How to Do Keyword Research for Free
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How to Do Keyword Research for Free

How to Do Keyword Research for Free
hello and welcome in this video session I’m going to show you how you can do keyword research using Google and do so for free first of all let’s
understand this fact you never should have to pay for keyword
research or for some keyword program that there are many paid keyword research platforms out there you simply need to stay away from them reason being it is Google Platform that gets searched billion times in a week around the globe okay so only keyword research platform you will need
for your on online business is Google and your ability to search it so let’s look at this particular diagram and simply spend a minute or two looking and understanding advanced keyword research process once again it is Google you will need to conduct data mining you can use Keyword Tool you can search Google
search box you can do competitor research to see what keywords they are targeting and you can also browse around online communities perhaps forums and so on where there are a lot of people who get backlinks and simply they place their anchor text in the backlinks in the forums related to your online industry and regardless of the online industry you are in I assure you there will be one or two popular forums where they allow webmasters like yourself to include signature links and so on so looking at that can also give you research in to your
keywords let’s close this diagram let’s quickly understand how we can use Google to do our keyword research for free first you know your online industry meaning I don’t know your online industry the online industry that you are in you know it you know your products you know your services you know who your potential customers are now we got that out of the way what we do is first to get an idea into to your online business and the keywords that are likely to be typed by your potential customers you go to Google search box and simply type your industry related keywords within Google search box let’s take SEO consultant as an example keyword and let’s do a search in Google now what happens is Google’s gonna give us some ideas as to ohh I am aware of this many
different web documents related to these keywords that’s what Google does it shows you result sets here it shows us Ads here and Ads on the right hand side simply forget about it what you need to keep and eye on is the first result set Google brings you for your own industry keywords okay what you do is you simply browse down the bottom and keep an eye on these related searches: what that means is Google is saying to you okay you know what you searched for this
keyword and these are the results here are the results you know when people search Google is not thinking
someone is doing a research Google is thinking okay someone is
looking for this search query brings this result the way as a keyword researcher the way you should be looking at is first
quickly take notice of this URL first result organic results not the paid ones then you can look at other ones and other ones
and you look at the keyword in the title keeping an eye on that it’s only smart for you to perhaps at the start you need to write things down because you getting an idea as to the keywords that you will be interested in and looking at the related searches: related searches: are down the bottom because Google is thinking okay you know what if someone searched for keyword and if they didn’t find the answers in this screen real estate and if they had to browse down the
bottom then surely they did not find what they were
looking for let’s help the searcher by giving them you know what there are other people who are searching keywords like this and they have also searched for keywords like these that you see so related searches are extremely important
for your own keyword research now that we got that out of the way what you need to do then is to say to yourself okay let’s keep an eye on these let’s say salary let’s say specialist let’s say rates for example then what to do is you go back to the search box and you type in salary when you do its gonna expand your search queries in to different ones
as you see here in search engine optimization terms these are
called long tailed keywords okay so if you hear that term long tailed keywords just remember that keywords that are more than 1 as in 2 3 4 5 6 and so on so we type in salary let’s then go an type in specialist what we’re doing is we wanna see what else
does Google bring here let’s then go back and say how about rates what happens with those terms as you see we are in 2014 therefore this you may simply change this target this keyword but change the year date to stay up there you know in the industry you are in but you do so stay up to date so to speak because whoever targeted these keywords: they’ve done so three
years ago so therefore they may not have updated their
website therefore if you then turn around and say okay how about you say 2014 that’s start of the new year and you create a blog post or webpage targeting these keywords you’ll rank them very quickly so now once you start playing around with Google
search box let’s say specialist then what you can do is you can be smarter looking at the screen that you see now Google has stopped three words four
words long what if you do A what if you do B what if you do C what if you do D E F G and so on okay to see what Google shows you as you can see it expands them more and more so you always you always need to think outside the box so to speak when you do your keyword research okay so that’s one idea don’t forget to do that because it is very important for you to find important keywords where other search
tools like Google Adwords Tool may not give you so remember A B C D and all the letters or even numbers if you want okay to see okay as you see look that’s what you do when you do keyword research play around with Google search box write things down that are related to your online industry once we got the Google search box and related search options out of the way what you can is use Google Keyword Planner Tool now the screen you’re seeing here I’ve made a video that used old interface but I’ve shared some useful insights within this video itself then I went ahead and created another video tutorial showing how to use Google Keyword Planner Tool for keyword research so therefore I’m not gonna show you how to use that again you can after this video session go back and watch this particular video just remember for organic rankings the way that you target keywords needs to be different because with Google Adwords you can target keywords spend bit of money to see how its performing if it’s no good you can simply forget about it and target different ones but with your organic SEO the keywords that you choose select and target needs to be you know perfect because you’re going to invest you time and energy ranking them but remembering ranking keywords is easy when you follow the information that I shared with you in my YouTube channel so let’s go back to our keyword research what else can you do well what you can do is first after we’ve done the search you look at the organic ranking results copy that and go to backlink watch dot com and do backlink analysis on the first ranking keywords ranking website let’s check while that’s going on what happened ohh backlink watch it’s showing me result as to okay this
particular website whose ranking first position for this keyword has gotten about this many backlinks now there are a lot of backlink analysis software out there you don’t need them keep your money in your pocket buy a coffee for yourself don’t spend your money on keyword
research tools or backlink analysis tools and so on okay now why you need to do backlink analysis for the
first ranking website is because you wanna
know what keywords your competitors are targeting before you even head out to their website before you browse your competitors
website go an do a backlink analysis to see okay are they doing SEO if so which keywords they are targeting and as you can see here this tool will give anchor text as well anchor text is back links pointing to your
website and anchor text is a text that you use within your hyperlinks now most people who do SEO they will include their important keywords within the anchor text therefore you looking at the backlinks of your competitors will give you some
different ideas as to which keywords they are targeting so remember you need to conduct back link analysis for your competitors to see keywords they are targeting then you can surely browse around your
competitors website to see their linking structure internal links their titles of their web pages do they have highly keyword targeted internal links you look at that right you can open up Control U to look at the source of your competitors website because most often they will have meta keywords as you can see we’ve got meta keywords here then you can browse around those keywords to see what else you can target you can also
look in description because they may have included some keywords that no other tool may have given you so perhaps you know all these informations information I’m sharing with you so far perhaps you do perhaps you do not but for keyword research this is what I do as well another thing is way back machine Wayback Machine is a web archive that indexes the web now what you do is you simply
place the URL of your competitors website and then have a look if WayBack Machine gives you any information as you can see that it does it shows you when it visited that website as you can see they been around for many many years online let’s go back in time to see what
keywords they targeted when they went online for the first time so to
speak let’s press on that as you can see many years ago they has this website what you should be looking at for your
keyword research is the same thing as in links internal links in the menu structure did they target keywords if so which keywords write them down now as I’ve said to you the only tool you will need is Google search box and some freely available backlink analysis tools and so on another thing is you can conduct Advanced Search Queries in to Google Google is a database that has many many things online it indexes the web that’s what it does that’s what its good at therefore I’m gonna simply copy and paste this particular search query it will be
available in the description of this video now why you would want to conduct this type research keyword research why is because let’s quickly open up few web sites few results before we actually go in to that let’s analyze
what we’ve searched we’ve said in URL look for the keyword Webalizer with forward slash and look for in title look for keywords Usage Statistics for and we’ve wrap them within the quotes so we’re telling Google to look for those keywords in that order in the title of a web document we’ve also said look for this particular
keyword in the URL portion of a web document that’s what we’ve told people to bring
for us now why did we do that well spending 5-10 minutes you will find
information related to your online industry Webalizer is stats now almost all web sites have server logs and sometimes website owner makes this available to the general public so therefore as long as it is in Google search engine database you have every right glimpse at it so it is nothing like grey hat or black hat SEO all you’re
doing is data mining and keyword researching therefore typing into Google search box terms like this allows you to see does Google have any server logs indexed that is related to your online industry and you will definitely find it now you may change the keywords as such you can say how about marketing I’m in SEO industry for example that’s related to marketing as you can see
you its gonna give you different results but you’re not limited to in URL type of search you can say well how about intext of a document look for these terms as you can see you will definitely find useful
information we’re still doing keyword research here right when you find the information from
Google as in server logs simply cut that out from the address bar and then refresh it to see first thing to save time for
yourself is to see okay you know what I’ve searched Google for these terms Google has brought that information are they related to my online industry as you can see here this particular website I think it’s
jewish they are related to my industry so therefore if then Google brings me stats from that
website I should simply browse around to see what
we’re looking for you these search options and as you can see its not kinda useful for me but if it was what I will do is actually translate this
website although it’s different language I’ll still
translate it to see that search information cause you will find if you look for it its out there another website as you can see okay first thing I do cut that out have a look are they in my industry that’s what you should be doing when you do this type of keyword research and if they are then browse around to see what search strings did their visitors typed to find them that’s what this is showing you this Webalizer is showing you that as you can see you may not always hit your target but I assure you that if you spend 5-10 minutes you will find keywords that people are using you should focus on long tail keywords because whether you use Google Keyword Planner tool whether you use Google related search options whether you use Google search box whether you do backlink analysis for keyword research often times if you do this type of keyword research you will find long tail keywords that no tool out there can give you and at the end of the day you can find all these short keywords to target easy just go to Google keyword planner tool type in your industry keywords and it’s gonna give you all the ideas but long tail keyword ideas you either have to think about that or you can do this type of keyword analysis okay now another website let’s have a look are they in my industry there is nothing happening here simply disregard then move on keep typing different terms different terms in to Google keyword search box let’s go back to the first page of this
document I’m gonna make this available for you in the
description of this video as well when you choose keywords understand that the way that you choose keywords needs to be perfect precise creating landing pages I made a video for you on page SEO simple whichever keywords that you’re targeting understand that the way people search Google the keywords they type it differs so if you’re locally based business so therefore if you’re not targeting post codes local suburbs in your web pages then you will be missing out so when you understand keywords do so in this manner transactional type affordable cheap clearance sale purchase shopping and so on local area code CBD if you offer services in Melbourne City for example postcode state country so on target them features regardless of the products and
services you’re targeting people type keywords that define your products and services so you can include those keywords to target them as well once again the only tool that you will need is Google search box tool I haven’t showing you online communities
because simply browse around forums and communities where a lot of people get take a look at signature links and so on so once again you never have to pay anyone any money for keyword research I have video tutorials that shows you how to use Google Adwords Tool which obviously is the best tool available on internet and that is the only tool you will ever need and Google makes it available for free for you okay but now they renamed it and renamed it and changed the interface and called it keyword planner tool simply type in your industry related search terms and have a look what Google brings as far as keyword research data and then use the insights that I’ve shared in this particular video session run backlink analysis on your competitors play around with Google search box do A B C D and so on just play around five minutes ten minutes don’t be thinking that’s wasting time it isn’t you’ll save time in the long run cause you choose the key words properly first you rank them once and once you do you’ll always gonna bring potential customers through Google search engine okay look at the related searches down the bottom for
all the keywords that you wanna target play around with it to see do backlink analysis on the first perhaps second or even third ranking website to see what keywords that they are targeting and then go and do advanced server log analysis to see keywords this to see long tail keywords and then simply subscribe to my YouTube
channel because I will be adding more useful videos for website owners like you and me I thank you very much for learning with me and I hope to talk to you in the next video session and please don’t forget to give me a like if you have benefited from this video tutorial session I wish you happy rankings I’ll talk to you very soon thank you very much take care bye bye

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