How to Do Keyword Mapping with WebSite Auditor
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How to Do Keyword Mapping with WebSite Auditor

Welcome to SEO PowerSuite help videos! Today, you’ll learn how to build a powerful keyword map in WebSite Auditor Open a project in WebSite Auditor and go to Content Analysis>Keyword Map You can either enter your site’s keywords or import them from a Rank Tracker project or import them from a CSV file. Let’s import the existing keyword map from your Rank Tracker project. After the import from Rank Tracker’s Target keywords is over, you’ll see the imported keyword data here in the left sidebar If you have previously assigned any keywords to landing pages, you’ll see this Mapped label. When you click on the assigned keyword group, the mapped URL will be marked with a green label. The number inside this label shows you the number of keywords that are currently mapped to this page When you click on any keyword (or keyword group) the tool will try to find the most suitable pages for it these top pages are marked with the blue label that says ‘Relevant’ To find these pages the software looks at the on-page data and the ranking keywords’ stats To help you make a better choice, the tool also shows some useful organic data organic traffic the number of ranking keywords Page’s InLink Rank and the number of linking domains If you agree with the suggested URL, click Map Changed your mind? No problem! right-click the keyword (or the entire keyword group) and choose Unmap If you want to narrow down the search of relevant landing pages use this filter below simply type the seed keyword and let the software research only those pages that have the specified keyword in their Title or URL path After you’ve mapped the keyword to a landing page you can click the Analyze page content button to see how well this page’s optimized for the assigned keyword and if there are any technical issues that need to be fixed After this check, the on-page optimization rate will also be visible here, in the pages’ list Need to add more keywords to your keyword map? Click this plus button and choose whether you want to enter keywords manually or import them from a CSV file Need to add more pages? Why not! Click this button and specify the URL of a page you’re planning to create to target new keywords When you’re done with keyword mapping you can click this button to hide the keyword list and get a better overview of your site’s landing pages Switch between all pages mapped pages and unmapped pages Click on any page and view the list of the mapped keywords or switch to the ranking keywords tab to explore more keyword ideas Click Map, if you find a good match here Finally, you can export your keyword map data click Export to CSV and choose the necessary format Now launch WebSite Auditor and start mapping keywords for your website!

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