How to do SEO on a One Page Website
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How to do SEO on a One Page Website

– Not everyone wants a multi-page website. If you’re a digital marketer,
you’ve already worked with a company or consulted with people who just have one page websites. And in many cases, they refuse to change because they’re like what’s
wrong with my one page website? I have everything here that I need. And yeah, multi-page
websites are clearly better when it comes to succeeding with SEO. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do well with a one page website. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m going to break down how to
do SEO on a one page website. (upbeat music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this video. That way when I go live
and share more content, you’ll get notified. And if you’re on YouTube,
click the alert notification. The first thing you want to do is optimize each section of your page. So with your website,
you have a header area, you have the body with a lot of content. You even have a footer area. You want to make sure you’re optimizing each and every single space. Now even if you only
have a one page website, you may want to consider
getting it longer and longer. And here’s what I mean. When you’re optimizing your page, you want to make sure
you’re using subheadings in each section, because
in the subheadings, you can use H1 tags, H2 tags, H3 headings. This will help you add keywords and make it easier for people
to skim your site, as well. You also want to group together keywords that are in specific sections. So as I mentioned how you want to optimize each section of the page,
well one section could be on, I don’t know, dog food. Another section could be on cat food. Another section could be on shipping and getting dog food to your door and getting it on a regular basis so that way you don’t have
to keep manually reordering. But look to see what keywords are popular. And you can use tools like
Uber Suggest for that. It’ll show you all the other variations and long tail phrases of that term. And you want to make sure that you add it within each section. The second tip I have for you
is a land and expand approach. When you do SEO for a one page website, you’ll find that you’ll
rank for some terms, and you won’t rank for others
that you may want to rank for. And there’s a whole laundry list of terms that you wish you could rank for, but you have a one page website and you need to be realistic. So how can you ensure that you’re putting the best keywords in the page that not only drives conversions, but is going to make you the most amount of traffic as well, right? So it’s about revenue
and it’s about traffic. The way you optimize for this is you go into Google Search Console, you see all the terms
that you already rank for, and you look for which terms have the highest impression count and the lowest click count. If you feel those terms
are related to your product and service and they
can drive conversions, what I would recommend that you do is you consider adjusting your
page to include those terms. That way, you’re putting
the most valuable terms on the page to rank higher. You include those terms in your title tag. You include those terms
within your meta description. Now the third thing that
you can consider doing if you’re going to have a one page website is make sure your main
keyword is within your URL. I’m not talking about a subfolder. I’m talking about the root domain name. It’s been proven according to ClickFlow that the keyword in a domain
name creates more clicks. So when people are searching on Google, if they see the keyword
that they’re searching for in your URL, you’re more likely
to get clicks to your site. Now when you have a one page website, there’s not too much
flexibility with your URL other than your domain name. So consider picking a domain
name that has a keyword. And if you don’t have
one, consider changing your domain name to
one that has a keyword. Now the last thing I want you to do with your one page website
is continually update it. People forget to do this. Google doesn’t like ranking
old, outdated websites. When people have a one page website, they don’t tend to make a
lot of changes to the site. It’s really important
that you make changes to your site every quarter. I’m not talking about a simple change like you change a keyword here and there. I’m talking about making big changes, adding content, deleting
content, adding different images, adding videos to help
explain your message. All these things shows Google
that you’re continually updating your website,
which will help you rank higher and higher in the long run. So that’s it. If you have a one page website,
you can always check out my ad agency, Neil Patel
Digital, if you need help. We’re probably going to try to get you to add in more pages. But if you have any questions,
leave a comment below and I’ll answer it. Make sure you like this
video, share it with others, subscribe to the channel. Thank you for watching.



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    It might be a good challenge to see what you can do with a small business budget. Looking forward to the next video.

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    Bottom line: One page websites are for people who don't want to rank in a competitive market. Someone who refuses to make efforts in a really optimized website with single pages for each keyword will not have enough success to pay for services to push his business.

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    I like your real examples. All webmasters that have one page website need to watch your content.
    Albert Einstein said if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. Neil always explains everything simply.
    I like ubersuggest and Google Console. It’s important to use them in order to find keyword ideas and check your ranking.
    It’s difficult to rank one page website because of content of big websites. They always interelink their content in order to bring more weight for each page. However, if your niche is not overwhelmed you can try. It’s better to choose not competitive keywords on Ubersuggest, create 10 times better content than your competitors have and promote your content as well.
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