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How To Create Quality Backlinks For YouTube Video | Build Backlinks For YouTube Video Fast

okay so backlinks part one now this is
where we start to get into the meat and potatoes of this course and this is the
part that is really really vital in getting your videos onto the first page
of Google like I just showed you the beginning of this course so there’s a
number of ways to do this and we’re going to start off with the freeway
which is a number of different high-quality blogs and pages that I’ve
spent a lot of time trying to find out where they are which pages to post on
and I’m gonna share them with you right now so the first thing that I’m gonna
give you is I’m gonna give you a notepad which contains all of the URLs for these
pages which you will need to go to and I’m gonna walk you through them right
now so you can download this notepad from just below the video and a link
first place we need to go to is Google Plus if you don’t have a Google Plus
account yet make one and you’ll be able to make it from the same account that
your YouTube account is based on but for now I’m just using my regular account
because this account I just set up a few minutes ago so what you need to do here
once you’re on Google point well once you’re on Google+ is go to the notepad
that you made where you copied your video title and description okay so go
there and get the URL from your video which you copied in here and then just
paste it in where it says what’s new with you
paste it in there and wait for it to load up there we go
and then just post it right simple and then what you do now is you go just
below here you go to this little symbol here and sorry you don’t do that
you go to this this is the one you go up here this is gonna bring up your post go
there copy the URL go to the notepad where you have your title and
description below your YouTube URL start pasting these links in below here so
that’s the first one from Google+ okay the next one here is a Japanese site hog
site called hatena any JP again it’s in the notepad below this video and what
you do here is again you just grab your video URL from your description notepad
and you will paste it in here and you just put your title okay so what was it
two day prophets review right copy this actually and make sure that you have it
just above your YouTube URL in your notepad because you’re going to need
that later on and then you just click on this haiku button here and then that
will publish it do apologize for the noise as I said I live in Jakarta
Indonesia and this can be pretty noisy and right now it’s call to prayer so the
mosques being a bit noisy so just bear with me so you click on haiku and that
will publish the page while we’re waiting for that let’s go on to the next
one the next the next page is called Storify so again what we’re gonna do
here is insert the title description anchor link and then publish right so
insert the title copy that click on new story right
this will bring up this editor and then you put in your title s or 2-day profits
little bit of a description which we can just copy from the notepad description
that we made earlier just copy the first couple lines go back over here paste it
in there and then we want to copy the title again but this time we’re going to
add it as anchor text with our YouTube URL in there it might sound a bit
technical but let me walk you through it so you just paste in the title there and
then you go over it just highlight over it you click on this link here this link
button click on that and then go back over to notepad copy your YouTube URL
and then paste it in there okay that’s done
and then we’re gonna add a little bit more text from here so let’s just copy
this paste that into the next row and then there is a function over here with
a little YouTube symbol on it click on there again go and copy your YouTube URL
paste it over here click search it’s gonna come up with your video drag that
across okay so that brings that in there that’s done publish that and then view
and publicize it just go onto there and copy this URL go back to your notepad
and just underneath where you had your Google+ and actually the hot tenner blog
paste that in there okay and then we can close these windows down go back to
hatena and you should be able to see the
sorry well they going last you should be able to see the post that you just made
now if you if you just click on there then it will come up this is being a bit
slow okay here we go just copy the URL of this page to day
profits review copy that paste it into your notepads in between there just
under Google+ and just above shopping Storify close up next we’re on to tumblr
again with all of these pages you need to register an account first it doesn’t
take very long and with tumblr you need to actually set it up so it looks kind
of nice you need to put your you put and put your thumbnail in there I just use
the channel ad from my YouTube and I just talked about in the back there and
then I I put my name in and all the rest of it’s really quite easy to do very
basic now what we do here is we we go to text up here click on there I’m gonna
add a new post again go over to the notepad that I’ve put in the description
below just go to to here and it will give you some pointers as to what you
need to do so for tumblr is blank so I guess we just need to go over grab our
URL and put it in the text there and copy the title and paste that into the
titles the title there that is it post up okay and then we need to we need to
view to view this okay share and then we go to embed no we don’t sorry we go to
permalink and then we just copy copy the URL there so just gonna go over that
once again so you you know what to do once you’ve once you’ve published it go
down here click on this little arrow button which says share and go to
permalink and then it’ll bring up bring them that page here you copy the
whole URL and then again go and paste it in your notepad
the next line right next thing next page we go to is blogger calm again if you
need to set up an account here and then you just go to new post see what we’re
gonna do here and blogger labels title and URL that’s it so we just need the
title post title put that in there and then grab the URL actually what I might
do for this one just to make it look a bit nicer
it’s just copy half of our YouTube description put it in there
and then copy the URL of our YouTube video go to the next line paste that in
now you want to make sure that this link is clickable so go up here and click on
link and you can then make sure that it is so go to link excuse me go to your
YouTube video brilliant so and then you might also want to highlight some key
words here like two day profits again click on link and put in the URL right
after that we just click on save and we click on publish and then we just go here and we copy
that URL okay so we’re done there we copy this and we put it into our growing
list of URLs these are all going to be our backlinks next place we need to go
to is where are we I don’t know where this oh yeah oh you go general armstrong
hatena blog comm it’s another one of these japanese sites we need to put in
the title the title with anchor text and a couple of URLs so register an account
here click on new entry grab your title paste it in there and
grab a section of the text let’s just grab it from doesn’t really matter what
you write in these blogs because nobody’s actually gonna read them we’re
actually just going to be using it for the backlink that we’re gonna get from
it so anything that has the keyword in it anything that has something to do
with to day profits just bang it in there as long as it makes sense then
copy the URL and paste it in here and then we need to it’s gonna come up with
this Japanese writing so it’s basically gonna give you options you can either
select the Ryu RL which is going to show like this or you can actually select the
image here the the thumbnail the actual YouTube video or you can have the title
of the YouTube video here but we are just going to go with the raw URL click
on this I guess it means like enter or something like that they don’t speak
Japanese so don’t know and then let’s go let’s go down in between these two
paragraphs let’s do that again but this time let’s choose the video so let’s
click on this one okay brilliant is there anything else we need
to do on this one now brilliant so let’s go down there and
publish it just have some iced tea right while we’re waiting for that to publish
let’s move on to the next one otherwise it’s gonna be dragging out a bit longer
than we want the next one is called scoop it again register an account paste
in the title and the URL so title you go to there we go copy and paste to create
a new scoop so I think this one we only need to put the URL in there really
simple paste that in there click go you put some tags in here as well so 2d
ruffit review and comment that’ll saving the tag brilliant publish and then we go
to for you your scoop and then we highlight the URL copy it put it into
our collection here just space it out because we need to put a hat n on in
before this one close them now and then you go to we’re back on hat n dot
blogspot ok go to clothes after its published and then click on the title
that you’re the one that you just made to day profits review highlight the URL
close that down and add it into our notepad ok now I think we’re onto the
last one here yes we are this is a this isn’t this is another website that you
need to register for this is a little bit more complicated we’re going to be
adding a number of different URLs from our list into here so click on create and then we’re gonna grab all of our
URLs apart from the Google Plus all at the top and apart from the tumblr one
because I don’t think it accepts those but let’s just try it out just copy them
all all of them without the the google plus one right then you’ll be on this
page you only go to the far right and click on see project page it’s it’s
really weird how I managed to find these pages that you can post links on but
they do work and that’s the most important thing paste them all of those
URLs into the instructions and then click on here and it’ll tell us whether
we can include them all or not now it says the bad word detector thinks
there’s a problem with your text change it okay I think it’s because of this
tumblr one here right we got another comment on our YouTube video that we
just don’t learned it before that’s good more comments the bear so let’s get rid
of this tumblr link here yeah let’s just delete that one out and this click down
here see if there’s any bear yes ok so just gonna copy re copy all of this
stuff from this top window from the instructions part and then paste them
again into the notes and credit credits that’s it click on see inside and then
you’re gonna want to go up here and copy the URL at the top excluding this hash
tag editor part okay leave that bit out you don’t need that bit go back to
notepad and then space down and paste that one in there right now we’ve got
all of our URLs here the next thing we need to do is go to Google indexing tool
now I’ve put this at the bottom here Google webmasters tools I think you
might actually have to have an account to use this but again it’s very easy to
set up and actually having said that I think we can use the same account that
we just set up our YouTube account on to do this so go through to this page I’ve
put the URL on my notepad and then we’re gonna go through each of these URLs one
by one so copy it paste it do the reCAPTCHA thing send
request okay now after a couple of times of doing this you may have to do jump
through a few Google hoops with this recapture stuff like you have to select
signposts or vehicles or stuff like that but when you when you do this I mean I’m
doing it on the fly while I’m speaking so it does generally take a little bit
longer but it usually can get away with doing this in like five minutes it
really doesn’t take very long once you’ve nailed it okay
nearly done nearly done and what this is doing basically is sending all of the
pages that we just posted on and it’s telling Google that there’s new comment
there’s there’s new content on those pages so if anybody searches for them
then they should be coming up and it’s also it’s basically registering these
pages in Google instantly and by doing that because all these pages have our
backlink on them then it’s gonna be showing YouTube that there’s people link
in to our video which makes YouTube thing that is more that our video is
going to be quite popular because if people are linking to it obviously
people are watching it’s popular so this is what this whole process does now what
you can do after this is go through to a website called SEO click comm and I’ve
actually left a link to this particular page in the notepad as well basically
what I see Oh clicks it’s a bit like Fiverr but you can get things a lot
cheaper here so what I tend to do if the if the product that I am promoting is
quite competitive and there’s a lot of other people making a review video about
it I’ll go to SEO click and I’ll buy some views now these are generally
robot views but they do kind of trick YouTube into thinking that you are
getting genuine views on your video and it does help to boost it to the top of
YouTube so this is only a dollar and you get a thousand views so this might be
something worth investing in if you are promoting a competitive product there
are also similar similar services on Fiverr just to type in YouTube views
there’s actually loads on here but they are quite a bit more expensive because
obviously the lowest price you can get something for on Fiverr is $5 so I don’t
generally use Fiverr for this stuff I usually go to SEO clubs because you can
get the same kind of things for a dollar okay so right that actually concludes
the free linking part so I’m gonna pause the video now take a little pray because
I’ve been talking for quite a long time and then we’re gonna come back in here
and we’re gonna talk about how to boost this method okay so the next thing that I do and
this is a kind of semi-free method okay there is a little bit of an investment
here and you’re going to be buying expired web 2.0 pages now the difference
between these and the free pages that we use before the free pages have what’s
called domain Authority because they’re from blogs like tumblr and blogger and
places like that that actually have that built up and authority in themselves
now what expired web 2.0 pages do is they are they are pages that are on
these kind of free blogs like WordPress and blogger but they’re they’ve actually
been used by somebody before who’s been posting a lot of content on them so
they’ve built up what’s called page Authority so you have domain Authority
and page Authority and what page authority is is it’s an it’s an
additional ranking factor that Google takes into account when it puts that
page further up on Google it’s that much stronger than these free blogs by
themselves now the reason why they called expired is because somebody’s
actually use them previously in part lot of content on them and then since like
discarded them or they haven’t been updating them or they’ve just left them
for a year or so so they go back into the public circles and what we’re going
to be doing now is heading over to places like Fiverr and searching for
people who can find they is what’s called scraping they scrape for these
expired web 2.0 domain pages and they can find them for you so let’s just type
in actually I’ll show you one that I bought previously if I go into my order
history is it are we go
completed orders right here so find and register five expired
wordpress page authority 30 plus okay so these are very very strong pages there
is a bit of an investment involved like I just said it’s 21 dollars but you can
go and use these five pages again and again and again and what happened when I
place this order is the guy actually gave me eight instead of five so they
over delivered so I use all of eight of these pages to post my links on and
these are very very strong backlinks that we get from from these pages so you
can have a search through just type in expired a register expired web 2.0 you
can search for that but let there’s some cheaper gigs on Fiverr that you can get
for like five dollars and what they’ll do they’ll scrape for these expired web
2.0 pages but they won’t actually register them now it’s best to get the
ones that are already registered because that means that that you have them okay
you’ve taken them the ones that are not registered sometimes because a lot of
people are looking for these expired web 2.0 pages and because they’re popular
people might register these pages get in there before you so this is just a tip
try to find ones that are actually already registered it’s going to save
you a lot of time registering it yourself using a different email address
you know what’s the word getting it just add a blank there yeah that you don’t
have to verify it that’s the word you don’t need to go through the process of
verifying it registering and all that headache stuff they’re already there for
you on a plate so you need to go all you need to do is just go in there and start
posting your links and your content now there’s another website that I use
similar to SEO clerks to find this stuff a little bit cheaper it’s called conquer
IO you can see a little dress bar here concur with a k’ Kon Kao and this is a
site that is dedicated for SEO dedicated to SEO stuff there’s a lot of good
services on here and I’ll just show you one that I purchased recently for some
of these expired web 2.0 so you see I got a very similar service here this is
a five expired WordPress page a 30-30 plus web 2.0 x’ and this is for
registered five expired wordpress comm play ja 30-27 plus a little bit lower of
a page authority but they’re still very very strong and this was ten dollars
whereas on five it was 21 and I think this guy actually over delivered and
gave me like 13 so it’s a really really good buy and then what you need to do
once you’ve got these is you need to get a VPN another bit of a technical mumbo
jumbo but what a VPN does basically it so that we just close this down I have
won a yes this is a paid service there is a free one out there called I think
it’s called hidemyass or something but if you just type into Google free VPN
then you should come up with some options and what a VPN does is it gives
you a different IP address it changes your IP address it changes
your location so when you go on to Google on you go on for any kind of
website then I can change my IP address here to any one of these countries here
usually I use IPS from the UK especially when I’m using sites like PayPal because
if I use my Indonesian IP address it’s kind of sends all of these flags up so
you you’re gonna want to use an IP change there or a VPN because when you
go and register these free not these when you want when you go and register
these expired WordPress sites you’re only actually supposed to have one
WordPress site person now if you go and register five
WordPress saison 1ap then it’s gonna get flagged and it might even get shut down
so it’s a bit of a risk there now once you’ve got one of these IPS up which is
different to the IP that you’re using at home
you want to use Firefox if you don’t have Firefox installed and install it
and then you click on if you’re on Windows you click on the windows button
and ah and what that’s gonna do is bring up the run the run box here the windows
run box you want to paste this into there so firefox DX e /p not a forward
slash just a regular slash a – p click ok and what we’re going to be doing here
is using a different profile every time we use one of these expired WordPress
domain one of these WordPress pages because again you need to have a
different IP you also need to have a new page with completely new cookies without
any kind of history without anything that’s going to kind of link these five
WordPress sites together so WordPress isn’t going to know that these five
sites are owned by the same person by you so you want to kind of trick it into
thinking that you different people and you need to using a different IP and a
different profile every time you do this so you go into Firefox and you you you
you do I just told you you go to choose user profile now what you want to do
here is create a profile so for these WordPress domains that you
get I’m just gonna see if I’ve got these in here somewhere okay so you bring up your Excel
spreadsheet which the seller would have given to you containing all of your user
name and password information then you would create a new profile depending on
the name of you are the name of your WordPress site so for example for this
one is called oral health for all you do get some random names here again there
they have had previous owners so obviously they’ve used them for this one
this guy’s used it for dentistry type of stuff so you click on next here back in
the the Firefox profile creator then you would just paste that in there and then
you would click finish and then come back to this main page with all of your
different profiles in here and then you would click start Firefox now what that
will do it will open Firefox up in this profile with completely new cookies no
kind of history or anything like that open that up together with your IP and
then you will go on to that page and you would post your link from your notepad
here the URL for your YouTube video you title and then a little bit of text and
then that’s it you would post it you would copy URL and put it back below all
of these ones here and then you would go and do the same thing for the next one
so you would first of all go and change your IP change it to a different
location you’d go back to Firefox windows are type in Firefox Exe – P
space – P open that up create a new profile with the next username there you
go in there put your username and password into into WordPress and then
you would post your link again so that is another very very powerful method of
getting strong backlinks to your YouTube pages and then what you do what we what
you would do after you’ve done all of that after you have all
of your links created and you’ve saved them in your notepad you’d go back to
the Google URL indexer and you would paste them in there one by one and
submit them okay so I’ve just shown you two methods here
one is completely free and you’re welcome to use that and that does work
for videos with not that much competition and kind of medium
competition but if you’re going for the high competition review videos where you
have a lot of competitors then you might want to start using these expired web
2.0 pages now I’m going to get into the second part of these backlinks now so
let’s just click onto the next video and how to create high quality backlinks for youtube video

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