How to do a Keyword Research in an SEO Process: Criteria and tools

Welcome to Crawling Mondays! I would like to
go through one of the most fundamental critical activities in an SEO process
the Cuba research the Cuba research will allow us to identify the best potential
query opportunities to target those are much more meaningful for us in in the
SEO process the one that we really want you to focus on to to monitor to track
our visibility for and the ones that we will really really really like to be
number one and the first positions and in search results right so I know that
there are so many different tools nowadays so many different data sources
it is quite different from I remember when I started doing SEO and therefore I
would like to take you with a few of those different tools that I take
usually into consideration a little bit of the criteria that I was taking to
this iteration to just to select to narrow down to validate and filter out
those queries are not necessarily that meaningful the ones that are really
really meaningful and for this of course it is critical to have our clients input
the validation or know-how because there is never going to be like someone like
really really really really in the know would they know how of the business of
course so this is a process that it is indeed critical but where we don’t only
need to take SEO criteria into consideration as with everything right
but also the business-related criteria and this is why it is critical that in
this process we get the ongoing validation and there’s a back and forth
and and and and and continuous input from from a client perspective in all of
this however let’s take a look at we charge this main data sources and this
main inputs and from where we can start to build this set of queries that we
should definitely forget in to maximise on disability the ones that
will be much more profitable the ones that will have more more opportunities
and potential to grow I always like to start from where we are right and the
best was walzer’s a keyword data query data for our websites at the moment from
what we are already achieving is the Google search console in the performance
report so here we can come and take a look a little bit of which are the top
terms that are bringing us organic search clicks impressions the click to
rate the position so here right right away we can see how well we are ranking
for these terms if desserts are really really that meaningful and important for
us and from from where are the economy to because we can see here the the list
of countries which are providing these terms like we can filter out also
further and take a look at for example if the terms are bringing us visibility
and and and more clicks at the moment are the same from the US then let’s say
we can we can compare even the US versus another english-speaking country like
the UK or if this terms the third and this can start giving us input of not
only the the potential traffic that we can bring what would this what the the
number of impressions we are already in the top ten positions for example but
also the type of engagement that we have at the moment with the trade if it is
good if it is bad despite the based on based on the based
on the position that that we have for for these terms and also to take a look
at which are the pages that we are ranking with for for this time terms and
this is the thing right realistically like with the Google search console we
can obtain this but it requires a little bit of more filtering right because we
need to go to the to the to the to the queries and take a look at which are the
pages ranking for for for this particular query if there
are many pages if we have potentially content cannibalization issues etc right
so way to you avoid this and obtain this data far away is with the Google search
console integration with Google Data studio so for example this the the the
dashboard that I show you last week in the last problem on day so we can see
directly here the query is connected with the pages and the impressions the
the current clicks the creature array if this has improved or decrease and in the
specific timeline that we have set for it we can also easily filter out and see
how many of this are being brought by our desktop results versus mobile versus
tablet 2 and we can really go granular on and take a look on and and check out
the more important terms for each particular page happen last step is to
expand this last already targeted queries even further well third party
data sources so for example well as Reyes or well some raj or with districts
they they are all going to provide us already and expanded list of terms of
queries for which our website is already ranking for and we can see the trend
over time we can easily go again here in this case through the different
countries that are already bringing organic search rankings for for our
country we can see also and I like really much the way that this has been
shown and in the case of RF the the the top two competitors and for each country
so we can quickly see which are this all the websites that are targeting the same
type of queries that we are not necessarily the ones that are our
competitors from a business model perspective for those are really really
targeting this this disturbs and and and that we want to take a look at
in the next step to identify which are the terms that they are targeting and
how different they are from from our own which which is the existing gap with
them expand the view in this particular case and we can see which are the stop
terms their search volume and again and in the Google search console we could
see the impressions and this was highly correlated with the search volume
indicates we already targeting and we are already ranking up at top 10
positions for this this queries right however in this case is first forward
the way that we are shown the search volume for any of the square roots
independently on the position that that we we are the traffic data tool is
identifying that this this terms are bringing us already the position and how
what is the trend over time if we have improve or decrease the particular URL
that is at the moment being ranked for for for these terms and this is
something also particularly useful and to identify also for for potential
content format so for opportunities right the first serve features that are
being shown and and for this for the SERPs of these keywords right to teach
provide us ideas of the different type of content that we can create the
different formats if we can create videos if images at some point if we see
that the image image facts or if there are top stories for example if at some
point it will be an informational query that we would like to even address with
with our blog if it can’t compensate at some point to even create amp for the
blog because we want to be included in the top stories and that in the news
carousel for example so all of this potential opportunities also to expand
or visibility not only to to rank in the first position but expand the visibility
and and in the search results for dis queries we can also then start
identifying them here right away to to also
consider them in an SEO process because it’s not only about creating content but
also identifying what type of intent we are targeting with this content what is
the type of format that we want to create this content well in order to
better address and and and really answer the query the question that is being
asked well by the user right to really fulfill the user is that we identify
also a larger list a larger group of queries for which our website is already
more or less ranking for it’s already bringing a little bit of visibility
right we want to take a look at the ones already bring it the same for our
competitors right so we are going to to go through the same steps and do it so
for the players here in our industries or those that we know that are ranking
us for the stock terms that we have already identified our bringing us more
more visibility right it’s important to understand how they are addressing many
of these queries in a way that you might not be doing so right to compare to
understand the existing gap and a very simple way to do this as the one of the
cube gap from semrush I love this this this report here because it allow us to
to compare our domain with the ones out of our top competitors directly here and
see which are their unique keywords for each one of them the common ones or the
ones that they are sure and and bring a big lace here and be able to compare and
see how we are ranking versus them for any of these terms and see the search
volume for them so of course we can see here that potentially they are
addressing or we are the fewer any of us are others in a few very very high
search volume terms that I don’t necessarily that that’s relevant at but
well connected with the products of course if special if these are huge
websites right so it is important to filter out and see which which which are
the ones that are really meaningful but you
can even do it so here so for example just include me the the keywords
including remote so here I can see for that for remote jobs I’m ranking like
this and these players are ranking these all the ways that is a meaningful term
that is also very popular for for them as well as for me a little bit of the
Train overtime if I exporters I will get a percentage of that will be connected
well the average search volumes I can apply it to see what is the the the
search volume per month if it is something that is important for me to
identify the interests of return to in 395 so the seasonality of these terms to
also take that into consideration and whenever I want to start addressing the
training content and a prioritize the content in order to rank for them of
bruisin the SEO process of course after identifying the already ranking terms
for my website and the words of my competitors and better understand which
are those that might be much more meaningful for me yet I Racine role for
which I’m not ranking at all potentially because I don’t even have content for
them and will really want to prioritize is to really generate much more keywords
ideas to really view and and properly assess the the opportunities behind all
these queries it really is a very very important topic or or head term that
does serve any different queries around this particularly important topic in my
sector connected to my business and maybe at this point the website is only
address in this term well subcategory let’s say or even well not necessarily
that well or a good important filter in my web structure right and and then of
course I common check here and identify especially the beginning right where I
have if you haven’t worked well and in this sector and it is the first
iteration of the SEO process and you see that is a huge term there’s a huge topic
so it’s important that for all of this important different type of
categories that you have identified before you come and generate much more
terms ideas to identify how many connected permutations of queries are
generated for each one of them or being searched for each one of them right so
for example here for remote work I come here what keyword finder I love this
tool because it allows me to generate suggestions or just generate what
autocomplete feature to make sure that this particular term is included and in
the query or also generate questions ideas for for thus terms right so for
example here the autocomplete forum would work from anywhere I can select
any country to and in English and it will provide me all of this searches
right what work at home jobs benefits remote worker if definition remote work
part-time so these are important ideas that I can see that have relatively good
search volume tops or volume and I can also quickly see here here’s something
that I really like about this tool what are the top players already ranking for
for any of these terms so I can already see if these are being addressed very
quickly by my already identify comparators if there are even additional
comparators there I haven’t yet taken into consideration
to do the same previous process that I described with them too
what is again the search volume over time the interests over time a little
bit of seasonality for each one of this of these keywords to take also that into
consideration and to prioritize them to put a weight on them in in in my SEO
process and and and of course this this oldest tools will tend to give you like
metric that’s how difficult it is target based on on on the website already
ranking for them and and and and the potential opportunity that there is
around this the stop is these queries where the search bold right
but first it’s always important that you do your own validation that you identify
yourself especially for those much more important
ones the ones that you really want to do focus on where there’s much more
opportunity and and and that will require a non-trivial type of effort for
you to see if there’s really real meaningful type of activities for that
and I have to say that I always like to complete this keyword generation process
well the one that is provided by the SEMRush who were magic – I love this
tool because it it it doesn’t only gives me what for example this ideal
additional ideas and terms connected with the the head term that I add here
with the initial term that I add here but it also categorized categorizes the
the disconnected ideas in additional terms in a way that I can easily
identify additional additional subtopics or even additional potential
subcategories or segments or filters that I want to take into consideration
like in my content strategy in the way I structure my content on the website in
the content organization the web structure of my website right and the
most important terms connect together I love this potential ideas right I will
say that a good next step before identifying how you are already ranking
for any of these terms just again just check how how your ranking to make sure
that you prioritize those terms that you are already really potentially ranking
more or less well because of course a list will be easier to take you from the
top 20 precision and at the top tree then start doing it so and ranking from
scratch right but even before that I will say there is a good idea also cheap
to use a tool like this one of cognitive SEO keyword tool that will allow you to
easily see which are the website already ranking for the disturbes
and and and a little bit to compliment the data that you will get well if you
find it for example you will find a hotel will list you the website are a
ranking for the Serbs and you can already see which type of pages are this
these are really informational type of content and transaction type of card and
problems category levels or what pose for example and and the level as Palardy
but to compensate this you can do the same with for this top terms much much
much more important terms and and see it from a Content perspective right because
you want to easily see how we chart this this this top pages are ranking for this
queries which which is this type of content writers fundamental piece of the
puzzle in order to have all the most important data energy to go through your
your list and select and prioritize that list of top terms that you should target
in your process and is to identify how you are ranking for it already right
especially if for some reason it wasn’t shown for any of in any of the stools
from ID rather that the data to double-check to do validate and for this
I have to say that I really like SEO monitor which is my rent tracking tool
main French ok tracking tool that I use but it also has this keyword research
option here that it will allow me right away to see if course if I already I am
already tracking this term or not it will likely be not in this case because
it’s a new term for me but also will allow me to verify again desser features
how I am ranking and desktop and mobile here if if the ranking is consistent
between the two maybe it’s not my potentially that I have some sort of
issues in my mobile version for example if it is far worse than my that’s the
point so again it allowed me to identify and validate potential opportunities to
optimization of my content and and again the search volume for for
the same terms the the trend over time and already identified indicates that
they can a little bit that provides us this this metric for or for how easy you
might be to target it or or not right so again here is an additional data source
for me to connect with the previous month and so right now at this point I
will have the search volume trend over time the type of term is more
information which in sectional which is the the the reading page if I have it
here that is shown for which I am ranking for for disturbed how well I am
ranking if I ranking guru bad energy to to see if it would be easier for me
rather easier or not necessarily that easy if my other competitors if this or
the website already ranking well for edge or not I would like to also add
another another additional metrics here in order to to take the the competition
level into consideration and the type of sir features connected to it right
because it’s not only about creating a content or finally the content but also
already taking the information of what type of content I can’t create and how I
can optimize this content to expand it visibility provide more information to
and and and and together with the client to identify this good set of queries of
terms that are really reasonable to to target not only purely from an SEO
perspective of course and based on on the status of the website and and and
and the maturity process of the process the if it is the first
SEO process that it’s been done on the website or there has been already a few
ones in in the past and you have already address and targeted I’m you’re already
ranking for for more long title type of terms for example or easier terms that
you have a level of authority that is as good as the wealth of the top layers in
your industry for example so taking all of this into consideration I
believe that you will already have good enough data data that you can also
obtain through many different data sources many different tools not only
some specific ones or metrics that are only provided by some specific tools
right but that you can easily obtain from many data sources independently of
the keyword tool that you use and said your own set of cue goals to to to
target and hopefully by going through this process and showing all of this
criteria to take into consideration that will be easier for you and of course
there’s so many ways to do this please sure if you do something additional that
you can consider that it might be valuable for or for me to take into
consideration also for anybody watching the video thank you very much for
another Crawling Mondays and looking forward to see you next one! thisisatestzzzzz

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