How to Download Video With Blob URL by Using jDownloader
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How to Download Video With Blob URL by Using jDownloader

Open Mozilla Firefox Go on YouTube to find a video with BLOB URL
as example Choose a video to download Wait for the webpage to finish loading Now I will search for the video url in the webpage’s
source code by using Firebug Firefox Addon Choose the tool to select the video element
in the webpage and so find the video url If you copy and paste that url in your browser address bar, nothing will be shown to be corresponding… So, now, coming back to the video’s webpage,
copy its url… In this video, jDownloader is already opened
in background As you can see in the notification, by copying the webpage url, it has just found something to be downloaded… Now open the jDownloader program interface
from its tray icon, to see the found resource Alternatively, you can paste the webpage url in the relative textarea, as shown in the video… and press to continue to scan the webpage
for its resources Here your video… You will find also its subtitles
if provided Now, click with the right mouse button on the video container to download it In my case jDownloader has noted the lack of ffmpeg, a program needed to convert the video or audio file… … so I had to configure jDownloader now, by indicating the path of these executables … This warning has occurred for the first time to me, so i took a little of time to understand how to solve the problem ๐Ÿ˜‰ … Here we are ๐Ÿ™‚ … As you can see, the path is equal to null … So, I need to locate the path for ffmpeg…. In this video, I’m using Linux; so, now I will open a terminal to locate the ffmpeg executable… Before to use the locate command, I preferred to update its database by using the updatedb command, which needs superuser privileges (for which I used sudo before updatedb) Now I can use the locate command to locate the ffmpeg and ffprobe executables Now copy and paste the ffprobe path in jDownloader settings… Do the same for ffmpeg… due the long output, for ffmpeg I then added a filter in base of the previous output for ffprobe Now copy and paste also the ffmpeg path in jDownloader settings… Coming back to the download tab,
restart the download … Now it’s working … I’m trying to solve the other warning, but finally i skipped it… …Infact, as you can see, the video chosen as example for this video tutorial is very big, so I decided to find a smaller video to complete the download… Now I’m searching for another video ;-)… wait Found another one that I like ;-)… So there is nothing new from here… Wait for the webpage to finish loading Copy the webpage url (not the one in firebug) and jDownloader will scan it or, alternatively, copy and paste it in the specific jDownloader’s textarea, shown previously… Everything is OK, now… Wait for download to finish Finished!


  • melek b

    I tried it again with the subs, but it looks like jdownloader just doesn't accept the source URL. The vid I was trying to download is

  • Johny Flodder

    Tried it but did not work on dailymotion blob url.

    Work around:

    1. Install the Video DownloadHelper extension on Firefox browser.
    2. With DownloadHelper activated, navigate to the webpage containing the video that you want to download.
    3. Once the video is streaming, click on the DownloadHelper icon. It will give you a list of all file formats available on the current video.
    4. Scroll onto the file format that you wish to download
    5. On the right hand side, you will see an arrow
    6. Click on that arrow to get more information regarding the current video and the selected format
    7. From the displayed window at the end of that arrow, scroll down and select "Details"
    8. You now have all the details concerning the current video and the selected format. It is something like this.

    Hit DetailsโŠ—

    9. Now, look at the specifics of the referrer in that Hit Details. That's the url you want. Copy it and paste on your favorite downloader.

  • Marek Polรกฤek

    Is the video silent on purpose? Because I can't see any notice about a muted track because of some kind of violation, and I muted neighter the video nor speakers. A full volume shows up on the player, and nothing I can hear.

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