How to download Ebooks for free on Android
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How to download Ebooks for free on Android

Hey guys it’s Eddie the Magic Monk here.
Today I want to show you how to get a book that costs money on Google Play for
free so it won’t work with every ebook obviously but some of the public domain
books that are that would cost money on Google Play you can get a free in
another reader so if you go to Google Play and you search for the book that
you want and I’m going to search for Human Bondage which is a book that I’m
wanting to get and you can see that this book cost three dollars ninety nine two
dollars fifty eight and if I click on more just about every version of it
costs money on Google Play so now I’m going to try and find a free version of
it so what you do is you search for a reader called
Aldiko Reader. Okay search for that download this reader and click open
okay once you downloaded it, click “get books” on the top right hand side and
what you’re going to do is to scroll to the right to where it says public domain
books and these are all the books that you can get for free and there are some
awesome books here they’ve got the art of war Pride and Prejudice Romeo and
Juliet all that good stuff so if you search for Human Bondage okay which is
the book that I was trying to buy trying to get off Google Play for free you can
see that in the middle here there is a version okay go to the public domain and
you can see that there is a version on the top left that is for free so just
click that just click download okay and now you can read it free it’s
all here which is really cool okay and if you scroll back since it’s published
at 1915 and every time you go into our Aldiko reader it will now appear in your
library okay thanks for watching guys see you
next time.


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