How to Download Images from Google to Gallery (Android)
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How to Download Images from Google to Gallery (Android)

hey guys in this video I’m gonna show
you how you can download your google images directly to your gallery in your
android mobile so without wasting any time let’s begin now before the update
you could download Google images directly from the Google app but that
doesn’t work anymore after the update so what you need to do is go to Google
Chrome if you don’t have the google chrome app you can just download it from
the App Store in here just search for the image you want to download go to the
images section and open the image you like just press on the image for a
few seconds until the download image button appears here click on download
image and your downloading will start click on the downloaded file by default
it may already be in your gallery but if it doesn’t appear in your gallery click
on the three dots at the right corner and click on open with just choose
gallery and your image should open in the gallery alright guys I hope you
found this video helpful if you did please leave a like and thanks for


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