How to Create a To-Do (Ahrefs’ Site Audit Tutorial)
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How to Create a To-Do (Ahrefs’ Site Audit Tutorial)

[music] The “to-do” feature within Ahrefs Site Audit allows you to seamlessly collaborate with
your developers and freelancers to fix and track your technical SEO issues. If we head over to the HTML tags report, you’ll
see that our example website has a few issues. For example, you’ll see that there are handful
of missing or empty meta descriptions. So we’ll click on that issue, which will show
us the affected URLs in Data Explorer. To create a “to-do”, click on the plus icon
inside the field that you’d like to fix and then type in the new or revised version that
you would like to see. After saving your task, you’ll see a marker
in the corresponding field and you can continue adding more to-dos for your backend team. Once you’re done, you can review all of these
tasks by going to the “to-do” report in the sidebar. From here, you can export the entire list
by clicking the “export” button. Once completed, your CSV will resemble the
same table in Site Audit, which you can then send to your developers. Now, as you run future crawls, Site Audit
will look for matching values on your site, and automatically mark the completed tasks
as “Fixed,” and the others as “Not Fixed.” And if you want to close the “to-do”, you
can manually mark it as “completed,” which you can then view by going to the “completed” tab. If you have any questions, you can contact
support by clicking the icon up here and jump on a live chat or browse through our help

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