you shine your brand on social media sites so with this
section you can add twitter meta card, google+, you can link your website to google+ page
and same thing you can do for your Facebook, it’s a very important step that you should
not miss. So let’s skip this section for now and lets jump to XML sitemaps, now what
is a sitemap file? basically a sitemap file is a file which have links to all the post
on your blogs, so let me show you how it looks like, so I selected the sitemap, I’ll select
ping yahoo, ping, so basically what ping section will do is that whenever a publish
a new blog post , it will automatically ping yahoo and that hey I have a new blog
post, please come and index my blog post, I’ll exclude media from this, I’ll exclude
tags from here because categories are mostly selective like you will have only 7-8 categories,
it’s good to have the sitemap file because that will help the search engine to crawl
your blog effectively, once that is done, click on save changes. let me show you how sitemap file looks like,
so this is a sitemap file, you can click on post sitemap and this contains all the blog
post in this blog, so once you have created your sitemap file, the next thing that you’ll
be doing is that you will be going back to your google webmaster tool, so after you have
created your sitemap file, the next step is to go to google webmaster tool and submit
your sitemap to your blog webmaster tool, so here is how you will do, if you go here
and you don’t see your website, just simply click on ‘add a site’ add your blog here and
click on continue, now this will take you to your blog dashboard, see, in the previous
step we have already verified our blog, now the verification is not required, so this
is your website dashboard in google webmaster tool, the next step we will be doing is clicking
on sitemaps, add/test sitemaps and this is our sitemap file, so we’ll just copy this
section and click on submit sitemap, now sitemap is submitted and that’s it. now google can
see your sitemap and it will start indexing it, so it will send the bots to crawl your
blog and index it in google search, so this is one very important step, now once you have
done that, we’ll go back, we will go to the permalink section, so here you can make few
changes like for remove stop words, this is the default setting of permalink, here you
might want to make these two changes, one, redirect attachment url to parent post url,
so there are times when you add an image to your blogpost and that image is linked to
the attachment id, now that’s a bad practice, you should always make sure that image is
either not linked or linked to the image file only, so this feature will help you to avoid
google penalty for attachment url, simply select this option ‘replytocom variable’ and
click on save changes, so these `are the important settings here, we will leave the breadcrumps
for now and the next step is continue to your rss feed, this is a very good feature of SEO
by Yoast plugin, earlier there was a plugin called rss footer plugin which used to have
this feature, now what this plugin will do, whenever you will publish a blog post, after
the blog post, when somebody is reading in the feed, it will show a message saying like
this post, the link of the post appeared on your blog, so that is very helpful especially
if somebody is copying your blogpost via feeds, so it will always link back to your blog. so that is it, now another thing that you
might want to see is edit file because here what you can do is you can edit you robots.txt
file and your .htaccess file so by default your robots.txt file is not created so we
will click on create robots.txt file and that’s it, your file is created, now whatever changes
you want to make to your robots.txt file, you can do it here, in this case I am not
making any changes, .htaccess file is again perfect, so that’s it, that’s covers everything
about SEO by Yoast. One thing which I haven’t covered in this video is the social factor
which you should definitely read and configure of your own. If you have any question regarding
SEO by Yoast, feel free to ask me via comments, if you like this video, make sure you like
it and subscribe to my channel for similar updates, thank you for watching, this is harsh.


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