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What’s up, side hustlers? Welcome back to my channel. What are the most common questions I get asked
is tip. How do you stay so consistent with your content
creation as a side hustler? Well, you guys are in luck because today I’ll
be sharing my five techniques of how I stay consistent with my content creation at the
side hustler. If this is something that you’re interested
in, then keep on watching. Now, if you’ve been following me for a while,
you’ll know that I am very consistent with my content creation. I post one YouTube video every single week,
two Instagram posts, and I know also show up in my Facebook group. The Side Hustle Collective, every single week
to do live trainings. With only around three hours a day to work
on my side hustle, how am I able to stay so consistent? Well, the first thing is that I dominate in
three channels. As a side hustler, you don’t want to spread
yourself too thin because this will lead to overwhelm and burnout. It’s important that you don’t fall into this
trap because it is actually going to make you resent creating content more, which actually
defeats the purpose of you having a content marketing strategy for your business. Instead of spreading yourself too thin, focus
on three channels. You can determine which channel to focus on
by asking yourself this one key question, which is where does my audience hang out? When you know where your audience hangs out,
you can then focus all of your energy in creating content in those channels so that you’re consistently
providing value to them to figure out where your ideal audience hangs out. You can pull them on Instagram and ask them
which platforms do you like to spend the most time, or you can ask them where do you like
to consume content and learn? You can also spend two weeks hanging out in
a massive array of different platforms and seeing which one you enjoy and which one your
ideal audience is showing up on more. Start hanging out in these different platforms
and then talking to your ideal audience and seeing if you can build relationships and
connections through these different platforms, which will help you identify which ones your
ideal audience like to hang out more. It is a huge waste of time to create content
in the wrong places because your ideal audience doesn’t actually have visibility into the
content that you’re putting out there and therefore you’re not adding value to them. Once you determine the platforms in which
your audience hangs out, I want you to narrow it down to three primary platforms when picking
these platforms and channels, also think about which platforms you as a content creator want
to show up for. If you pick a platform that you absolutely
dread and thinks it’s a tore for you to create content on, then you will easily fall off
the consistency game. Think about where your strengths lie. If you are also on video, then perhaps you
want to dedicate your energy to creating content on YouTube, Instagram Live and Facebook Live. On the other hand, if you’re awesome on copywriting,
perhaps you want to do blogging, create micro blocks on your Instagram posts and do email
marketing. Picking three channels that you are going
to dominate in will ensure that you don’t get burnt out and spread yourself too thin
and can be consistent with showing up every single week for your idea audience and therefore
have your business grow faster. The second tip that I have for you is to dedicate
different days for the different types of content you’re producing. This is what I called the multiple hat method. As a side hustler and someone who is just
starting in their business, you literally need to wear multiple hats in your business
every single day. One day you are doing YouTube videos and you
have to be a content creator, the next minute you’re a bookkeeper, and then the next minute
you’re a model for a personal brand photo shoot. It can be very challenging for you to be consistent
with your content if you’re spreading yourself too thin and trying to multitask. That is why I say to dedicate one day to each
type of content creation that you will be producing. For example, Monday could be the day where
you batch create your Instagram content, where you edit your videos and also create captions
for the week ahead. On Wednesdays, you can use this time to create
YouTube scripts, and on Saturday is the day where you actually film your YouTube videos. If you haven’t watched this video yet, I talk
about understanding and knowing how much time you can actually dedicate to your side hustle
every single week. Knowing this and visually seeing how much
time you can actually dedicate to work on your side, hustle will allow you to understand
which days you can create what content. It allows you to block out remaining time
for you to work on other aspects of your business. Look at your week in a more holistic standpoint
and understand which days you can dedicate more time to working on tasks that are going
to take you longer. For example, Saturdays are considered my free
days because I don’t work my nine to five jobs, and therefore I have the whole day to
dedicate to content creation. I typically create my YouTube videos and film
my YouTube videos on Saturday because this is the content that takes me the longest time
compared to all the different content pieces that I put out every single week. When using the multiple hat methods, you’ll
know every single week which day you need to produce what content. This allows you to show up every single week
and be consistent with your content creation and know that you’re covering all bases and
all the different channels that you will be hanging out in. The third tip that I have for you is to create
workflows for all the different channels that you are going to be producing content. Having a solid workflow for all the different
types of content that you’re putting out there will allow you to stay accountable and know
every single step of what you need to take to create a specific type of content. This in the long run will actually save you
so much time because you never have to question what are the steps that I need to take to
create a certain piece of content. I use a project management tool called Asana
to find out all of our workflows for all the content that I put out there. Specifically, I have different workflows for
my YouTube videos, for my Instagram, and also for my Facebook Lives in my group, The Side
Hustle Collective. I always refer to this workflow and ensure
that I’m following this workflow every single time I produce a specific type of content
so that I know that every single time all of my content is consistent because it’s walked
through all of these different steps. I also assign myself all these different tasks
within the workflow so that I get a holistic standpoint of what I need to work on every
single week so that I am consistent with my content creation. If you don’t have a workflow for your content
creation, it can be very easy for you to miss out on opportunities for you to actually optimize
their content. An example of this is that for every YouTube
video that I put out there, I actually need to send my video to get transcribed so I have
captions for it, which helps me optimize my searchability on my YouTube videos. It is actually part of YouTube’s best practices,
and it can be very easily missed if I didn’t have this in my workflow because it seems
like such a small thing. If I missed a step in some videos, I’m actually
losing out on the opportunity for my ideal audience to find me because having this transcription
actually increases my searchability. Not only this, but each platform has its own
native workflow. Having a workflow will ensure that you are
hitting every little step that it takes for you to create your content and therefore will
help you stay organized and on top of things. The fourth tip that I have for you of how
you can stay consistent with your content creation as a side hustler is to batch create. If you follow the multiple hats methods that
I mentioned in tip number two, I never limit the amount of content that I can produce within
an allotted. For example, on Saturdays is when I film all
of my YouTube videos and I allot three hours to work on my YouTube videos. Some days I only produce one video and some
days I can produce three videos, but I never limit how many videos I can actually create
within that allotted time. I try to reduce as much content that I can
in a certain amount of time so that I always have a backlog of extra content. This is to ensure that I am always on top
of my content creation game and that I can consistently post every single week. It also helps a lot when you are already in
content creation mood to just stick with it. I also do this for convenience. For example, every Saturday I post YouTube
videos and I typically put on more makeup than I normally do. This actually saves me time because I only
have to put on makeup once every single week to create two to three videos. On the other hand, I also create all of my
YouTube scripts and research for my YouTube scripts every single Tuesday. This allows me to say hyper focused on one
specific task versus spreading myself too thin and multitasking. Studies show that multitasking actually reduces
your productivity by 45%. By not batch creating, you’re losing out on
a lot of time and also wasting a lot of time. The last tip that I have for you is to always
be at least one month ahead in your content creation. This is pretty self-explanatory, but life
happens. There are going to be times when you have
unexpected things that you have to attend to. For example, there might be a week when you
see an event on Facebook that you really want to go to that is actually going to help you
improve and educate yourself in your business, or maybe your friend wants to take you out
for dinner. If you’re not at least a month ahead in your
content game, then it can be very easy for you to just brush these things off. Planning and being at least one month ahead
allows you to have buffer for unexpected life circumstances. This is so that you can actually enjoy life
and not feel guilty when you don’t show up and create content. Having your content at least one month ahead
allows you more flexibility in your life and also in your business. It’s also a great mindset shift to know that
you are always ahead of the game so that you can actually stay motivated to be consistent
with your content. This is so you don’t feel overwhelmed and
feel like you’re scrambling every single week to create content. Knowing your content plan a month ahead of
time also allows you to tease your audience so that they can look forward to the new content
pieces that you’re putting out there. This can also allows them to create a lot
of hype and excitement for the new content pieces that you’re putting up. Not only this, but the benefit for you to
have your content one month in advance is that you can create content that is going
to be prepping you for a product launch. When you know that you have a upcoming product
launch, you can then crack all of your content to cater to this product launch and create
excitement for your audience. In general, it is just really relieving to
know that I have content to put out there every single week so that I don’t drop the
ball on my audience. I hope that these five tips were helpful in
you being able to be more consistent in your content creation, especially when you are
a side hustler. Just know that I am 100% supporting you because
I am literally in the same position as you. If you want to learn more about how to create
consistent content or how to just start a side hustle in general, be sure to join my
free Facebook group, The Side Hustle Collective. If you liked this video, give it a big thumbs
up and turn on your notification bell to get notified every time I post videos on Saturday. I hope you enjoyed this video. Go out there, hustle on, and I’ll see you
in the next video. Bye guys.

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