How To Create Backlinks – Local SEO
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How To Create Backlinks – Local SEO

Hello there, my name is Chris Palmer and in today’s video We will discuss one of the most powerful off page SEO backlink Link building campaigns that you can build and ways that you could build local SEO backlinks some of the best backlinks for either free or Next to nothing. So let’s just go ahead and jump right into this video. Let’s go Okay, so as you can see right here, I have gone ahead and compiled a list of over 2,000 different schools Now these are universities and colleges all dot edu Now Scholarship links were very popular years back, but they have been downplayed We are not going to use the scholarship method However, there are much more ethical ways of building dot edu links that are Extraordinarily powerful and that’s exactly what we will discuss. So I will leave this resource in the Description below and then along with that below in the resources I will leave advanced search operators So you too can find the links that we will discuss about in today’s video So let’s just go ahead and show you some of the types of links and what we are discussing is not scholarship But the types of links that we are discussing will be local resource pages on dot Sights that are ultra powerful. We’ll talk about discounts store discounts on Employee discounts student discounts if you have an e-commerce store or a local website This is very simple for you to accomplish and it’s under utilized by your competition so this is absolutely recommended you can really Go completely nuts with this type of campaign But you want to keep things as relevant as possible However, if you want to build more and more links that are powerful like this This is the way that you can do it and I’m going to go ahead and walk through some of the process so again I’ll leave the resource for all the schools so you can dive in and find some more for yourself and along with that I will leave some of the search strings that you can use and then you can search for local resources things along that line to make it easy Copy/paste so you can go out and find these But let me just show you some of the links that I’m talking about that you can acquire So this right here, what I brought up is a st. Vincent dot edu. This is a DA 55 school it’s a dot edu Now what I’m pointing out here is these are considered local Attractions this would be one of the search strings local SEO Attraction and these are the types of things and each of these times that you click in It takes you deeper and shows you more and more lists of places that link out from this school This is only one site So as you can see look at their listing on a school site Pizza Shops and things along those lines as you can see I’ve highlighted them with the Moz toolbar These are do follow links as you can see, so it’s followed. We have highlighted in green now Let’s just go take a look here. Now. These are what you would call Discounts this is at Sunny D you again? This is just one and as you can see they are offering Different categories to students and employees you can see here. This is a da 69 website now, there are much more powerful Links, however, a da 69 from a dot edu if you’re offering it’s on a page That’s only about the type of resource that you have. You can make a page That’s just for discounts with a discount code just for students So not only are you helping students, but you’re helping yourself get an ultra-powerful end Relevant link because it’s based on a page that is related to your service Surrounded by other businesses that are just like your service now This is not unethical like tolling scholarship links. Unless you are giving the scholarship This is very ethical This would be considered a white hat link building campaign in my opinion and let’s move on now There are some other ways to build links This would probably be the easiest and to acquire links such as this this is a DA 91 site on almost every and any site that you go to that Is related to a school when you scroll on the bottom, there’s always two types of buttons that you’ll see resources and donation now this type of site as you can see Alumni and donor as you can see here, and that’s a search string will be left in the bottom In the description, I’ll give you search strings so you can find sites like this now donations will vary however There are some sites that allow a donation of anything and they’ll list you on their page. I would not recommend those however, when there’s a minimum But if you can acquire a link, that’s a DA 91 and not only are you helping a school? But you’re acquiring a DA 91 link and it was $50. Was that $50 well-spent? so in any case I just want to show you these are three examples so you have your Discounts and I’ll go ahead and just name off just a couple but again look in the description below I’ll leave you some search strings advanced operators search strings that you can use to find links just like this local resource pages that you’re offering admissions accommodations local restaurants, um also wonderful string is in URL is visiting and let me go ahead and give you one tip if you have made it this far a really powerful way to get dot-gov backlinks is By putting in a search string all in text Let’s just go ahead over to Google and I’ll show you what these Advanced strings would look like So it’s all in text and then you just simply put a colon Here’s one in the search bar dot edu post a job That’s another way you can post jobs to students post jobs to employers and this is another way to acquire Three dot edu backlinks that are ultra powerful and this is a very underutilized tactic it’s ethical and it’s powerful and I think it’s absolutely something worth sharing if you have any questions about this method about other Strategies white hat gray hat if there’s anything that I can help you with leave it in the comments below I hope that this has provided value take a look in the description For the search strings along with the link to my resource page, which I have Accrued and put together for you guys I look forward to seeing you in the next SEO link building digital marketing video. 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    Do you have questions regarding this SEO strategy or any other method ? Or do you need help with anything please let me know here in the comments I will be happy to help.

  • Rosh Sillars

    As always, interesting link building tips. The best tactics take a little work, however, it can be worth it especially for Edu and gov and less risky.

  • Devon Pryce

    Amazing I'm a newbie and been watching you videos for the past few days and I'm hooked would be great if you could make a full SEO strategy from money site to different types of Tier 1, and Tier 2 and Tier 3 would love to see your strategy

  • Ron Kincaid

    CHRIS = great info on this video. Your SEO videos are the best on youtube = no fluff, no BS. Can you allow us to copy & paste the university/school sites from the google docs file? That would be great. All the best.

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